Sunday, March 6, 2016

Sunday Surgery: Hospitals FOR CHILDREN

If you don't know this should. 

I watched the show out of order--I didn't see Monday and Tuesday until Saturday.  It certainly is a different experience watching on DVR than live!! 

AND lets just SAY--- I'm glad the Shriner's HOSPITAL FOR CHILDREN arc is over. I get it's a big charity push but LAWDY. 

I'm having quiche for the protein factor! 

20160229 1638(28)

Yeah that Felicia was on. Although I wish she was on more, I have to take what I can get. If she and Mac could manage to do double duty...yeah! 

On to the stories:

20160229 1633(2)

First up: Griffin and Anna. Ok, what is this? And can we please move it along. Thanks. Tired of "Who is Who" Stories.  Spoilers say he asks Brad to help him so--maybe a spark there? I think he's Duke's kid. I hope to HELL he's not a miscarried baby that lived.  That would piss me off to no end. I even stopped watching AMC for awhile with the stupid aborted baby come to life crap.

20160229 1622(5)

Honest opinion? I could GAD who "Claudette" is. Especially when Nate could have just said, oh old girlfriend. Geesh, those drugs are strong! Plus the fact that he's running his mouth all the time about honesty and is now all lying.
Don't care. I realize this couple is boring but.. don't care. NOPE.

20160302 1456(27)

Ava/Paul... the whole Gun Running Story: So Paul got Ava immunity and made Jordan mad.  Blah, blah..blah. Looks like Ava avoids jail time right now. So, is Paul good or bad? Does it matter? Anyway, Ava lost her damn mind and gave Avery to Sonny to watch while she's with Kiki in the hospital. Sonny of course tells Carly later that he's GONNA KEEP HER. You know, like a sack of potatoes. 

20160303 1408(15)

Sam/Jason/Liz: Oh. Well. Sam goes to Shriner's HOSPITAL FOR CHILDREN to visit Jake and Jason and Liz is not happy. That IS until Franco shows up with a shiny bike for Jake. Jake had Skyped him about a bike and he flew there in ..oh, about 4 min to give him one. That was probably one of the more stupid edits I've ever seen. Why not put the SKYPE on the day before and make it at least a tiny bit real? I guess because we are soap viewers and you know, don't have a brain. Jason and Sam lay on the couch talking as low as possible, pressing their black T-shirted chests together. Snoozah. (don't even come at me JaSammers, I think Liason was just as snoozing. It's the Miller-Effect) 

20160301 1442(9)

Todd/Franco Kiki: I am making this a separate post because RoHo was just superb again this week. His talk with Kiki was so genuine and fun --I loved it. "You could punch me in the face, and that would knock me out and we'd both be..."  Wow. Again, thank you for not phoning it in. 

20160301 1419(34)20160301 1444(48)

Tracy: The one story I care about most on GH right now. Forget who the hell "Rachel" is and ELQ stupidity, this is where it's at. Jane Elliot if one of the finest daytime actors ever. She did the seizure and symptoms so well--amazing. Loved her talk with Dr. McCranky. I hope they have something after this is over!! Monica is included in this next week too! They don't know what it is just yet, she needs a MRI. Which is pretty true to life. "Lesions" on the brain could be a number of things. 

20160303 1447(6)

Nina Baby: The only thing that I like about this is that she and Maxie may become friends. Thought it was hilarious when she said her only "Girl" friend was her horse. And her mother killed it. Awww. Why they have to do this 'desperation' baby story is beyond me. Maxie did suggest she get another opinion about having one herself. Maybe the new ME character (who is reportedly is a doctor) will be a gyno. 
Oh, by the way, how did the "Real Women" issue of Crimson go? 

20160303 1440(7)

Morgan. Oh Morgan. I don't want to like this story because there is a lot wrong with the execution prior to this Friday but I'm just going to talk about now. I really really enjoyed Friday's show. It was just magnificent. 

