Tuesday, August 7, 2018


Nelle and Carly --Nelle talks about Carly's past. LOL Chloe is so good---SO SO good. Damn it I don't want her to leave.  Carly basically tells her she's a sociopath with no soul. They go on and on. Carly says Nelle is unloved and Sonny's going to get her. Nelle says "You think you know everything...but there's a hell of a lot you don't"!! 

Sam and Michael box up stuff and Sam tells Michael to take the blanket to the PCPD NOW. Why wouldn't she go as a witness to him finding it?? 

Jason is on the docks, trying to talk Margot into dropping the charges against Carly. 

Ava talks to Griffin about how scared she is to have Kiki on trial. Griffin is guilty. Ava is gushing over him. GOD she needs an EQUAL. This Prim Priest is just not doing it.  We think Griff is going to tell her the truth but he ends up saying he loves her. Oh geessssh. 

He and Kiki are all "OMG I'm going to tell her--Don't tell her"!! This story only works IF KIKI AND GRIFFIN are like in total lust. Can't keep their hands off each other but don't want to hurt Ava. This is zzzzzzzzzzz

OH MY GOD-- Alexis needs an office, she's like in the outer lobby of The Metro.  Kiki doesn't tell her (again) about Griffin and she sleeping together.  Sam then comes in. They talk about Krissy. (who's coming back)

SO, Carly goes in to the station part after yelling at Nelle and says she wants to turn herself in. the DA is all: WHAT A shock, Jason here just was trying to get you off with this fake signature. Sonny huffs and puffs but Margot says Carly will go to Shadybrook but not jail. THEN, Michael walks in with the blanket.  The DA is all 'uhmmm, ummm" then NELLE sees it and freaks out. Basically seals the deal that the blanket is real. 

GUILT TODAY: Chase over the Bay-Bay--- Griffin and Kiki over the Zex.... TOO MUCH GUILT. 


  1. Oh my. Thought Sonny and Champagne were going to do it in the squad room while Carly and Jason did it in the interrogation room.
    They can forget about Champagne and Drew; she only has eyes for Sonny. Hee heee heeee.

  2. And, you know Sonny will sleep with that DA to get out of charges. He always does.

    Why is she called Champagne?

    Nelle kicking and screaming was funny.

  3. God, I hate Sonny. Have I ever mentioned that before? I hope Margaux really takes him down, and not in that way lol...

  4. Have Griffin and Ava had sex lately - not kidding, I can't remember?
    does he think of Kiki?
    let HER be pregnant and give the baby to Brad and Lucas - I know Julian is gonna realize it's not the same baby as the 1st picture and he won't want Lucas hurt and then all hell will break loose when everyone finds out that once again he lied.

    let him do the right thing ---- and tell Lucas something is off....prove you CAN DO the right thing.

  5. Missed it. Over at sisters with niece. Headed to my dads tomorrow. ❤ Thank God for the DVR just now when its been getting good.

  6. i forget. does sonny buy the woman a white dress before OR after he sleeps with her?

  7. Dave, LOL!! They have to be on the island!!

    Haven't watched today yet, but re Sonny, his wife and best friend are on the run, his Alzheimer's father lives with him, his son just lost a child, he has like a million children/grandchildren/nephews, etc. Is he really still supposed to be the Godfather of Port Charles? When does he have time to do this? They certainly NEVER show him involved in any of these activities anymore . . .

  8. I LOVED Sam's scene with Michael today, she said all the right stuff, very moving.

  9. lindie, Margaux is a brand of champagne. Margaux Hemingway said her parents named her that because they were drinking it the night "they got her."

  10. Ick Sonny and Margaux making googoo eyes at each other. Going to call her Margoo now. Whatever, just keep her away from Drew.
    Hope they bring back Chloe for a guest spot someday when the baby switch comes out so she can laugh at the stupid looks on all their faces. She's like next generation Heather Webber. Murder, gaslighting, baby switching, head games, stealing, lying, fake seduction and intentionally getting pregnant. The soap vilian bible all in one girl. She grew on me.
    Griffin please tell Ava you cheated so she can cut off your man parts and carry them around in her carpet bag instead of the baby blanket. They just make me want to puke every time they get mushy lovey dovey now. Yuck.

  11. Police station:

    Nelle and Carly: GREAT SCENE! :) It was beautiful! :)

    Sonny and Margot: Oh come on! Sure she wants to take him down! All the women who wanted to take him down, ended up falling for him and his dimples!!! Did you see the look Sonny and Margot had?!?! They had eye sex! It all starts with that! Sorry Margot, but once you fall for Sonny, you will become dumb.

