Thursday, June 16, 2011

One Life To Live: Almost the BEST Show on TV. Period!

And I'M COUNTIN' PRIMETIME!!!! wow....Today's show was spectacular yet  again. First they kept pretty quiet about the whole Gigi thing. Second, just as Matthew wakes up, Rex is bawling over Gigi's brain-dead body. JPL did a kick ass job with this.  Roxy's losing it. Tea can't believe it. Todd knows stupid Jack might go to prison (although I say send him to acting school instead! LOL). 

Baby Liam smiles like a little PEACH --did you see that!!!?? And Destiny so happy and hugging Sean--when you know he's going to FLIP at her news of a baby!! EESH.  

Cutter strutting around Asa's house, playing host. Rama and Christian kissing and her hubby catches them. Put Ford and Tess in bed together and woomp! There it is!! Tess, Bess-- Jess.. love 'em all!

They use history, drama and all their cast. Things move along-- and keep me on the edge of my seat everyday!! Yes, some of their edits are uneven but I can overlook them because the stories are so good.  I can't believe it's being canceled. Not when it's SO good, gets such fabu ratings AND is under budget. NOT FAIR :stompingfoot: 

I am SO GLAD I DVR'd the show today!! 


  1. I've watched OLTL since it first came on.From Vicki's sister Merideth dying to Larry Wolock and Marco Dane makes me sick they are cancelling it.I was crying like a baby when Roxie told Rex she's gone.I cannot stand that guy that plays Jack he's a horrible actor.And why is not Brody there too....I cannot stand him and Natalie togethor.

  2. Yeah, the BroNat thing confuses me, but hell..LOL
    They usually cast pretty well, I'm thinking that Jack kid is someone's nephew

  3. lol he HAS to be someone's relative he sucks SO bad it's embarrassing!

    But I was in tears. Rex blew it out the water. Completely! I'm sure Shane is just going to destroy me!

  4. TVGuide in the issue that went to subscribers this week has OLTL as one of the shows to watch this summer (Ilene Rudolph). So someone agrees with you.

  5. I watched one life since the first day it was on. I have always loved it, one of my favorite stories was when Tony Lord was on , he and Pat had such a great story. Remember Delilah and her surrogate baby, first one on a soap! All of it...
    I loved Gigi and that family, I cried too today, have not done that for a while on a soap, but this one broke my heart, Roxie was she always is and so was Rex you could just feel his heart break.
    and as always in the World of Natalie...things never change, she is just icky, and right now I am not likeing Brody a whole lot...where is Blair? Wait till she finds out what jack did...this show is really just cant miss....
    But we sure are goig to..

  6. I had to come back and add
    Jenny & David. their story was pretty great too.

  7. Brody is leaving the show so I guess thats why they put him with Natalie,so when Jess finds them and he finds out its Johns baby he will have no reason to stay.2 bad cause I like him,and I just can`t stand Nat she is a ho and to sleep with him yet again makes her worthless in my eyes.

  8. First a little reminder that Karen is spoiler free, so please do not post about upcoming storylines and characters leaving the campus...

    OLTL has been must see tv for so long now- I can't believe that anyone who watches soaps hasn't tuned in yet just to see what all the hype is about. While I will truly miss it when it is over, I am going to enjoy the ride while I can!

  9. THANK you for the reminder of the spoiler free bit!! LOL I didn't know about Brody!!

    That's ok though, I'm sure people wouldn't know I was spoiler free. I should put that on the end of my posts about OLTL!!

    LOVE THAT TV guide put it on their Summer LIST!!

  10. just finished yesterday's episode, and i was so pissed because there was a 15 minute Weiner update half-way into the show.

  11. Historyiseveryday aren't you glad weinergate is over I am sick little perv.....

  12. the perv being Weiner that is lol