Monday, February 15, 2016

Valentine's Snoozah

So, I was all weird about Lulu and Dante being "Trapped" BUT!
1. Olivia cut off the house phone and the wifi
2. Nate has a cell phone jammer going
3. They cleared the floor so no one can hear them! LOL

OK, they covered the bases! They do a magazine quiz-thing. They agree to 'work on it'. 

Good Lord but Valerie needs to GO. Curtis is fine and he and Jordan SIZZLE. Boring bar talk today. I did note Dr. Maddox had on a CAMO Blazer. Camo? LOL. 

Liz bitches at Nik about Hayden. Hayden said she was going into the safe to put her bracelet in it. Liz yells and Nik for marrying her. 

Maxie and Nathan. He gave her a charm with Maxie's birthstone in it. They have sex later. 

JaSam: OMG THEY MUMBLE SO MUCH! I am sorry but.. they'd never make it in the theater.  He makes her pasta. They make out. Yada yada. 

Ok, so the DRAMA on Twitter today is that the Liason song "Ours to Keep" was used for Naxie today. People lost their damn minds. I'm not a huge shipper but that's just not right LOL. GH You so bad, especially when you JUST had Liason break it off for 'good'. Bloop! 

Jake and Liz go to the hospital to talk to the Dr. about treatment options. Tomorrow Monica says Jake will need "individualized treatment' cue St. Judes. 

Nik calls Sam to hire her to investigate Hayden.

BORING DAY holy heck. WHERE IS THE WILL reading?? Hurry it up!!
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