Monday, August 1, 2016

1, 2...3...Crash

The plane crash is the most stupid thing I've seen since the whole "Cassadine Island" Adventure.
NOT one person has a scratch on them...and their hair is PERFECT (curled even). Jason is "missing". Since Dante and Sam were in the cockpit did he eject?  Did I miss en entire PLANE DAY? Now they are saying The plane EXPLODED??? And Jason was on it? Did they parachute out? OMG. I have NO clue what is happening. Oh and Kevin is ASLEEP so he's not on camera!! ahahhaa..

Sam faints. Is she PG? Oh geeezus.

The one shining moment was ROXY on the show. Yep. That was it. Oh and JAX.  Thank goodness he was on. Day got brighter. 

Everyone thinks Franco killed the girl. You know, a character like Amy worked in the 70s and 80s because there were NO HIPAA laws. Now? She'd get fired in 2.3 seconds. Maddox is acting weird.He's prolly the killer? I hope it's Amy and she can get off the show.
OMG Franco left a sketch book with all the victims sketches in them. Oy

Friz are in Franco's creepy art studio with 'little cell reception" . Franco painted Liz--it's beautiful she says. They talk about art. She tells him she used to paint. Wants to paint him next.  Jordan and Val find them. 

Ok, that's it. 


ishouldreadmore said...

Amy is so unprofessional and such a parody. (The police are also pretty unprofessional, sharing all the info with that little blabbermouth.) The writers need to go sit in on an ethics class for medical professionals. The writers are beyond pathetic. No attention to details, no fact checking. This show is so baddddddddddd right now. Phooey.

Di said...

I couldn't believe the state of the castaways today. Did they have a boat to take them from the plane to the island because not one of them was wet, or showed any evidence of having been in the water. And I don't know why they were worried about Jason. I'm sure Saint Sonny showed him how to walk on water. Probably right after he showed him how to fly a plane. lol

And Sam just finished fainting so Nathan tackles her? PMSL

The highlight of my day was that gorgeous picture of Liz. Whoever painted it is really talented. And Franco in artist mode was actually less creepy. (Yes, sonya. I said it. But I still don't want him with Liz. lol )

They have started making Andre really creepy now. I used to like him. Now he gives me the heebie jeebies.

And I'm loving Curtis. When his voice drops into his lower register I actually swoon a little. lol

JAX!! You're back! We love you. Please stay!

Amy wouldn't last 5 minutes in any workplace in America. She's rude and crude and has broken every privacy law in existence in that hospital. I'm actually hoping she annoys the killer so much that she becomes the next victim. Then they can bring back Pfiffy. She knows how to work sarcasm and fear like a finely tuned scapel.

hmmmm...previews. I didn't recognize that voice talking to Nina.

AntJoan said...

Jason flying the plane reminds me of when Jason was "driving" that ridiculous speedboat, remember?

Michelle Latta said...

I wondered who that voice was too

Michelle Latta said...

I wondered who that voice was too

kdmask said...

I think they are making Maddox suddenly creepy to end up being the killer. Because, you know, #GH

shirleedee said...

Did anyone notice those 5 inch spike heel boots Sam was wearing and then trying to walk in sand? The heels kept sinking in - no wonder she fainted.

sonya said...

The metrocourt hotel lobby:

Carly and GuGu: Awwww. :) Sweet scene.

Carly: I mean I'm trying to get you to eat organic greens.

GuGu: I'm sorry I'm not hungry. I miss my daddy.

HamFinn, GuGu, and Carly:

HamFinn: Hey there is my best girl!


HamFinn: Oh sweetheart I have missed you so much!

Awwww HamFinn kisses GuGu!!! WUV WUV. :) And the look on Carly's face! Hahahaha. You jealous Carly? :)

Jax and Hamfinn: JAX!!! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! You should have seen me! I was so excited. I was blowing air kisses at him! Hahaha! Can they be BFF's?! Someone on another board called them Fax! :) Where is Daphne? :) So good to see you Jax!!! Now stay permanently!

CarJax: Jax knows Carly sooooooooooooooooooooooo well!!! :)

The hospital:

The BobTodd search: Oh man I am so bored with this!!!! Maddox is the only one who is making any sense!!! Shut up Amy!!! Oh Maddox is not happy with Jordan. :) All Maddox and Jordan are doing is going in the elevator, and then out, (which we don't see) and then back in, (which we don't see) and then back out. Is Curtis and Val a serious couple? Have they slept together yet? Amy does win the line of the day.

