Sunday, November 22, 2015

Sunday Surgery: Hell To Pay

CATV 3 20151119 1358(6)
Simply Delightful! 
Pretty good week, it certainly got better as the days wore on. We are off on an adventure to Cassadine Island (the most easily reached place on earth it seems!) and saw Sonny get some tough love from our fave, Epiphany.

I saw Nate Ruess this Friday and am in LOVE. Such an awesome concert. I'm having a power breakfast because I danced so much. Well, and a Bloody Mary too!

CATV 3 20151116 1309(20)
Ok, how am I going to get that coat off her and ON me??! 

Epic Tracy and Hayden meeting. Hayden is helping with ELQ. Love this story line and hope it gets played well and not in fits and spurts.

CATV 3 20151116 1357

After Emma was almost taken from the park (she was great with the stranger danger and Tracy Q came to her rescue), she and Patrick gave us some of the most feels ever in this Daddy/Daughter scene. Geesh but they are both great criers and just melted me. Emma found out about Sam leaving and she's crushed. He promises he'll never leave her like Robin did.

CATV 3 20151116 1322(4)
Wait...! I have a thought......ummmm NOPE! False alarm..
Poor Moooorgan can't figure out life. He's starting to have wild thoughts... wants to do all sorts of weird stuff and goes back with Kiki. Sort of... (we'll get to them later) but this photo of him talking to Sonny Monday was too good to pass up.

CATV 3 20151117 1316(37)
What's a galley proof? 
Maxie continues to rock out at Crimson helping Nina. Even Lulu stopped by. I like the "new look" and don't miss those old flowers they had for years in the foyer. 

CATV 3 20151117 1329(10)
You know, if you just cooked half-way decent, he wouldn't have strayed! 
Lulu gets Mama advice from Olivia and decides maybe she should offer Dante an olive branch about visiting Rocco. 

CATV 3 20151118 1317(25)

What follows is of course, one of the most contrived moments even for soaps: Well, Valerie is sleeping on Dante's shoulder on a steak-out! You see :giggle: she's on assignment with Dante even before stepping foot in the Police Academy! :eyeroll:  The next morning, Lulu and Maxie get to work to go into Dante's email at the station. They find a stupid thing that Val sent about "having a great time" the night before and she hopes the "can do it again".  Lulu confronts Dante and he lays into her for hacking into his private PCPD mail. They argue.  No movement here. None. 
CATV 3 20151117 1337(8)
And your favorite TV show to binge on is ..Dexter? 
Franco went to Dr. Maddox for a psyche eval and it was the weirdest thing ever. I was hoping for ink blots and open-ended questions but nope. He asked about everything, including why he chose not to sleep with his girlfriend.. Um? Hello?? Anyway, he passed him with concerns and Dr. O was as happy as a clam. Later, the good doc sees Anna with homeopathic medicine (she got from Felicia off camera) and he lays into her about coming to see him when she's ready to tell the truth. 

CATV 3 20151117 1351(16)
Get UP Off your Butt and do as you're told! 
I probably could watch a whole day of these two, and that's saying something where Sonny is involved. Having Piph be his PT is glorious. I don't care that she probably doesn't have her "PT license"..she's a nurse and I'm taking it. LOL.. they were gold. 

CATV 3 20151120 1356(8)
Gain--such a fresh scent! 
Later, she takes him to the gym where he has a nice scene with Patrick. He helps Patrick box and listens to him about Sam. Those were good, unexpected scenes too.  Geesh, what's happening over there in the writer's room? Someone is thinking outside the box once and awhile!! 

CATV 3 20151119 1302(29)
I'm going to eat your nose....then your...lips and..
I'm putting this scene in because it got me. It looked like hot hot sex..and then turned into a dream where Nikolas was trying to kill Hayden. I usually can spot dreams a mile away but this was a fun shocker.
CATV 3 20151119 1311(25)

Hayden went to see Shawn in the pokey. She tells him she is 99.9% sure the bullet in her head didn't come from his gun. I was pleasantly surprised to see Shawn. He told Hayden he knew someone that could help her with the investigation about who shot her, and do a bullet test.  Can I live in hope that he'll be back on the show at some point? 

CATV 3 20151119 1309(7)
Well, I was a blonde once for this movie and sometime like to recreate that...
Franco was arrested for hitting Carly because the camera caught his license plate. He wants to take the fall for Kiki.  Nina realizes he is covering for her and tries to convince Nathan. Nate finally gets it right--and orders and enhanced blow up of the picture. Yep, it's Kiki. Carly comes rushing in (because they are looking for Morgan) and hears that it's Kiki that was driving. The hunt is on for the slackers...

