Thursday, July 7, 2011

NEW Spoilers and FUN NEW WUB!!

 Spinelli leads the Cyber-Charge!!

For twitter people.. For some reason I can't use angelfire on the tweets so's the link: WUBS
It's all about the move to the Net!! Tell me how you like it!

New Spoilers are UP TOO!! Molly and Morgan decide to take Joss to try to get CarJax back together (don't ask) and Asher tries to get on Tracy's good side. (I'm just glad Tracy's on!!) To to the Main WUBS PAGE for spoilers!!


Anonymous said...

If I liked Spinelli--which I don't--I'd LOL
it was cute

Anonymous said...

i LOVED it. absolutely hilarious.

Hope said...

Karen, the Wub was so funny, I definitely give it a 10!!!