Tuesday, March 22, 2016

You're Divorced!

JaSam sign the papers with Alexis. Once they file they are divorced.

Later, Liz shows Jason Jake's book from Helena. He can't read it  :GIGGLE: Ok, kidding aside, he doesn't want Franco to work with Jake. 

OMG, HAMMY FINN...is a DOPPLEGANGER. Meaning, he LOOKS JUST LIKE SILAS did to all the other characters...so they are all "OMG! You look just like a doctor that used to work here"!

SO: we can expect:
Kiki to see him, and be all "DADDY"??? 

Ava to see him and try to get him into bed.
Nina to see him and go into Freak out mode
Franco to see him and.....do his improv sheeze..

THIS is unacceptable. OMG. Dr. O comes in to interrupt him while he's talking to Tracy and says: Half the staff thinks the ghost of Silas Clay is roaming the halls. 

Having a doppleganger is so tired. So stupid. So everything. 

I don't even know what to say. It may not bother some people but it sure bothers me. 

Tracy has worms in her brain. Yep. Monsters Inside Me. 

Franco finds Nina in the OBGYN room and tells her he wants no kids. 

Ok that's it for today. I'm not watching tomorrow, Might Not on Thursday, not sure. 


  1. So much for "exciting new character." They just brought back Silas with a different name and will write him how ME wanted him to be written. This is by far one of the weirdest things a soap opera has ever done. Welp! As long as they keep him away from Sam, Liz, Nina and Ava. And no giving him Franco story line this time either!

  2. kd said...Having a doppleganger is so tired. So stupid. So everything.

    I'm with you. I couldn't believe they were using the old..."You look just like" line again. It's beyond ridiculous.

    I think I've finally figured out what Sonny is importing - It's McBain clones!

    I was so PO'd that I'm not even tuning in tomorrow either. Does ME have so much power that they can't tell him to shave, dye his hair, and look different for a different character? It's what thousands of other actors do every day when they want a role. They get into the part. they don't just play their last character with a different name, over and over again.

  3. Are those wrirers at GH nuts? Why would they bring him back at all? Well considering April 1st is just a week away guess GH will live another year.... maybe. OMG yesterdays episode was so good and now to have to watch everyone say OMG you look just like a Dr who used to work here. Come ON!... they must be so hard up for stories. Sometimes this soap makes me crazy lol But this blog is great because if you don't want to watch you can catch up with all that happened.

  4. Kelly's: Paint and Wall.. Divorce and kisses. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Nik and Alexis: She thought that the painting that Helena gave Nik was the naked portrait of herself! HAHAHA! That would be priceless and gross. :)

    Wyndemere: That painting is staring at you crossed eyed! GreenHaydRach has become obsessed with the painting!!

    GreenHaydRach: Right here. In the teapot. It almost looks like a reflection.

    Yeah I notice it too! It looks like Nik! And now Nik is all nervous! Do you think Helena knew that Nik was going to poison her tea, and switched cups? Do you think maybe she faked her death and had someone paint that portrait to make Nik nervous? Hmmmm. :) And you know, I'm surprised Helena did take Wyndemere away from Nik!

    Sam: I had a very interesting conversation with a woman named Niaomi Dreyfuss.

    Dreyfuss?!!?!?! Really?! :) Is this woman related to Richard Dreyfuss?!!?! :)

    The hospital: Oh wow!!!!! McFinster actually brought his lizard/iguana with him!!! YAY!!!

    McFinster and Liz: And the Lizard/iguana is named Roxy!!!! BAHAHAHA! Did they get the name Roxy from OLTL? :)

    Liz: You look like a doctor who used to work here.

    McFinster: Lovely.

    HAHAHAHA! He looks annoyed! :) Oh WOW and he kissed the case!!! HAHAHAHAHA! LOVE THIS! :) The look on Liz's face when she is alone with the lizard/iguana!!! HAHAHAHHAA! And hey McFinster's face looks animated!!!!! :)

    Tracy's room: This was fun too!!!! Great scenes! Dr. McFinster's face was still animated! Oh Dr O you kill me!!! Let Dr. McFinster treat Tracy!!! And while Dr O was talking to Monica, Dr. McFinster was smelling Dr O's hair! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Did anybody notice that?! :) Hmmm Tracy has worms in her head!!!! I wonder how many.

    Worms: MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I am the type of worm that eats brains.

    Dr. O wins the line of the day!

    Dr O: Do you have a brain infestation as well?


    Jason and Liz: Oh here we go. Jason whining about BobTodd. Well too bad Jason! Get over it! Your son needs BobTodd!!!

    Nina and Dr. O:

    Nina: She stole a patients embryo and planted it in herself, carried it to full term and passed it off as her own.

    Dr O: Only for a few months.

    Hahahahaha. Say what Dr. O?! Still making excuses for your daughter are we? ROFL!

    Nina in a private room: On Nina!!!! BobTodd does not want kids! You can't force him to have children! This scene is so sad. :( She wants kids and he doesn't. I think it's best if they break up. :( Okay so Nina wants to go ahead and see if she can get pregnant.... So then what? What if she can?! What is she going to do then?! Trick him into having a kid?! Seems like that this is where it's headed. You shouldn't do that Nina!!! You can't trick him!!!