Amy: Which is pretty smart, because some people here are real doozies.


Amy and HamFinn: Hahaha! Yes HamFinn! You need to talk to Dr O!!!!! :) I know it sucks but ya gotta do it. :)

Private art room: I am really getting sick of Liz's yoyoing I'm scared, but oh no I'm okay I'm fine and calm, oh but no I'm scared face. Come on Liz! Snap out of it!!! Oh look a happy face mug!!!! :) Cute!

If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands (clap clap)
If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands (clap clap)
If you're happy and you know it, then your face will surely show it
If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands. (clap clap)

Beautiful portrait!!!! Yeah Di I wonder who made it! :) Oh she didn't tell BobTodd that she is an artist too?! I wonder why! :)

BobTodd I would really like to paint you again.


Liz: On one condition. That I get to paint you.

Awwwww they want to paint each other!!! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! :) Oh time to eat.. How come she is the only one eating? Oh kiss already! :) Oh crap they are interrupted!

Floating rib:

Curtis and Nina: Damn I can still feel the STRONG chemistry!!!! I have no idea what is going on with Curtis and Val, they hardly show them together, so I want a Nurtis fling! :) Oh damn Curtis keeps giving Nina compliments! Called her beautiful twice!!!! :) Oh damn Jordan! You just had to interrupted didn't you?

Gilligan's island: Yes yes Karen!!! Nobody is bleeding! They all look good. Nobody has 1 footwear on them. Nobody lost anything! We didn't see the plane explode. Yes pathetic!!! Where is Jason?!!?!?!?! Oh oh Sam fainted. Too bad there is no hut with a basket full of pregnancy tests. And Doc is sleeping!?!?!! Is he okay!!?!!? Genie Frances sounds like she has a cold. Ava is still snarking love it! She reminds me of Bobbie back in the day hahahaha! And the best part of the scene, is when Dante jumps and tackles Sam! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!


I didn't mean to startle you.

Hmmmm. That sounds like V.C!!!!!! :)

sonya said...

"Di said...The highlight of my day was that gorgeous picture of Liz. Whoever painted it is really talented."

Yes!!! I agree! So talented!

"And Franco in artist mode was actually less creepy. (Yes, sonya. I said it.)"


"(But I still don't want him with Liz. lol )"


"shirleedee said...Did anyone notice those 5 inch spike heel boots Sam was wearing and then trying to walk in sand? The heels kept sinking in - no wonder she fainted."

Yeah I noticed! She always falls with those damn things! She needs to take them off now!!!!

Michelle Latta said...

I'm sure Daphne will come out of the woodwork with a pregnancy test.....and flats for Sam. I loved Jax and Finn! Oh and when Finn kissed Roxy and she hugged his face, cute! Loved Friz, I really hope they get together and it's not like Nicos relationship. I think with Liz Franco can grow since she isn't formerly cray cray like Nina.

GHfan said...

Jax was the best part of the show. If your gonna keep bloating this cast give me Jax!!!

What was with Amy roaming all over the place. Coming up with the keys to Franco's art room. And agree tired to all the off screen action.

Sam's probably pregnant. Boring. Boring Boring. Paint, wall, & trim.

Michelle Latta said...

LOL! Paint wall and trim!

Michelle Latta said...

When Dante tackles Sam I'm like wth?! Sam gets on my nerves, yes, please go and never be heard from again....don't see why she can't just stay with everyone else. Ugh...

sonya said...

"Michelle Latta said...I'm sure Daphne will come out of the woodwork with a pregnancy test.....and flats for Sam."

Hahahahaha! That would be GREAT! :)

"GHfan said...Sam's probably pregnant. Boring. Boring Boring. Paint, wall, & trim."

Baby Trim? ROFL!

Anonymous said...

AntJoan said...

Jason flying the plane reminds me of when Jason was "driving" that ridiculous speedboat, remember?

Unfortunately I do remember that. *shudder*

I'm trying to remember when Jason learned to pilot a plane. As I sure as hell can't think of a time it ever happened. (Unless they're pulling something along the lines of when he was under Helena's control).

