Monday, February 8, 2016

MOOB. (opposite of BOOM)

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That's them...falling out of the house. 

Wow. Strange show today. First off, Idiot Jason strolls around the house like he's looking for a lost wallet, not a person. Not really hurring, nothing. Then there's a fake out and Sam is hallucinating again. Then he finally finds her. Looks at her like he's a potato. He kinda runs down "are you here" "Sam, wake up" No urgency, no nothing. It was terrible!! He carries her out, (slowly), the house blows up and they are thrown into the snow. 
Jason: Sam? Sam?
Sam: We're alive

Jason: We are alive.
Flat as a pancake. FLAT.

Thank GOD RoHo was on with Becky. He hugged her, talked about Jake. Jake told her he killed Sam, but got it mixed up with video games.  

Liz gets a call from her neighbor. She says "the house blew up". Liz thinks Jake pushed Sam down the stairs. 

Jordan is going on a date but drops by Pauls' office in the most inappropriate dress ever--by that I mean Paul better get NO ideas about her! They literally talk about a 'case' we've never heard of...about a guy we never heard of. And he says she's doing a good job.
That's it.
It's bizarre.

Anna is talking to Maddox at The Rib. About the case. He "likes to listen to her talk" (yes, he said that) Jordan walks in later. Looks at Anna like WTH? 

Dillon goes in to talk to Paul. He says they are "Unfixable"

Carly and Sonny go to the Rib to talk to Michael. He wants everyone to see him in the chair I think. Michael wants to go to Puerto Rico. 

Jason CARRIES Sam to the hospital. Which is stupid..because he was just blown clear of Liz' house. No ambulance?
Anyway, he goes in to talk to her, they mumble and whisper. Yada yada. 

Yeah, today was just awful. Wow.  It was supposed to be exciting and Sam in the basement for 7 days and the rescue taking forever. Geeze. 

I guess the end was good for JaSam fans. Even tho they mumbled. Jason remembered saying "Run to Me"... 
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