Friday, February 10, 2012


 Monica finds out Sam's PG!! About time. 

Maxie: on my last nerve today.

Cam with an attitude! LOVED it. Hee hee... Liz and Ewan are giving me heartburn though. 
Where is LUKE? Last I knew he was knocked out in the tunnels. Now...? Gone? What? Helena's sex slave? 

Alexis doesn't have her own laptop?? Come on, get to BJ's and get one!! Molly finds out! too cute.  I wish Krissy was there though. LOVED the Alexis/Sam discussion! LOL. 

Johnny and Carly-- porn dancing? 

JASON'S PACKAGE had fronkey paper on it! AHHHHHHHH! Fronkies!! I helped pick that paper out. Heh.


LaTanya said...

Soon as I saw the fronkey dvd cover I thought of you Karen! lol
It's funny to me that Sam thinks Molly shouldn't be hanging around with TJ because he's trouble yet shes married to a hitman. Monica showing up was kind of nice at least she wasn't off bitching at Liz but she will be soon thanks to Maxie {eyeroll} Why is it that part of me believe that Monica already knew about the pregnancy test and that she wanted a grandchild so bad that she's the one who changed the results. I'm only saying this because there's rumors that there's more to the pregnancy/paternity storyline. Even though I still don't believe Franco raped Sam but with GH you never know!

mosbp said...

I actually sat down and watched most of the GH today. It has gotten a bit better- it's no OL, but it was okay. Have to say, Monica looks like hell.

Speaking of OL, Soapnet airs OLTL episodes at 3 and 4am...I have been dvring them. Yesterday one episode had about 12 cast members on, all iteracting in one way or another...damn I miss that show!

kdmask said...

I MISS OLTL really badly too!

renegade_killerbee said...

Good Lord!

Steve Burton should be given a special award for projecting THE CONSTIPATED LOOK better than any other actor in recent memory.

Good grief!

My2Cents2 said...

Maxie & Matt. Its OVER! I am breaking you two up. How sickening. Maxies jealousy and Matts denial about his feelings for Liz. I do agree Maxie makes a point, what if Liz gets pregnant? AGAIN?? I understand that fear for Maxie. But Maxie, you have done Matt wrong too.

Speaking of Liz, perhaps you wouldn't have problems with your son if you wouldn't leave him on a stool alone and included him in on your conversation or put your conversation with Ewan on hold until your not spending time with Cam. That made me MAD.

Carly go home and be a mother to your 3 children. SHAME on you!

Sam, cover up, its 18 degrees outside today.

The GOOD: Everything Monica & Jason.
The BAD: Everything Liz crying about Cam while sitting at another table with a guy instead of her son who she left alone.
The UGLY. Matt & Maxie

CareyN said...

Hey Cents, wanted to let you know I'm loving your "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly" recap format. Great way to sum up a day!

My2Cents2 said...

Thanks CareyN!
There really isn't much to comment I thought I would sum up easily! lol

Di said...

I must admit they're turning right off Maxie and I used to love her character. I'm glad Matt broke up with her.

I must confess to FFing through the Carly/Johnny parts. I'm also over drunken angst.

Nell said...

I am so happy about the Liz/Ewen scenes that I am having trouble remembering what else happened!!

Seriously, I LOVED today just because of them. They had a great conversation and he comforted her and clasped her hand. He invited her to the hospital party. *dancing with glee* I just love them.

Okay...the rest...

Alexis/Molly/Sam...Good. But please don't ruin Molly; I love her as she is!

Johnny/Carly...pretty good even though I'm still not sure how I feel about them together.

Matt/Maxie...Maxie is an idiot. Matt is well rid of her. I'm amazed he stuck it out this long!

Jason...he used to be my favorite character but he has changed so much that I hardly recognize him. I can't seem to care all that much that there is obviously something very wrong with him.

Hmmm...did anything else happen?

love2chat402000 said...

I liked the discussion Liz had with Ewan about moving on from Lucky and standing on her own 2 feet. Also liked his perspective on cam lashing out.
She is trying to spend time with Cam.
Read that Carlivati is going to write that she gets stronger , even not going to shadybrooke when they ( helena, Ewan ) try to scam her. I just wish he would definately not reunite her with Lucky. Heard both Lucky and Nicholas will be back.
Saw on twitter that he is meeting with members of the cast.

LaTanya said...