20160303 1439(21)

So, first we have Carly realizing that she and Sonny aren't equipped to take care of Morgan. Sonny of course, pushes back. NO SON OF HIS is going to the "looney bin". As a Mom Carly was so thinking about Morgan and not anything else. Sonny, well, being Sonny wasn't! They talk to Diane about options for keeping Morgan out of jail and she goes to talk to Paul about them. The one thing that really bothered me was the whole "The DA is using Morgan as a scapegoat"--um Morgan DID do this. Morgan did choose to go off his meds and he was directly responsible for Kiki being there so, don't sugar coat it by making it Paul's fault! 

I will give it up for all the actors in this scene. I did think it came off real. I loved how Diane was teary eyed and told Morgan 'she saw him grow up'.  Everyone's anguish as Morgan begged not to be committed but they knew he had to be. You rarely see this raw stuff on soaps (especially about this subject) and done this well. 

SCENE OF THE WEEK: The mentioned Morgan scenes about him being committed. Bravo. 

PROP OF THE WEEK: Time Travel Bicycle 

FACE OF THE WEEK:  Carly had all the Mom faces this week! 

SO that's this week. 

More thoughts: 

1.  OH HELL NO!!. DO NOT Even think of pitting Jordan and Anna against each other for Maddox. Anna JUST lost Duke (in 'real life-time") so how about letting her be just HER for awhile? Two females as strong as these do not need to go at it over a damn man. So stop it. Thank you. I mean it!! 

2.  Why did you feel the need to wake Kiki up? Why!? 

3. This Claudette we really need another character? 

Ok! Have a great Sunday Night! It's the finale of Downton!! I will miss it.  I haven't binged House of Cards yet but I will and soon. Then Orphan Black is coming in April! WOOT!! 


  1. Another great read. The CarSon / Morgan/ Diane scenes were everything a Soap should be. And you are right LW has a truly "raw" beauty as a distraught Mom... It would be nice to see Molly, Kristina, Michael and Dante included ..

    Naxie and Lante 2.0 have go to be 2 of the most boring couples ever in SoapDom.. I don't care about Nathan, Naxie and therefore Claudette.

  2. Honestly, I don't watch the show any longer. WAY too much that offends my sensibilities. However, I read your blog to keep up. So much of what I read confirms that I have done the right thing by "ditching" GH. Most of all: Institutionalization due to BI POLAR? Seriously???? In the year 2016? Because the parents of an ADULT can't "handle" the ADULT? Seriously????? The Mental Health world (of which I am a professional of) is seething. Bad, bad, message. Almost equivalent to the time GH chose to use Robin's blood as a weapon. WTH? When did GH become so incredibly political incorrect? (Rhetorical question). *sigh*

    1. Are you bi polar if not then shut your pie hole, it's a devastating devastating disease to live with everyday. Kiss my bi polar ass. People like you get your head out of your ass.

  3. OK, so someone on this blog attacks me every time I refer to Port Charles as "Upstate NY," I think it is Dar, but, not sure, so forgive me if it is someone else. Anyway, as a former editor, I am very careful with language, and like to be precise, so I finally looked it up. "Upstate NY" refers to all of NYS except for NYC and LI, which are "Downstate." Buffalo and Rochester can also be referred to as "Western NY," but they still are included in "Upstate NY," look it up!!

    Franco said he drove from Port Charles to Shriners Hospital FOR CHILDREN, he didn't fly, so I guess they are 5 minutes apart??!!

    We have a family member who is Bipolar and looks very much like Morgan, who also has an older brother who is blonde who always is looking out for him. It is VERY strange for me to watch these scenes because of this. The scenes are VERY WELL done, and largely accurate, I think. I have a special interest in Bipolar D/O because my love Sonny has it in real life, and, of course, his character has it. Also, I have treated several Bipolar patients. Although I do mostly Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, this illness really seems to require meds, and the right combination of them. Interestingly, in my experience, most Bipolar patients were misdiagnosed for years. Partly it is because they seek psychiatric help when depressed, are given anti-depressants which then cause them to get manic. As they mostly enjoy the manic state, they often stop treatment when manic, only to return when they crash again. So many psychiatrists see them only in the depressed phase. When I see patients, I take a very careful history and also observe them over time, sometimes leading to a Bipolar diagnosis that the psychiatrists missed. With the right combination of meds, many of these patients can do very well, but need to be monitored for any early signs of depressive or manic episodes.

