Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Thank You For Killing Faison

Says Robin... she's with Jason today. She also says she's surprised that Sam married Drew and she knows Sam loves Jason.

Sonny's home.  Mike's visiting, Sonny wants to keep an eye on him. Robin comes by and hugs Mike. Mike has a dizzy spell. She asks him when his next check up was. Mike thinks Sonny did it--set him up. Gets cranky mad. 

Friz might have their wedding at Ava's Gallery. Ava's giving it to them for a gift. Later, Nelle brings roses from Griffin. Nelle's all jelly--wish she had a man that loved her.  Michael stops by and tells her he's selling her apartment building. 

Later Friz goes into Kelly's with Jake. Jake won an art trophy. Jake asks Jason "Are you coming to the wedding"? Awkward.  Franco points out that Jason is a murderer too and it happened after HE had a head injury, just like Franco had his tumor.  Jason says, yeah, good try but you're still going to pay for what you did.  Liz comes by later and tells him everyone has moved on but him, maybe he should too. 

Kimmy gets Drew over to the apt to tell him about Drew's fight. That kid that's being bullied "Identifies as a girl"... I heard that  yesterday. If GH wanted to be cutting edge, should have been binary. But...?  Drew and she talk about when they met. She was getting roughed up by some guy in a bar and Drew swooped in and 'saved' her. 


  1. I'm watching Greys on lifetime instead since Carson are on, but flipping back and forth.

    1. Lol I flip back and forth between those two also!

  2. Soooo . . . Robin has time, while in town for Maxie's funeral, to go see Jason and Sonny but NOT ACTUALLY TALK TO MAXIE????

    What the heck is wrong with the writers????

  3. Billikers said...
    Soooo . . . Robin has time, while in town for Maxie's funeral, to go see Jason and Sonny but NOT ACTUALLY TALK TO MAXIE????

    What the heck is wrong with the writers????

    *** Obviously they don't know GH history since Robin was also raised by Mac Scorpio.

  4. Robin need to join the "non'yer bizness" list with Sonny and Carly. Shut the hell up about Drew and Sam, Robin! Go visit Maxie instead.
    Sick of Jason already too...WTH gives him the right to morally judge Franco when Jason himself is a mafia hitman?! Sickening. I hope Franco, Drew, or a resurrected Faison put jason in his place.

  5. Robin and Carly are Jason’s family. They know what’s what. They are supportive of Jason. Sam and Jason will be together in the end. Drew and Sam... there’s nothing but boring!

  6. Michelle Latta said...

    Maybe we are to assume they talked off screen?

    ** All the budget for those episodes went to the funeral itself. (Which they did an amazing job with) So they couldn't afford to pay her for all the on-air dialog, is my guess.


  7. Anon said...

    Sick of Jason already too...WTH gives him the right to morally judge Franco when Jason himself is a mafia hitman?!

    ** I loved watching Liz tell Jason to move on. Franco at least has remorse for what he did, and feels horrible about it. And is honestly trying to be a better person. Jason comes back, and 5 mins later he's back doing Sonny's crap. Hell, Jake is absolutely terrified when he sees Jason.


  8. Can anybody answer this? Did Nelle take tape of Sonny killing AJ at end of show?

    1. Nelle pulled a tape recorder out of Ava's bag. Anybody have an idea what's on tape player?

  9. Agreed, they should have at least had one scene of Maxie and Robin having some sort of interaction, big oversight on the writers parts. I also liked Elizabeth telling Jason to get over himself, at least she didn't jump on the "Sam still loves you not Drew" train, if she had I think I would've vomited in my mouth a little. I've always loved Liz and the assassination of her character was one of the reasons I stopped watching for awhile. It took me awhile to adjust to the idea of her and Franco, but I actually really like them together and her straight up loves her and only her. Who doesn't want that? Bring on the Friz wedding.

  10. Kelly's:

    Robin and Jason:

    Robin: Thank you for killing Faison:

    Seriously?!!?!? SERIOUSLY?!!??!?!?!! Give me a freakin break!!! I love you Robin, but SHUT THE HELL UP! This was a nice scene too until she had to say that stupid line! UGH!

    Michael and Jason: Awww great scene! :)

    Jason and BobTodd: Great scene!!! Yeah Jason! BobTodd is right!!!! So get off your high horse!!!

    CarlyKim's home:

    Drew and CarlyKim: Oh come on!!!!! More blaming of Drew?!!?! We had this conversation before!!!! Just like Carly, repeating yourself.

    Ava Jerome's art gallery:

    Friz and Ava: I wonder if there is going to be any drama at the Fritz wedding.. :)

    Michael and Nelle: Don't trust her Michael!!!!! She is evil good! :)

    Carson home: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Hmmmm yup something wrong with Mike.. And Robin is ALWAYS a doctor hahahahha!

  11. Today's GH:

    Jordan's office:

    Jurtis: Awww so sweet and romantic. :)

    The floating rib:

    Kiwi: RA RO! Drunk dialing Dillon!!!! So basically,

    Kiwi: What?! Is that a woman I hear?! Is that the same woman that I called and she answered the phone?! I can't believe you! I can't believe you are moving on so fast!!!!! *Hick* I hate you! Go to hell! *Hick*

    Kiwi and Spinny: OH DEAR!!!!! Spinny! RUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!

    Ava Jerome's gallery:

    Grava and Nelle: Hey that was a nice scene of Griffy explaining how Valentines came to be. :)

    Jason's home:

    Jason and Kid Cheeto: Awww sweet scene!!! His poor tummy though. :( I love this actor's hair! :)

    Jason, Sam, and Kid Cheeto: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! :)

    Drew and Jason: Oops! Drew is all jelly!!!!

    Carson home: What the hell?!!?! I thought Sonny was going to take Mike?

    Janelle and the pay phone: HAHAHAAHHAHA! I love evil Janey!! :) And hey pay phones are still around in Port Chuckles?!!?! WOW!

    The hospital:

    Amy and Griffy: Oh Amy enough of your negative thoughts about Ava! UGH! Hmmmm oh oh. Amy you just had to tell Griffy about drunkin Kiwi!!! Now what? Ava is going to want to tell Griffy she wuvs him, but before she could, Griffy is going to see Drunkin Kiwi, and then she kisses him, and then he kisses her back, and then they sleep together? UGH!I hope not!!!

  12. Michelle Latta said...

    More than likely K.

    ** Which is really sad, since that was meant to be a joke. (Which I think everyone knows)