Tuesday, November 17, 2015


November 17, 1981. I was young and time stopped for this glorious event!! GH was everything. 

Olivia and Julian talk about Leo...I tell you what, they are GOING THERE with them! you wait.  Later, Alexis invites both Leo and Olivia for Turkey Day. 

Crimson OFFICE!! Maxie is in all her glory!! Lulu stops by. Old times, Old times.  Julian doesn't really want to give Nina much of anything, just do stuff online. 

Morgan goes to visit Kiki. Because....slackers.  He thinks maybe she can be a waitress at the Metro.  Nate comes to talk to Franco because his car was seen.  

Franco takes his psyche test with Dr. Maddox.  He says it was his tumor that did all the mean stuff.  The Dr. thinks he's ok but wants to see him again. Dr. O says absolutely not. 

Sonny yells at Carly..throws his ring-- and then apologizes to Carly.  Epiphany comes in!! She's his physical therapist!! She tosses Carly out. Heh.  She does exercises with Sonny and makes him get off the phone. 

Paul and Ava are arguing. Carly comes over, Paul hides. Carly sees the blanket Morgan brought over. Carly tells Ava to stay away from Morgan. 

Lulu asks ALexis to draw up separation papers, then changes her mind. Meanwhile, STUPID Valerie is 'assigned" to drive along and be Dante's "Cadet".  Valerie falls asleep on Dante's shoulder in the car!!! And yep, Lulu sees it. 

END: Carly wants Morgan to see the psychologist. Nate arrests Franco for running Carly off the road. Kiki applies for a job at the Metro. 
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