Wednesday, December 8, 2010

New "Kiddie Doc" To Come to Port Charles!

CASTING NEWS:  New pediatrician "Terrel" will join the staff at #GH . Khary Payton begins his recurring role on Jan 3rd. Will he be involved with a sick "Webber"Kid? After all, we still have the baby-reveal to go with Aidan.


Anonymous said...

I'm reading on another site that this new doctor is for Patrick and Robin's Emma. I guess they're involved in the "big event".

Mamaspat Ole said...

What amazes me is GH loves to kill off history and bring in all new folks.Think about it all that is left is Mac,Monica,Edward ya cannot count Luke or Tracy they will always have a place but the vets are going folks.Sad really sad

Leesy said...

OOOOOO the new Doc is nice looking! Wouldn't he and Maya be a gorgeous couple? And Ethan standing in the wings, watching his $500,000 fly out the window...hahahah...makes me giggle. He's just in this for the "perks" anyway.