Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Lazy Hump Day

Ok, so you caught me....I watched some of the soaps today, but not all ....and none of them in total. I caught Zack's funeral on AMC and the boys kissing his picture. All  I wanted Ryan to say when he was taking was "Remember when everyone thought I was dead? And you like, took care of Kendal"??? Then Greenlee could have said...and remember when everyone thought I was dead?
You get the point. heh

OLTL was great as usual!! Nat knows Marty knows!! And we still aren't 100% sure WHICH "daughter"  DNA report Clint had fixed,  right?? Because in reality,  Natalie is his bio "daughter" so it could be her, right?! Cause he hates McBain. 

                                                        Yes, I tried the Prune Salad. 

GH: What. WHAT!!? I saw Brenda on the chair and Dante googlie-eyballing her-- ;/ Where did all the pink stuff go in the PH?? Did I miss Spin taking it down?? Michael and Krissy--blah, blah. Siobhan chomping on some dang food, making her speech MORE unintelligible (didn't think that was possible but Oooooooooo yah!!)  And I saw--Luke and Edward.  Oh, and The Balkan  Theo going on and on about horseflies. LOL NEW RUMOR Patrol: Siobhan is his daughter. If that's so, they changed her from being another agent. Hmmm, what WILL it be?? Will she end up having a fake British accent instead of her Oyerish one?? 
There will be more things coming in on the Bus Accident soon I think.  Rumors all over about characters dying...but nothing for sure.  
See you tomorrow.  Yes, we have more snow. MORE MORE.


Leesy said...

RUMOR HAS FRANCO MAKING SHORT GH APPEARANCE JUST BEFORE THE OSCARS...LORD SAVE US ALL! Never knew so many people rode bus to work at GH...maybe the bus hits the hospital? or they are just near the accident? I could name a few "fatalities" I'd like to see...but i'll be nice for now...just for now, lol

Anonymous said...

Karen Regarding OLTL-Clint wanted his lackey to change Jessica's DNA report but only referred to her as his daughter. He didn't want Ford being the Father. Clint had no way of knowing that Brody slept with Natalie and he didn't know Nat had a DNA test. When Clint's lackey saw Natalie as Clint's daughter he changed the DNA test to show Brody not John as the Father. Brody really is the Father of Jessica's baby.

Ari said...

I may be off but haven't they been killing a Quartermaine once a year? Monica & Edward need to be careful - I'd guess the JE has TG protection. I really hope they kill Sonny! Who would see that coming?

Frisco said...

Following up on Ari's reminder of Guza's one dead Q a year quota perhaps Nicholas buys Brooklyn a tour bus and that is the bus that crashes, haha!

Let's not forget that Michael is a Q, although there is no way they would kill him off. Aiden is also a Q...would Guza kill off a Q baby without the Q's even knowing he is a Q? Yeah, I bet he would.

Trixie said...

No, Michael is a Corinthos. Just like Jason. The writing tells me so.

Jordie said...

Frisco Aiden is not a Q, Jake is. Lucky is Aidens' baby daddy.

If there are fatalities, please make them:

Irish girl

Did I mention Sam?

Rita Pita said...

Yes Jordie Aiden is a Spencer, not a Q. Jake is Jason's.

sonya said...

No Jordie no!!!! Not Lulu! I don't want Luke and Laura's baby girl to die! That would be horrible! :(

AntJoan said...

Um, did I miss something? At the end of the show yesterday, the Irish girl is working for the Balkan?? (As, apparently, is Johnny.) Karen, did you not mention this, or am I confused about something?

Leesy said...

Can Siobhan's life expectancy be long when the viewers just refer to her as "the Irish girl"? Hahahaha! Whoa, I missed the Balkan connection yesterday...I'll try to pay attention closer today. Hope she's saving her paychecks. Pretty girl in a thankless role.

sonya said...

Leesy says

Can Siobhan's life expectancy be long when the viewers just refer to her as "the Irish girl"?
Sure why not? Lots of people on soaps have nicknames. For example on All my children, David Hayward has a lot of nicknames. :) I can't even spell the Irish girl's name! I spell it Sivon! :) I used to call her the red headed chick. :)

Anonymous said...

Jordie, I am with you on wanting them to kill Sam off. I don't think that it is going to happen though. Maybe they could have Siohban get a really bad headache and when she wakes up she would have an American accent. It was on the local news this week so it is a real, but very rare thing that can happen. I would love to see these fatalities: Dante, Sam, Brenda, Sonny. Yeah I don't see it happening either. The funny thing is that I am okay with Sam when she is NOT with Jason. However if the spoilers are correct then they will be connected for life. *sobs* Oh well at least OLTL is awesome right now.

Anonymous said...

If someone must die let it be that high and mighty witch Kristina who killed her own baby brother or sister and let Mchael and her Mommy take the rap and then because Ethan rejected the munchin she accused him of assault!