Monday, July 25, 2016

Dad? Is that You?

So Hayden and her Mama are summoned to NYC for something to do with Dad/Hubs Trial. Who cares. 
Liz mentiones Heather Webber again in Naomi's room and she chokes.  She asks Liz if she's related to Heather Webber.  Liz laughs: no! 

Liz and Franco are going out on a date. 

Hammy Finn is leaving on a jet plane. 

Sonny is sort of taking it all in with Parker.  Shakes his head and leaves.  Later he comes in when Parker leaves. Krissy confesses who Parker is to Sonny. Sonny sits down. LOL.  They talk about Parker. Kristina says she's not sure if she's gay. "Could you accept me if I am"?? (ends) 

Cassadine tussle. Dante almost gets Valentin to call the guards off but one snags Ava-- she tells him to let go. JaSam are still locked in the other room. Why? I'm sure Billy and Kelly needed a break. 

Lulu sees the bones. Sees a bracelet that looks like Luke's and his earring. (Hells could have planted any of that) She needs to look at his TEETH. TEETH don't lie.  Of course she won't.  She gets a guard's gun. Goes back upstairs and points it at Valentin (ends) 

HORRIFIC editing: Franco leaves Liz and Naomi. Liz and Naomi finish the NEXT sentence and Franco is in jail visiting Heather.  Heather says, sure go out with Liz! She's Jeff's kid, I liked Jeff.

OMG..the, GET HIS! Naomi is out of the hospital in the NEXT SCENE and is sitting with Heather in JAIL and tells her no to tell Franco "about Liz". 

WOW. Today's show was just all over the freaking place. UGH 


  1. The hospital: Oh look.. The screen on the wall says the 10th floor.. Where is the 1st floor? :)

    Naomi's room: BobTodd! Now?!!?! Hahaha. You are going to talk about it now?!!?! :) The name Heather Weather is the trigger to get Naomi into panic attacks!!! Someone just has to keep saying her name over and over again! :)BobTodd wins the line of the day!

    BobTodd: She's like the only woman in the world that I could date and my mother wouldn't murder her.


    RayFinn: Oh stop pushing RayRay away Finny!!! I'm glad she called him out on it! :) Oh just kiss her already!!!!! :) I wish GH had the cafeteria back!!!! So then people can talk there instead of the hallways.. Although Finny was in a hurry. :)


    Heather and BobTodd: Great scene!! Glad BobTodd was suspicious about why her mother didn't have a problem with Friz dating! Hahahaha. Awww BobTodd! No BLT's from Kelly's? :(

    Heather and Naomi: Oh man! I KNEW that when Liz was telling Naomi about where Heather is, that Naomi would go see her!!! Awww disappointed that Raymund didn't give Heather all that money. Where is Heidi?! I miss her!!!

    Parker's hotel room: I love the Sonny and Krissy scene! Made me cry. Come on Krissy your dad loves you!!!! Talk to him!!!! :(

    Cassadine Island:

    Catacombs: Who is that?!!?! Fake Nik?!!?! Oh yes Lulu.. Seeing a bracelet and earring is automatically your father! *rolls eyes* Oh but Karen if she looks at the teeth, the skeleton might bite her!!! Snap out of it Lulu! You are a Spencer! You can figure something out!

    Main room: DOC NO!!!!! Someone get Lucy!!!!!! Someone get Griffy! He can give him his last rights and/or take the bullet out!!! DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOC!!! *Runs around like a chicken with it's head chopped off* SOMEONE SAVE DOC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stop chit chatting!!! There is too much chit chatting!!! I don't believe you VC when you say you were going to let everyone go! My poor Doc!!!! :'( He is fading away!!!!!! Oh hi Lulu! Now I hope you shoot someone instead of talking them to death!

    Sidenote: Where is Jaaaaaaaaaaarlos! I miss Jaaaaaaaaaaaarlos!!

  2. I was wondering why Lulu didn't walk in shooting too, sonya. Kill him Lulu. He shot DOC!!!!!!

  3. "Di said...I was wondering why Lulu didn't walk in shooting too, sonya."

    Yeah she had to talk and then just stand there.

    "Kill him Lulu. He shot DOC!!!!!!"

    YES!! HE SHOT OUR DOC!!! Don't just stand there!!!!

  4. Sonia - funny, I was just thinking that I missed the old cafeteria set!

    I loved badass Lulu today!

  5. "Paul773 said... Sonia - funny, I was just thinking that I missed the old cafeteria set!"

    Yeah! They should really think about bringing it back!

    "I loved badass Lulu today!"

    Yeah she was awesome! :) Loved how she knocked that bad guy out, and stole his phone!

  6. Whatever the secret is about Liz that Naomi doesn't want Heather to tell Franco, it better not be changing Liz's parentage. It was already implied that Jeff is Hayden's father. That better be what Naomi doesn't want Liz to know, not that Liz is Naomi's daughter as well. I don't want these writers changing Liz from a Webber/Hardy. That would undo almost 20 years of the character and blow up the last link to the Hardys who were the original family of GH. I feel like they are using Liz to prop Hayden and get viewers to like her, and I hope it's not at the expense of Liz's background. There are a lot of scenes of Naomi bonding with Liz which makes me nervous. On the other hand I was prepared not to like Naomi but I like how she interacts with Liz and is nice to her, and the fact that it gets under Hayden's skin is a plus for me (I don't care that much for Hayden).

    The skeleton was kind of gross!

  7. They should have always written Lulu as a bad ass. She always was. That's always been the problem they made her clingy.

    I've always liked Heather, even the original, Cher's sister. But she has been over the top. These visit with her in jail works.

    Haven't liked Sonny since he killed AJ. But gave to say I liked the Sonny & Krissy scene. It was real.

    I think Naomi will be Elizabeth's Mother. Not thrilled with this story line. They blew this once again. Really don't know anyone that has likes/cares for Hayden/Rachel.

    1. Still can't stand Haychel. Nothing against RB but we didn't need her and she's being shoved down our throats.

  8. My prediction is that Hayden and Elizabeth are fraternal twins--Naomi kept Hayden and Jeff kept Elizabeth.

    Aside from the jacked-up timing (which I'm actually getting used to suspending disbelief of), I thought yesterday's show was pretty good.

    It helps that I'm a Friz shipper :)

  9. Panda you need to write that bit about Liz's parentage on the ABC website and their GH twitter feed. They have to stop rewriting our history.

  10. Is Liz Naomi's or is Haychel Jeff's? I love my Friz and they can't be sibs.

  11. Michelle said... I love my Friz and they can't be sibs.

    lol I hate them.

    But all joking aside, the writers have already had them kiss. If they're related that's sick. But considering that they have the parker story bordering on pedophilia, I wouldn't be surprised if they went there.

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