Monday, July 4, 2016

July 4th-- BANG!

My Fave 4th of July episode? YEP--BBQ Ariel!! Remember her!!? LOL Oh how fun. I have to find the picture of her all torched up. 

I THINK the episode is a repeat today due to the holiday. Maybe the one with Nikolas on the rocks? Not sure though and I can't be bothered to look it up.

Having fun with my sister in law still! Jazz Fest was great and we went to the Renaissance Festival yesterday and today is pool day at my parents.  I am going to need a rest and a juice diet after this is all over!! 

What are you all watching this summer? I'm down to 2 left on Orange--so no spoilers! Damn it's brutal so far and I hear the finale is worse. Wah. We are also  DVRing Unreal and will binge that soon. OH! And Gilmore Girls will be another one!! 

It's kind of nice not to have TV to watch right now! 


Michelle Latta said...

Orange is good Karen! I won't spoil but will say you'll be left wanting more!

david said...

Im hooked on UnReal. Anyone else?

LSV422 said...

Happy 4th all! Been watching Food Network Star-kind of silly because they don't end up with their own cooking shows anymore, Wayward Pines-not great but ok, and Masterpiece Mysteries Endeavor, etc. Also watching Yankee games when they are on here. Not much else interesting including GH. Recorded Thirteen on BBC America but haven't watched it yet. Suffering from withdrawal from Orphan Black over for the year.

sonya said...

Happy 4th of July everyone!!!! :) And yes I remember BBQ Ariel!! ROFL! Poor Emma! And poor Ariel!! The repeat today will be May 26 episode where Lucas and Nikolas' lives are both in danger as the Nurses' Ball ends.

nance24 said...

I watched episode 1 of this season of OITNB last nite..Loving UnReal and I watched Thirteen, I thought it was good. And BBQ Ariel is my fave too :)

AntJoan said...

I am still bingeing on Mr. Selfridge, no one here answered me that they are watching it also, it is great, especially if you loved Downton Abbey (which I greatly miss). Ray Donovan is back, but the first eppie this season wasn't too great, I was waiting for it to come back, as it is something hubby and I can watch together Also watching Major Crimes. Don't seem to be a lot of good summer shows this year, so would love some suggestions!

I had 3 birthday parties this weekend with family and friends--one on Sat., one on Sunday, and one today! I feel like I am going to explode!

LSV422 said...

AntJoan, I watch Major Crimes, too! Too many reality shows on.

AntJoan said...

Linda, Yes, ITA. I really love Major Crimes, I loved it also when it was The Closer. Maybe I love it so much because the star is a mature career woman, and the show also features other mature characters.