Saturday, February 9, 2019

Letting Talent Go. --Bytni Sarpy Exits GH

Valerie is a Spencer and is Chases' partner on the PCPD
Valerie should be helping to catch her cousin's attacker
Valerie is figuring out her feelings for Kristina
Valerie is going to YR

I think GH really wants to drive me from the show. They've done it to almost everyone else, why not me? Latest thing is that Brytni Sarpy who plays Valerie has gone over to YR  Valerie. THE VALERIE AND KRISTINA story I've been waiting for. 

The writers were writing it.... they even made Val Chase's partner, remember? She could have featured heavily in the Cult story and figuring out her feelings for Kristina. Then she disappeared. I wondered why.  Was it the writers fault? 

You can put that ish squarely on management. Same management that let Jason Thompson go. Same management that for some reason, didn't green light stories for Dante and DZ stepped away.  Content to have Tequan Richmond (former TJ) exit the show rather than write for him or put him on contract. He was a stellar TJ-- he and Molly should be front and center for the demographic. And yet. And yet. 

Instead of putting a few people on a short-term contract or regular contract they let the 'recurring' status take it's roulette shots.  In the meantime, we'll get how many other characters that are featured for awhile, then fade again into the background? Even if you LIKE a newbie, chances are they'll be recurring so don't get attached. Don't get invested. 

Yeah, I'm bitter.  I really wanted this pairing since their natural chemistry shown through at that Nurses Ball commercial. You can't manufacture that sort of thing, you cultivate it.  Don't talk to me about recasts either. These two were sparkly because of who they were. Plus, even if they recast, why bother getting all excited when they'll just leave again? 

So, happy Saturday in the Land of Soaps.  I'm thrilled Brytni found a place at YR and wish her all the best. 


  1. Not everyone wants gay story lines. I liked Val too, but she was nothing but a bit player.

    1. Not everyone wants mob storylines. Not everyone wants serial killer storylines. Not everyone wants dead, swapped baby storylines. But, maybe some people want people falling in love storylines, which is what the Kristina/Val storyline was.

  2. It actually wasn't a "GAY" storyline-- it was about 2 people falling for each other based on chemistry. By the way, Krissy is BI. SO. She was nothing but a bit player BECAUSE THEY DIDN'T PUT HER ON CONTRACT which was entirely my point.

  3. I too am bitter about what's going on with GH. It seems that the biggest problem is that those PTB just don't care. When MW, JL and RH decide to go elsewhere we'll know it's over. Sadly it's looking that way. Meanwhile we can still find some enjoyment in watching the end of this Ryan story. And who wouldn't like to see Michael get his baby, or child or young adult, back and be happy for a minute. A minute of happiness seems all that is allowed on GH lately. At least we have this blog to read. Thank you K.

  4. No offense to the actress, but Val was in what ... one story line? (She and Dante). I can't say I'll miss the character. She certainly never bonded with the Spencers. (I know - she and Bobbie saw each other - mainly off-canvas).

    1. But that was my point, Paul! They finally WERE giving her a story and having her on more with the Dante partnering and Kristina. I know the writers were writing for her, why didn't TPTB greenlight a broader story for her? I feel like there's all these ideas, they are floated and management picks and chooses and decides one then--then changes course.

    2. I'm with you Karen. The role of Valerie has been a missed story opportunity for years. She is a SPENCER. They should be using her. TJ and Molly should of been front and center for many stories as well. Is it true that writers/producers get more money for creating new characters? If true, that is the problem. They should be incentivized for steady and improved ratings. Ratings go down, salaries go down, and up leads to up. Then maybe they would dig deep in to fast moving stories using characters the fans want to see. Looking forward to your Sunday Surgery.

  5. I agree with you also, Karen. She had real potential since she was one of the only newer actors who could actually ACT. Meshing her into the cult story and the catch-Ryan story would be a perfect vehicle for the charactor. Such a shame... Who'll be next to leave? My money is on Chase. No real story for him either.

  6. Yeah I agree with you Karen!!! Very upsetting!!! I wanted a Krissy and Val coupledom too!!!!!!

    "I really wanted this pairing since their natural chemistry shown through at that Nurses Ball commercial."

    YES!!!! I felt it too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    "You can't manufacture that sort of thing, you cultivate it."

    I AGREE!!!!!

    "These two were sparkly because of who they were."

    YESSSSSSSSSSS! So sparkly!!!!

  7. I would've loved to see Brytni on Days of our lives too. Dante and Valerie will always be my faverite couple besides OG Dante and Lulu not this crappy Dante and Lulu we have now. I just wish they would have done more with Valerie.