Tuesday, February 23, 2016

To Have and To Hostage

I can't even explain the mobular crap that happened today without cracking up into uncontrollable laughter. Morgan was going off..shot the gun, got the guys to dump their guns in the water. THEN the goons finally jumped him and Dixon was over him with his own gun.
Later, Idiot KIKI finds them all, runs out and Dixon shoots--hits her not Morgan. THEN the ATF and FBI finally come out of the shadows and everyone is down but Dixon ran. 
The ambulance is taking like an age.
Morgan is yelling Kiki like a ...well...manic. 

The guy on the HS has Lulu chained to the railing. This is so not needed. I mean, it's only to have Dante save her. Please soaps from 1971 did this.
He tosses Lulu over board and she hits her head I think and sinks to the bottom.. 

Oh, she comes up and is treading water. Dante is looking for her on the boat.  He's as slow as Jason was. Lulu has flashbacks. 

Wedding..very good but unfortunately, it was so interrupted by the other stuff happening, it was weird.
After all the shooting on the docks, Dixon BUSTS INTO THE CHURCH and fires his gun. Now why would he go to the church? To get Ava? I don't get this at all!!
Sonny of course, is all "Don't do that buddy if you want to get outta here alive!"!!
Dixon decides to take all of their cell phones.
Franco is pretty funny. That's about it. 

I still have no idea why this idiot would be in the church. Sonny's trying to talk him into taking him hostage. And he'll give him 2 million dollars cash. 

Nathan tries to play the hero. Gets shot.
Metro Hostage Crisis. 2.0 

SO many people are going to like today's show because the action and stuff. But to me it was one of the worst hodgepodges of EVER that I've EVER seen.  I need them to get a crime writer if they are going to write so much damn crime!! It's just laughable!!  

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