Monday, June 6, 2011

IT's Official.... Couric coming to ABC

She's's official now. We knew it, now everyone does. Nothing about how it will impact General Hospital. We shall see!!

ABC's eight owned and operated stations have already cleared Couric's not-yet-titled show for the 3 p.m. slot and will return the last hour to its affiliates in the hopes that they, too, will use it to pick up Couric's show. But what will be replaced from a daytime schedule that will include soap opera General Hospital, local news and two new lifestyle shows The Chew and The Revolution remains unclear. Also up for debate is how CBS and NBC stations, which will be asked to carry the show in many markets, will feel about Couric's ABC news presence.

THIS IS HUGE...eight markets including LA and NYC using 3pm timeslot. So--not sure where this leaves us. I think ABC is out of the soap biz and not willing to cancel GH right now due to bad press. Can we save it? I would hope so.  I'm not so sure though. They want out of soaps. I believe that.

OLTL: That baby Liam is so cute!! ;) I HATE Jack! I hate his character and I hate his ACTING! LOL Did Love Shane dropping the weight on his foot.
 Now Marty wants to do the right thing!! What.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: OMG, I hate this Shawn stuff... Carly says nothing Jax does is in Joss' interest. It's SO obvious they are ruining Jax on purpose. UGH

Brenda trying to get Sonny out of the mob. Brenda: See Kate, Carly, Emily...need I go on? Sonny points out Michael got shot when he got out he other time. LOL whoops. You can't GET OUT!

Lulu buying the Haunted Star to keep it for her father. Uh, honey, there is BOOZE ALL over that boat! LOL Not a good idea. 


MORE great news today for us Vanny! (sarcasm)  Tweeted this: VanessaMarcilG: On set. Countdown begins. VMG


  1. Karen, I agree with you . They are ruining Jax on purpose. It's sad. I love Jax. The show has so much potential! I think they should have fans write for the show or write an episode, LOL :) . Couric's deal doesn't make me feel good about GH's fate. If GH writing improved, I would watch it in the evening or early afternoon if they moved it to a new timeslot.

  2. Even though GH won't admit it now, GH IS cancelled!!

    Lulu: Uh stop bouncing or you will have a wardrobe malfunction in your hooker outfit! :)

    Lucky and Lulu: Oh oh! Denial Spencer is back!!!! Great scene between them tho!!!

    Dante and Lulu: Poor girl got drunk. :( What a sad ending for the show today. :( Lulu wants to celebrate the demise of the Spencer family. :( Stupid Guza! :(

    Jax and Shawn: Gee one punch and Jax gets drunk! ROFL!

    Carly and Jason: Jason how come you didn't do a background check on Shawn? That makes no sense!

    Krissy and Ethan: Awww Ethan is sad and drunk. :( Cus of Luke leaving. Ethan go see your father Robert and tell him about his BFF Luke!!!

  3. I am just glad that Marty got her happy ending.....

  4. Did anyone else notice 'Jason' waving his hand so that 'Brenda' would step over a few steps? This happened early in the show when the 3 of them were at Sonny's house.She saw his hand and moved over. It looked like she had been off her mark.

  5. Did anyone else notice 'Jason' waving his hand so that 'Brenda' would step over a few steps? This happened early in the show when the 3 of them were at Sonny's house.She saw his hand and moved over. It looked like she had been off her mark.

  6. The destruction of Jax is heartbreaking for many reasons, the biggest, for me, being that they just don't HAVE to do it. Honestly, who the eff cares about Joss? If Jax DID get custody of Joss and left the country with her, that would be FAR more exciting. Kids are a fairly big waste of space on the canvas (IMO) and there is a better story of Joss returning YEARS later to confront Carly - a little karma payback? Maybe Joss could steal her Mom's future husband too? Ha. When you think about it, why let Carly have this kid? How long has Morgan been at camp now?

    Oh course, none of this matters cause GH is gone next year - but still.

    Nobody watched Couric on CBS and nobody will watch her on ABC. Why are networks so stupid?

  7. Min says, Maybe Joss could steal her Mom's future husband too? Ha.
    Hahahaha oh that would be SWEEEEEET! :) Great karma! :) And whoever her future husband will be! :)

  8. Need to ask a question. If ABC has decided to run the Couric show in the 3 pm time slot, how does that impact GH on the West Coast(LA)? GH runs at 2pm out here.

  9. Because they have 2 other shows to go into time slots. THE CHEW and THE REVOLUTION

  10. If true i read on Wikepedia that Genie Francis is returning to GH on June 24th. To take Luke for treatment on June 27th for good.

  11. No way Genie coming back to GH this month. Those scenes would have already filmed or be filming now and she is doing Y&R.
    I'd love to see her and Tristan Rogers make a strong return to GH before its done and contribute some real depth, but it's not going to be anytime in the next few weeks.

  12. I read on General hospital happenings,that JFP , maybe replaced by One Life to Lives Frank Valentini, in the Fall. Believe it or not it says.

  13. Genie Francis return is for 2 days to usher out Luke for treatment.

  14. Is that the new head writer's idea for Genie to come for a short stint? Because I don't think she would have come back for Guza.

  15. KD on the West Coast The Revolution at 12-The Chew at 1pm GH at 2pm and Courtic at 3pm. Again how does the 3pm time slot impact GH??(West Coast only)

  16. I cannot stand what they are doing to Jax. This is almost worst than the character assassination of AJ Quartermaine. It seems to be a curse of everyone who is paired with Carly, Jason or Sonny...When it doesn't work out (usually because of the writers and higher-ups not fans) the character is ruined to pave the way for a new interest...I still believe that Megan, Becky, Ingo and Tyler all deserve better than what they received at GH. Hope they all move on to bigger and better things than what they have been given.

  17. Making Carly rational and making Jax look like crap does not make me start to like you again, GH. I think it is sick and I'm not going to stand around and watch you ruin Jax like you did AJ....and for a character like Shawn. Someone who just showed up on our canvas and we know NOTHING about. BOOORING!

  18. GH is on at 2pm in LA, not 3pm - so if couric is on at 3 it doesn't bump GH out here.

  19. I can't eve watch the Carly/Jax/Shawn scenes. I FFd through them. It's just like watching the character-destruction of AJ. It really ticks me off. I have been a Jax fan from the get-go.

    IR deserves MUCH better.

    Make Jax Alec's dad and have him whisk Brender off into the sunset.

    Eff this.

  20. Carly neeeeds to lose, just once...

    OK, I'm done...for now >;(

  21. Yes!! I saw Steve Burton waving VM over like she was standing in the wrong spot. It was funny and looked like community theatre...seriously.

  22. I agree, every character who is paired with Sonny, Jason or Carly is thrown to the wolves when their time with the character is done. None of these 3 can ever be the wrong party, so the writers do everything in their power to prop them up. The only one who has made a comeback from a breakup with "the three" is Sam, and even that has only been partially successful with fans. Even in romance, the trio has to triumph.

    I thought it was really funny Shawn was upset Jax had looked into his personal life, when Shawn has been sticking his nose into Jax and Carly's relationship for weeks. What gave him the right to interfere there? It's also funny how Jason had no problem hiring someone he had left to die, because he did not trust him, as a guard for Joss. Not only hire him, but suddenly trust him so much he never checked into his history. I know Jason has been distracted for a good reason, but that's just not in his character. He wouldn't be alive if he let this happen.

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