Tuesday, March 29, 2016

It's Taco Tuesday!

I regret to inform you I shall not be watching GH today. Please enjoy this nice photo of Roxy, all ready for Tacos. 


  1. Hahahahahahahaha! Great picture. She looks great! :)

  2. I laughed when I saw the title. My son loves Taco Tuesday at the Cafe Rio in near the house.

  3. Gate 16: NED!!!!!! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! When he was talking on the phone, I thought it was Finn at first.

    Wyndemere: Oh come on Liz and RayRay! Enough verbal diarrhea!!! I want to see some fighting!!!! Liz hit you once, you do nothing, Liz almost hits you twice, and you stop her and you want to call the police?!!?!! Give me a break!!!! This is all basically my breasts are bigger than yours and Nik wants them more than you!!! UGH! Oh a dear Jane letter to Spencer?! Wonder what RayRay wrote.

    Metrocourt hotel rooms:

    Nik's hotel room: So really basically,

    Nik: I still wuv Hayden and I just can't turn my feelings off! But I don't want to be alone so can you stay the night with me Liz?

    Little Nik: Oh GREAT! Liz is staying! That means FUN TIME tonight!!!!

    Scotty's hotel room: Ava flies in! Ava you want Scotty to move in with you?! You are not even going to ask him out on a date? Not even dinner? Just move in?! :) Scotty wins the lines of the day!

    Scotty: So when my room was ransacked Paul Cornsby was the one who stole it from me? I am your lawyer not some hired ape!


    Ava: Sell the recording for 5 million dollars.

    OH! Take the deal Scotty!!!!!! Especially since Raymond Burlin took all your damn money!!!!!! I like Sava. :) Living together is gonna be fun! :)

    Little Scotty: Oh I can't wait until little Ava and I get together!

    Little Ava: I can't wait until we get together too. ;)

    Little Scotty: ;)

    Kelly's: Oh look! A man wearing a ski mask holding a gun!! BAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh I get it. This only happened so that we can see what a great team Curtis and Jordan are!!!! Not to mention,

    Bangs MacGee: Oh you two are a great team Curtis!

    Dr. Maddox: You two are a great team Jordan!

    Curtis: We make a great team!

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHHA! Curtis and Jordan make a great team! :)Oh my Curtis wants Bangs McGee!

    Little Curtis: Man when is Bangs McGee going to say yes?!!?!

    Maddox wants to be alone with Jordan!

    Translation: I want to have sex with you!

    Little Maddox: I can't wait!!!!!!

    Outside Kelly's: Yeah Curtis!!! You tell RayRay she should confront Nik about him trying to kill her!!!!

    The hospital:

    Tracy's room: NED!! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Come on GH! Give Wally Kurth a contract!!!! Love the scene with Ned, Tracy, and Dillon!!! Awwwwwwwwwwwwww! :)

    Paint and Wall: Blah blah blah. Zzzzzzzzzzzz. Raymond Berlin. Zzzzzzz. Kiss kiss kiss. Zzzzzzzzzzz.

    Carson home: Oh great scenes with Anna and Sonny. Sanna are having a bonding moment. :)

    1. Love having my Nedly back, with him and Michael back I'm all set. ♡♡♡

  4. Sonya - Verbal Diarrhea - great name for a punk band - lol !

    1. I love verbal diarrhea and yes it'd make a great punk band name

  5. "JohnD said...Sonya - Verbal Diarrhea - great name for a punk band - lol !"

    Hahahahaha! Hmmm let's see who can make their own punk band.. Liz and RayRay? Finster and Gugu? Mr. and Mrs. Snails? :)

  6. "Michelle Latta said...I love verbal diarrhea and yes it'd make a great punk band name"

    The next 4 people who sings on GH, will be in the punk band Verbal Diarrhea!!! :) So we have to keep an eye out!!! Of course we might have to wait until May for the nurses ball! Hahahaha. :)

  7. Robb Derringer (ex Sloan) is dating Carrie Ann Anaba!



    Awwwww. They look so cute together. :)

  8. I love that Ned is back and that we're been getting a lot of the Quartermaines. This is what core family on a soap opera looks like. Forget Mo and his dreams of CorinTHOTS ruling Port Charles. I really feel like GH needs to suck it up and give Wally a contract. GH needs to make good on their promise of more Quartermaines. Can't really use the excuse that all the Quartermaines are gone when we have Tracy, Monica, Ned, Dillon, Jason, Danny and, yes, even Michael plus others available such as Brooklyn and the Wards. Get Michael's common sense back and make him a Quartermaine again. Get Ned's romance life sparked up again with Olivia (preferably) or someone else. Set Dillon up with Maxie or Val or even Kiki. Let Jason continue to grow closer to his family and tap into his Quartermaine side. I wouldn't even mind if they some how made Franco a Q again. He looks like one and works at the hospital.