    So, yes, in response to the above post, outpatient treatment often is sufficient for Bipolar D/O. I think it is the fact that Morgan is deemed "a danger to himself and others" that he is being hospitalized.

  4. True that it's for charity, but the whole Shriners Hospital thing was too heavy handed. I love a story for Tracy, but I wish it were Tracy being her strong self, not illness. I watch soaps for escapism. Love Diane. I wish she were on more often.

  5. Aunt Joan.. oh you have to know our Western NY thing a thing. LOL We are so different from "Upstate" Syracuse even calls itself "Central NY" one wants to be UPstate lol
    Nothing personal!

    Yes, Morgan was committed for being a "danger to himself and others" but they didn't make it sound like a 72 hour hold--I think the "committed" was to get him out of jail time?

  6. Karen, I think it was to get him out of jail time, but also, Carly, and then Sonny, plus dr., Diane, et al., all felt it would be best for him. He has a history of not being compliant with his meds, and of intolerable side effects. I think that "becoming stable on meds" is a realistic goal for a hospital stay for such patients, but it seems that other mental health professionals disagree.

  7. Karen, I did not know that "no one wants to be UPstate," that is funny!

    I have a few things bothering me unrelated to today's posts, and I have a few extra minutes this morning, so, here goes: WHY do they dress the women up in cocktail dresses all day, and in the winter? I mentioned this here before, it drives me crazy. When I went to the GH event, Laura W was wearing Lululemon pants, which she said, ". . .are like Spanx for your body." She said she NEVER wears cocktail dresses and heels, doesn't even own any. And Maura W was wearing jeans, a normal choice for a woman of her age and body type, yet they NEVER show her in casual wear on the show, only Sam and Liz can wear jeans.

    And the other thing: EVERYONE "comes to town" single!! No one ever comes to PC married!! I guess only singles are interesting on soaps, so that they can start to pair them up with everyone. It used to be that, after a certain age they basically kept couples married (e.g., Audrey and Steve; Edward and Lila), but now they are all hopping around like teenagers no matter how "long in the tooth" they are!

    Well, sorry, I know I was overly chatty today, I will shut up now!

  8. "AND lets just SAY--- I'm glad the Shriner's HOSPITAL FOR CHILDREN arc is over. I get it's a big charity push but LAWDY."

    I know Karen. I know! I feel the same way!

    "Jason and Sam lay on the couch talking as low as possible, pressing their black T-shirted chests together. Snoozah"

    Pressing their t-shirted chests together! ROFL! I am calling Sam and Jason, Wall and Paint from now on! :)

    "3. This Claudette we really need another character?"

    I REALLY hope Claudette is his daughter!!! Cus if she is, an ex-girlfriend, ex-wife, or wife, zzzzzzzzzzzz. BORING! Nathan did say Claudette is perfect! And a parent would say that to their kid when the kid is born! :)

  9. Thanks for another great Surgery, kd. I agree with you on everything this week, and I totally agree with your 3 after thoughts.

    And thanks ladies for a great discussion. I've been sitting here giggling. lol

    Sonya, I agree about the daughter thing. If she's anything but it's just another boring plot line.

  10. Could "Rachel" be Jerry Jack's daughter?

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  12. AntJoan,
    I NEVER attacked you. I am shocked and offended that you said that. My favorite thing about Karen's blog (other than Karen herself ) is that people disagree but do not attack each other unlike other blogs I've seen. Two big disagreements among people here are Roger and Michael Easton - some people like them , some hate them but people respect each other's opinions.

  13. "Di says Sonya, I agree about the daughter thing. If she's anything but it's just another boring plot line."

    Yes!!! Agree!

  14. Dar, Oh, I'm sooo sorry, I was just kidding that you "attacked" me, you were just upset when I said Upstate NY, I did not mean that it was an actual attack!