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Alexis and Kiwi: Wait what?!?!! People are harassing them?!!?!? They are not going to do anything about it?! Alexis people who are harassing you, you can easily sue them! You are a lawyer!!!

    Alexis and Sam: Oh sure! Now that Kristina is coming back, Alexis has to suck up to her! Give me a break. I hope Kristina is no longer with what's her name anymore! Parker! Wait what happened to Alexis's storyline about her mother!?!?! Alexis was starting to act goofy. Did they drop the storyline?

    The hospital:

    Ava and Griffin: Oh sure Griffin is in wuv with Ava.. Nothing says I love you than sleeping with her daughter!


    Slimeball and Scotty: Man I can't wait for the trial! It's taking forever!!!!

    Ava and Scotty: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Ava sees Scotty and then turns around! BAHAHAHAHA! Glad he noticed her do that! :)

  12. "ishouldreadmore said..Oh my. Thought Sonny and Champagne were going to do it in the squad room while Carly and Jason did it in the interrogation room."

    ROFL! That would have been perfect.. :) Hmmm Margot is being called Champagne now? ROFL! Love it!

    "lindie said...Nelle kicking and screaming was funny."

    Hahaha. Yes and it was glorious! :) Too bad she wasn't still pregnant. Her kicking and screaming while pregnant would have been hysterical hahahaha.

  13. "Karen says GUILT TODAY: Chase over the Bay-Bay--- Griffin and Kiki over the Zex.... TOO MUCH

    Glad we didn't have Brad's guilt along with everyone else's guilt! UGH!

  14. sonya said...: Oh sure! Now that Kristina is coming back, Alexis has to suck up to her! Give me a break.

    *** I agree. And I hope she's not still with Parker too. Hate that pairing.

    I also really hope Champagne doesn't have a fling with Sonny. And I loved Nell's hissy fit too. lol

    I want Dr. O to call someone in PC and let them know she delivered the baby and it was a beautiful healthy boy; maybe Franco and he'll tell Liz.

    1. Parker actress got a thing at B&B so unless they recast she won't be back. Who knows maybe Krissy will tell Alexis it was a "phase" she was going thru and she's not gay?

  15. NO they need to bring Valerie back because those two were awesome together.

  16. Kristina is fine being gay, JUST NOT WITH PARKER!! PLEASE pair her with someone who doesn't treat her like a daughter/niece/student!

    Valerie is straight, but she can have a wonderful friendship with Kristina!

  17. I agree. Kristina is fine being bi or gay, JUST NOT WITH PARKER!! Let her find someone closer to her own age.

  18. Chloe did great job but I am really glad to see Nelle gone. And not really looking forward to more absurdity with the baby switch. I did read that Valerie is coming back so hopefully she and Krissie will be hanging out. Parker was way too old for her. I would have liked to have seen what was up with Finn's kidnapping but maybe today. Can't wait for Anna to be back.

  19. "Di said... I agree. And I hope she's not still with Parker too. Hate that pairing."

    Yeah I hate that pairing too!

    "Michelle Latta said...Parker actress got a thing at B&B"

    She does?!?!!??!!? YAY! :)

    "so unless they recast she won't be back."

    I hope they don't recast!! Of course they could always have Kristina say they are still together, but she isn't with her at the moment because she is working.

    "kdmask said...NO they need to bring Valerie back because those two were awesome together."

    YES!!! They were awesome together!!! :)

    "LSV422 said...Parker was way too old for her. "

    I didn't have a problem with the difference of their ages, I just hated how Parker treated Kristina, and I hated how much Kristina begged to get back together with her! UGH!

  20. Sonya, your recap was great and cracked me up, thanks! And yeah, whatever happened about Alexis's mother story? I would have likeed that. Ava is going to destroy doctor/priest when she finds out about all of that, and I really don't like Parker either. She was like mom2 to Kristina. Blech!

  21. I checked and Ashley Jones (Parker) is 41 and Lexie A. is 25. That is quite a difference especially because Lexie still looks like she is 15, LOL.

  22. Chateaux Margeaux is a red wine from Bordeaux, France. It is not Champagne.

  23. I loved your article for today and yesterday

  24. "Julie H said.. Sonya, your recap was great and cracked me up, thanks!"

    Hahaha. You're welcome!!! :)