Thursday, August 11, 2016

General Hospital: Summer Wubbin?

There's no point in my bitching anymore. Really, there isn't. GH has nothing to offer me lately that I even care to watch. Not only that, it's introducing new characters and story lines that don't weave into the present canvas and thus frays the show to bits of nothing. I tune in for the acting, day to day dialog and because I tweet with the soap gang. 

 Things need to start jelling (wink) in a big big way to make that worth my time. 

I love my GH--it's history, it's characters and have watched since 1977.  I'm bored and apathetic.  Tired of trying to get invested in stories and characters that go nowhere.  That said, I have a few questions I'd like answered. 

Question 1: Why hire so many new people when so many older characters are just twisting in the wind? 

Olivia. Did a breast feeding story that I still don't know (or care) how it ended up. She has Julian's kid and besides bitching him out, she does literally nothing else. Ok, watches Rocco whom Lante seems to have completely forgotten about but.. she's essentially gone. Oh, and LLC is a contract player. 

Mayor Lomax...hey you hire Shari Belafonte, someone  I was looking forward to seeing and--what? (see above breast feeding story).  

Paul. You wrote him in a corner by shooting Sonny and doing all sorts of bad things, then write him back out by having Carlos take the fall and? He stares now and then when a case come around and, nothing. 

Brad/Lucas. What a damn let down. Not only that, they were married and then went on their honeymoon weeks ago. Lucas came back to yell at Julian, only he couldn't be at Bobbie's birthday party because-- HE was on his honeymoon.  Hire a continuity person. 

YEAH! Ned's back! Ric's back! We were so happy!! Only...only... well, you know where that sheeze went.  No where. Ric's back on his elevator and I have no idea where Ned is. Probably at his other soap. 

Dr. O.   Quick--when's the last time she was on? When they arrested Franco, right? Her part is reduced to almost as skinny as Diane's. (Someone else we'd like to see more of).

There's Molly and TJ-- which if you want some younger viewers to come on in it might be a good idea to try to get something going with the youngin's.  I do not understand this. When I was a teen I tuned in for characters like Laura who was my age.  This could have been a gold mine.

Felicia and Mac.  Felicia was on to talk to Emma. Mac was ? I remember him doing some PI for Anna. But anyway, they are Maxie's parents and are not around at all for her wedding planning.  I'm also going to mention the absence of Georgie here. It's glaring and really stupid to act like Maxie doesn't have a kid half the time. 

Question 2: Why do you insist on starting stories and then have then skip every other week? 

Carlos' brother Joe comes on. 10 days later he's shown again. TEN. 

Claudette comes on. The story moves forward...week off. Picks up again...week off. All of this while we watch Kiki and Morgan redux times 800. 

Krissy and Parker. Yes, the actress was pregnant but that whole story was ramping up when Juliexis GOT MARRIED. It's still moving along at a snails' pace! 

Cassadine Adventure took so long to finish no one gave a damn if they got off that cheap island or not. Valentin came to town, slept with Nina then tried to kidnap Spencer and he's in jail. Not even shown this week. OOOO, scary.  Plus the fact that most of the curse things happened when Helena's will was read ages and ages ago. We've been waiting a long time for this. So disappointing. 

Question 3: Why introduce new filler stories when you have so many major stories going on? 

Why introduce this STI story when we are trying to finish up everything else? 

Why bother with making Sam pregnant and having Jason have a  malaria fever when you are still trying to finish up the other Cassadine story about the curses AND have Valentin running around?  You also pay zero attention to the 4 other babies that are already on canvas. Why would you have another one? 

Why have Hammy Finn 'dying' and wasting our time on chasing medicine when there's a hospital 'mystery' to solve? 

Question 4: Who decides on ridiculous plot points that actually take away from the story instead of adding to it? 

Now, I liked Nik and Ava on a plane but what in the HELL was that whole Weeping Nyad thing about?? We had some side characters come on --with horrible British accents no less and..they want to get this statue and Ava has to leave fearing her life--and...
OH! Wait! Valentin's here. His introduction was as exciting as well...a mushroom growing in the corner. 
Valentin...kills Nikolas.  Who's already presumed dead to half the town. Then, when people get back they all have to explain that Nikolas who wasn't really dead is now DEAD DEAD. 
Kinda takes the wind out.

Question 5: Why did you decide to make these characters?

Naomi. ( Hayden's mama in case you forgot her name.) What WAS her purpose? She pops up, bitches at RayHay, disappears again, pops up so they can ask for drugs and disappears again!! 

Darby: The sexual transmission vixen of Port Charles. She's connected to no one. She comes on and basically has sex and leaves.  

Parker: Glad Krissy has a lover...but..? You never showed their backstory and Parker is on and off again after they sleep together.  How can I care about a character I never see? 

Joe: Yes, I know you loved JVP as an actor. I loved him too but--um. Sabrina and Michael just got back on canvas together and Joe shows up.  Could you take a minute and let the Q house get filled back up? 

Question 6: Just who is in charge of the "hospital mystery serial killer" story? 

Did you get hit in the head? This is probably the worst execution of a story I've ever seen. Seriously. What is up with this? You have people killed who are literally unknown.  The murders started before the Nurses' Ball. Let that sink in. Sure, we had a close call with Lucas but that was a blip in the radar. And, btw, it also prevented their grand wedding from taking place.  I have no idea why they bothered with this story. To frame Franco? Huh? Usually murder mysteries (especially in the summer) are somewhat interesting and play out at a decent pace. This is just sad. 

I can go on and on. (Obviously) I don't know what else to say. I'm trying so hard to make this work. I don't work in the summer and was looking forward to not having to rush to tweet and blog. I've been so disappointed. The budget for the Cassadine Island and plane "Crash" was probably the straw that broke Wubby's back. They didn't even try. 

 "I feel there is a lot of romance, and a lot of adventure, a lot of potential, and a lot of really solid stories right now.  I feel like the show is in a really good place." --FV, producer of GH 

I read Frank's interview over at Fairman's site and shook my head. He has no idea. None. Just keep hiring more people to play more characters that we can't get into because the canvas is so damn bloated. Yes, everyone works hard...yes you have a ton of talent but it's getting watered down into bits of nothing!

Get back to core families. Weave stories that matter. You were on a track with Julexis--and as much as I hated their breakup the beats were there. A family implodes. Stop chopping it up with nonsense. Get back to the Quartermaines.  Tighten up. Edit correctly. Make time move along. Make me care.