CATV 3 20151120 1309(38)

Goober Morgan convinces Kiki to go to Sonny's cabin with him...only we find out it's not Sonny's LOL. Anyway, Morgan finds the awesome fishing costume and puts it on. Nevermind that it's November--Kiki is even like: Um, you're an idiot. Later they play strip poker and he jumps into the lake. He tells her they should never go home because she'll get arrested. Then, he proceeds to get REALLY manic....

CATV 3 20151120 1357(36)

Loads up a damn shotgun and is thinking he's hearing stuff outside. No, he's not doing cocaine, they've brought back the bipolar storyline!! YES! Because everyone just wanted it SO SO much. Dear Lord. Please. I'm begging you. Or, if you were maybe planning on having Morgan shoot himself then Kiki, go right ahead. 

CATV 3 20151118 1321(3)
But..but..he has a MOTORCYCLE!! I can't help myself!! 
Sam explains to Patrick why she has to follow Jason to wherever he went. Patrick is like: yeah, whatever... you're going after your bad-boy. I'm here stuck with the kids. Anna and Carly both tell him to give her a break. 

CATV 3 20151118 1323(8)
It's glorious to see you, my favorite friend.
Jason went to Spin's to find out more about himself and I guess, how to get to Helena. Spinelli looked at him with eyes usually reserved for puppies and youngin's in love. Oh, Stone Cold, how I'm missed thee. 

CATV 3 20151119 1313(22)

Liz and Sam take an international flight in first class to go find Jason on Cassadine Island. They bicker... they throw water. Liz has one of the best lines I've ever heard: Patrick's gonna realize that he was just a placeholder. Just someone between your legs until you could hop back on to Jason's motorcyle. 
I don't think I've ever heard anything quite as graphic in all my soap watching days!!! Now, whether you are "teamSam or teamLiz" -- you have to admit that line was awesome.
The plane ride was fun and they sort of "made up" in a way, and promised to be frienamies for St. Jaysus' sake. They also looked fresh as two daisies when they arrived at the mansion.  Liz and Sam are no Blair and Tea but they weren't bad in these scenes.  

CATV 3 20151119 1357(44)
Welcome my Pretties..
Glorious Helena held court from her bed. Nikolas had gone to the island to take care of her and it 'might be the last time he sees her"-- Jason, Liz and Sam all end up in there too. Helena is giddy with delight!! She tells Jason she saved his life but wiped his memory clean.  Then Sam snaps at her and they have a wonderful exchange about Alexis, being a bastard and her grandmother. It was absolutely awesome and long, long overdue. Sam is kick-ass and hasn't even seen Hells in ages and ages. 

CATV 3 20151119 1358(32)

Liz and Nikolas are of course, afraid that their secret will be exposed. Liz gets a little lippy as well. We never really get any good answers out of all of this.  More of the same.  I'm hoping next week she discloses that Jake Jr. is indeed a clone-bot set to self-destruct at midnight New Year's Eve.  BOOM.

CATV 3 20151116 1356(35)

SCENE OF THE WEEK:  I'm going with the water works here. I'm also liking this because of what happened before this part. Tracy helping Emma was awesome. Who knew she even remembered her? 

CATV 3 20151117 1337(3)

PROP OF THE WEEK:  Franco's adorable sammy he made for Nina. She didn't want it so he took it to work and it was front/center during the whole interview he had with Maddox. 

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FACE OF THE WEEK: Is my instant classic!! OMG..this is Jason coming down from the rope in the Cassadine Mansion. HEH.. Good Lawd...I may get a a Tshirt made. 

So this is the semi-climax of the Jason story I suppose. We are with Helena and hopefully going to see Robin get set free--Jason Thompson finished taping this last week. So much for those extended contract rumors.  I think the Liz lie stuff will take awhile to come out. (of course) Now with the Morgan story heating up my FF fingers will be flying. I'm really happy about the Crimson direction. Thanksgiving with the Davis/Jeromes and Q's should be good next week as well.  I hope the ratings go back up a bit; they were there for the Jason reveal and then went down again the next week. We have to get them back to a decent place!! 

Have a great Sunday!! It's finally turning colder around here-- we didn't know how to handle almost 70 in November.  I actually could live with it all year around! 

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