  15. Unknown, please get back on your meds. I will pray for you.


  16. Hello,haven't been very religious about my viewing of GH as I have in the past. Mostly these days I have it on but am busy doing other things too where as in the past I would be practically glued to the screen but that sadly hasn't happened in a VERY long time. I keep hoping it will be restored to a soap I can't go a day without watching but seems like it never will,for me anyway. I do however read this blog almost religiously and really enjoy it. Thanks for that Karen and everyone who shares their opinions of the show. I think it's a camaraderie of sorts. Being someone who has dealt with my own mental illness for 27yrs.and have seen and experienced the evolution of treatment and acceptance of the disease I really do appreciate the way they handled the subject on the show. Let's not forget that Morgan was on the roof of the hospital,hallucinating and ready to jump so that right there is an immediate reason to be hospitalized! Not just for the fact that he's bipolar and won't stay on his meds because he's unable to achieve an erection which is very common with alot of meds and for some people especially young patients can be reason enough to go off them. In this story line there are multiple reasons which warrants hospitalization and possibly short term institutionalization. Sadly today most insurances won't pay for any hospital stays unless you're suicidal. Everyone is unique in their diagnosis and treatment but imo everyone has a hard time getting on the right meds. It's a sometimes long and painful processes. I thought the acting of all the characters was spot on and so was the Sl. Like I said I have dealt with my own illness for 27 yrs.and it's sometimes been a long and painful process but it's also made me into a strong,compassionate,independent,caring and blessed woman! I'm sorry I rambled on and thank you all for letting me share this with you. And I'm sorry if I broke any blogging rules. Have a blessed night?

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. Unknown,not sure who you are talking to? If it's me--then sorry but this is a plot story on GH. How it's presented is of interest to me-- so I will talk about it. We are all learning here about bipolar and many of my readers have shared with us on that point. Very nicely I might add.

    Gracegirl.. case in point and THANK YOU!

    Dar and Aunt Joan! :) CUT IT OUT! LOL... Dar she was just being funny, really.

    OK!? OK!?

  19. "Gracegirl says And I'm sorry if I broke any blogging rules."

    You haven't!!! :) You're fine! Thank you for sharing!!

  20. All I have to say about last week is too much Sonny. I will have to start fast forwarding again if this continues, although some of the dialogue was good. Brian Craig was very good but I have found his Morgan unlikable from day one - don't know if it is the actor or the character. The Tracy storyline is the most interesting right now. FYI, I grew up in NYC and we always said anyplace outside the city was "upstate", LOL, now seemingly politically incorrect.

    1. There is always too much Sonny, wonder if that man ever takes a vacation?? Never been a Morgan fan, I think it's just the character for me...I don't know.

  21. "AntJoan said...

    And the other thing: EVERYONE "comes to town" single!! No one ever comes to PC married!! I guess only singles are interesting on soaps, so that they can start to pair them up with everyone. It used to be that, after a certain age they basically kept couples married (e.g., Audrey and Steve; Edward and Lila), but now they are all hopping around like teenagers no matter how "long in the tooth" they are!"

    There have been a few times a married couple has come to town in soaps but it's usually not that good. Maya's parents came to LA as a couple on Bold and Beautiful and it worked because they already had a connection to the show through their daughters who were introduced first. I think that's why it doesn't happen that often. Because it's easy to bring on one person and then start making connections and building relationships. Plus typically that one person is brought on to be a part of a veteran character's story line which usually means they need to be available for to be pair with someone already on the show. OLTL brought on a married couple back in the early 2000s with Colin and Melanie but nobody really got too attached to them because they were a couple made up of newbies. Melanie lasted a year and Colin was killed off and brought back as his (single) twin brother Troy.

  22. Save: Oh, OK, but I don't watch other soaps, I don't think they've done it much on GH (or at all??).

    On another note, I dreamed last night that I was making out with Franco! (well, Roger, anyway). . . Oh, my darling Sonny, I would NEVER cheat on you, I don't know what I was thinking! . . .

  23. "AntJoan said...On another note, I dreamed last night that I was making out with Franco! (well, Roger, anyway). . . Oh, my darling Sonny, I would NEVER cheat on you, I don't know what I was thinking! . ."

    *GASP* :0 You must have been drunk! ROFL! :)