    McFinster's hotel room: I shall call the Lizard/iguana, GuGu! :) Short for Iguana! :) Wow he talks to GuGu!!!!! :) Will he be talking to her a lot?! I hope!!!!!!

    McFinster: What do you think Roxy?

    GuGu: I think we are going to be happy in Port Chuckles daddy.

    McFinster: You know, I think you're right. We are going to be happy here.

    And a close up of GuGu!!!!! HAHAHAHA! I wonder if GuGu and Val's fake cat Gunnar are gonna be BFF's!

  5. Sonya, noooooo. Guru is destined to wuv Alberta 🦂😍

  6. "Ruthie said...Sonya, noooooo. Guru is destined to wuv Alberta 🦂😍"

    Hahahaha! GREAT!!!! :) Gugberta!!! Awwwww. :)

  7. I loved the new character Michael Easton is playing. He is smiling, talking faster, wearing brighter colors and his new place is modern and colorful too. I wish GH fans would stop criticizing ME and the character before he has even started to unveil the new doctor role. I hope that he will have a totally different love interest in the future.

    Franco has to break off with Nina if she insists on a child, unless KiKi is reveled to be her long lost baby soon. Nina may be satisfied to learn that she already has a daughter.

    1. Awww Sallie thanks for showing Michael some love. :) I'm loving it and am willing to give it a chance. Not too crazy about Roxy, but love the nod to OLTL. Love when he kissed it. Haha! As for Franco and Nina, this storyline makes me so sad....I had 2 miscarriages and after my divorce was diagnosed with a seizure disorder and unable to go off meds to get pregnant and now I'm "old" LOL so I totally feel for Nina. I hope she and Franco don't break up cause I love them together but this storyline is irritating me. I wasn't in favor of Kiki being Nina's daughter but after today I'd love it, and being that Franco thought she was his daughter at one time, I hope the writers consider it. :)

  8. I think ME is calling his inner Johnny Deppe with this character.

    I think 'paint & wall' has competition with Nik & Hayden. They need a name Sonya.

    And I'm so bored with Jason in general. I liked his more open/friendlier Jason. I'm with Karen and not feeling his version of stone old.

  9. "GHfan said...I think 'paint & wall' has competition with Nik & Hayden."

    ROFL! True. :)

    "They need a name Sonya."

    I have no idea what nickname I can give them. Or are you talking about a squish name? They can be Nayden, but Hayden is not really her name. The storyline of who she is, is going so sloooooooooooooooooooow. Like a snail. Hmmm. I can call them snails. :) Paint and wall, and Mr. and Mrs. Snails can have a double date! Zzzzzzzzzzzz.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I was thinking floor & chair. But Mr & Mrs Snails or the Snails works. Lol.

  10. What is the problem about how ME looks. Was he suppose to have some work done on his face so he wouldn't look like a past character? They wanted the actor back, so he's back. I for one am SO GLAD. He has been truly missed on my part.

  11. I'm happy to see ME again. Love that his dragon is named Roxie, but it should have been an animal more resembling of Roxie's character (hyperactive monkey?).

  12. Everyone noticed the resemblance to Silas Clay but they didn't notice that he had the exact same voice? I'm glad he is back regardless. We can always use another nice guy. It looked like the actor who plays Dillon was trying not to laugh in the background during one of the scenes with Tracy and the doctors.

  13. "GHfan said...I was thinking floor & chair. But Mr & Mrs Snails or the Snails works. Lol."

    Floor and Chair! HAHAHAHA! :)

  14. LSV422, I noticed that the actor who plays Dillon was trying hard not to laugh too.

  15. Thanks Sonya for always being so positive about GH. You always seem to crack me up. You should have your own blog.

  16. Jane Elliot was trying not to laugh when Finn was talking about his bedside manner. :)

  17. I like ME, but I think they should have just ignored his "resemblance" to previous characters. I don't even want to hear a "you remind me of someone". Just move forward with the stories.

    And lose the lizard.

  18. Nik and Hayden are: HaydICK.

    You're welcome...

    I like ME, don't get me wrong but why they went this route is killing me

  19. I WOULD KILL to see more Mac, Felicia, Lucy, Bobbie, et al., WHY do we need ME as a FIFTH character, makes no sense!

  20. Why can't the 2 docs who already are treating Tracy just write the prescription?

  21. I love ME and am so glad to have him back, to me it's no crazier than all the characters that come back from the dead and there's plenty of those.

  22. Just read that ME is Valentin!!! Yay. I hope it's true.


  23. That article says he MAY be Valentin. CDL puts titles up all the time indicating that things are true but then they stick in a question mark and write a bunch of speculations. I take everything they write with a grain of salt.

    1. Oh I know. But when they connected all the little clues it makes sense. So I'm optimistic.

  24. "Di said...That article says he MAY be Valentin. CDL puts titles up all the time indicating that things are true but then they stick in a question mark and write a bunch of speculations. I take everything they write with a grain of salt."

    Yeah I learned that the hard way. :(

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