Anonymous said...

I agree the hospital murder mystery is a real disappointment. What if Monica, Bobbie, and Epiphany were more involved. Have Monica as Chief of Staff hire Mac and Felicia to do a private investigation. Tie the murders into the organ transplant story...have people be killed so their organs can be harvested.

If they make the killer Amy or Andrea no one will care. If they make the killer Franco or someone and then explain it away with a tumour regrowth people will be frustrated. Worse yet, if they make Sonny be the one who discovers the killer people will be pissed.

My suggestion, make Nina the killer. She has never really recovered from her mental health issues. Having lost her child and unable to have another, in her mind killing people so their organs can be donated to save a life of a child is her way of "giving birth", of ensuring other families can enjoy what she can't - a child.

Anyone who has ever watched a good serial killer drama would know that the killer, out of ego or control issues or to deflect blame or whatever, often draws close tot he investigation. Nina's interest in helping Carly/Joss is her trying to make sure she is not discovered.

Have Maxie be the one who discovers it, and her be torn about whether or not to report it as she is a recipient of a transplant herself so realizes that in a weird way Nina is helping people. Have Maxie confide in Priest Griffin, knowing he as a Priest can not tell anyone, instead of confiding it to Nathan who is investigating the case.

Have Anna reinstated as Police Commissioner. Lucas finds info that incriminates Nina. Anna arrests Nina and Nina incriminates Maxie. Anna has to arrest Maxie for aiding and abetting. the arrest takes place while Maxie is at the alter about to take her vows with Nathan - with Griffin as the presiding Priest.

Spinelli, Robin, Robert and Frisco all returned for the wedding and stick out short term to support Maxie as she goes to court.

Mid court case Maxie has heart issues. Monica must operate, with Bobbie and Liz as the OR nurses. Flashbacks to BJ storyline, new scenes with Bobbie, Felicia, Lucas, etc.

Georgie, who has secretly been in hiding all these years, returns with Frisco. She is a Doctor.

Maxie is found innocent, in part thanks to testimony of Griffin who speaks of her remorse. This marks the end of Nathan and Maxie and the start of Maxie and Griffin as a couple.

Nina is found guilty and locked up with Heather.

Lucy takes over Crimson with Maxie as her assistant. Lucy hires Laura to manage her cosmetic line, and Milo to manage the spa. Spinelli stays in Port Charles and takes over the news paper. Quadangle develops between Kiki - Dillon - Georgie - Spinelli.

sonya said...

New GH promo!!!

Sonny: There is always more to the story than that stupid smile.

ROFL! Jealous much Sonny? :)

Michelle Latta said...

Can YOU be our new writer?????

LSV422 said...

Jax was definitely the brightest part of yesterday's show. Too bad it's a short stay. Liz's portrait was really lovely - nice touch. This plane crash crap is so ridiculous I can't even watch it without feeling my intelligence being insulted. No wonder some people think soaps are for idiots. Finn was adorable with Roxy. Mmmm Curtis! Curious who Nina's visitor is. I noticed Sam's heels, too. Hire someone of average height instead of having her wear such high heels in the sand, snow, etc. And still Jordan and Valerie are the only cops investigating the murder.

Wanda Woman said...

Friscogh's storyline is brilliant and compelling. It ties characters to one another, develops characters, and moves forward in logical ways. Gads, I wish Friscogh would replace GH's writers!

This Cassadine Island Summer Adventure is embarrassing. I thought I must have missed an episode when they were suddenly standing on a beach. Where was the plane? Oh, it crashed? It did? When? Over the weekend? Dayum, I hope I look that great after a crash landing.

The Hospital Murder Mystery is boring. Day players are killed over a period of months. Who cares? And what's with Curtis questioning Nurse Blabby while Valerie and Jordan just stand there slack-jawed? He's not on the PCPD. Stooopid.

The writing has gone from bad to worse to imbecilic.

nance24 said...

I vote friscogh for head writer at GH. And definitely if Sam is pg the baby will be "trim"

GHfan said...

Yes, baby trim. Was hoping you would like it. Glad Michelle did too. Lol.

sonya said...

"GHfan said...Yes, baby trim. Was hoping you would like it."

It's perfect!!!! :)