I also wish that they wouldn't reunite Liz and Lucky. He's basically a dead beat dad who leaves at the drop of a dime for his own selfish reasons. Liz happy ending should have her and the boys moving to Paris (wish Jake could be alive but we all know that ship has sailed)! I actually like Carly and Johnny but we all know it's not gonna last especially after he finds out that it was Carly who got Luke to dig up the information about him.

JPink said...

The Matt & Maxie scene was great. It seemed very "real." Matt has turned into a really great actor. I like the Liz & Ewan stuff. I appreciate that he's moving slow and seems shy even though he's gorgeous. I am trying to stay spoiler free on GH since I was on OLTL and seemed to enjoy it so much more.

I agree Cents, Sam's boob were way out there today. Put on a sweatshirt or something, it's freakin' freezing outside.

I don't like this Molly storyline. I don't know why they have to sexualize every young girl. I wish she could just stay a smart, happy young teenager.

AbsoluteLunatic said...

Matt dumped Maxie and made her cry. It's a glorious day.

A_N_McD said...

Highlight of the episode for me was the SamLexis/Davis girls scenes. As a MASSIVE SamLexis fan, THIS is the kind of stuff I've been waiting for! It's only taken 6 years, but we got there in the end! It was really nice to see Sam happy and bubbly and full of live... until she got home and found borg passed out because of his 12937458th brain problem *sigh*

soaplover said...

There is definitely an improvement in GH, gradual and not flashy, but a feeling in the dialog and in character development. For instance, in Delores--we are finally getting to see a bit of range--some clues.
And with Matt. Instead of just fussing as he usually does, he spoke clearly of what he felt and his frustration with Maxie's obsessiveness was obvious. This is an intelligent guy so why would he put up with nonsense? And shallow Maxie was doing what she always does--only better. Because we know that Maxie's history with Liz goes back to when Maxie was feeding Lucky pills and sleeping with him in Liz's bed, she has enlarged on all the guilt and all the vengeful stuff from the past into some blind hatred. I really like this girl playing Maxie--she makes me feel sorry for her and at the same time, disgust.
Nice to see Monica. She looks good.
I had SO hoped we were done with Franco...

Anon said...

Love Monica and want to see more of her, if anything because she has meant so much to the show over the years BUT she has not aged well. I can't figure out why they don't have Bobbie on more - surely she can't look much rougher than Monica?

Ah well, at least Tristan Rogers and Emma Samms have aged reasonably well! Fin looks great too

My2Cents2 said...

Yea that Franco stuff made me mad. I should have used that for my UGLY. I thought we were done with that crap too??

LaTanya...I so agree with your assessment of Lucky. However, how different is he than Luke? The 'apple doesn't fall far from the tree'.

Monica looked her age yesterday. The difference is, her close ups show her age. With Bobbie her closeups look like she had too much work done to her face. Which she did. However, I believe, Bobbie is coming back. Too many people want her more than anyone.
btw....I looked at a recent photo of myself and at first glance I said 'who is that fat old lady?'
It was me.!! Age creeps up when we aren't looking!!

I want to say 2 things: 'In talks' with Kin Shriner, a new Jeff Webber, Jon, Heather, Scorpio, Anna, McBain, possibly Bobbie, Starr, etc...does this sound like a soap that is ending in June?

The 2nd thing is I miss Sonya. She is unable to log on here. I have tried everything for her and nothing is working. Sonya i am giving you only a few more days....

Theresa said...

Has anyone noticed that at the end of the scene instead of a fade out it just stops and goes black then commercial? This started about 2 weeks ago and I was just wondering if anyone else noticed (maybe I have to much time on my hands lol). Very slow week, thought it would be more intense leading into Feb sweeps. IMO so far the best sweep in recent times was Jerry and the Metro Court. This Kate story is sooooo boring, maybe it would have been better with Megan Ward I don't know, just can't get into it. Shame Claudia is dead or at least to bad they couldn't bring her back for some back story.

My2Cents2 said...

Of course Lucky will be back. He wants to be a part of what this show is going to turn into. I hope he took that fuzz off his face.

I didn't know Nik was coming back. He is such a great actor, lets hope these storylines will do him justice.

I still have a feeling, all my own, that Bree Williamson is coming too.

Though not much if any of a storyline, notice how much more we are seeing Mac, Alexis??

Also, Mulva, your husband is the attacker. Now take your gorgeous hair and leave town.

My2Cents2 said...

Theresa...I DID notice that and was wondering what that was about. Is that a new way of ending scenes on shows now??

Sorry for all the posts, but I had to let you know I was wondering about that as well.

kdmask said...

Theresa that's exactly how OLTL ended with the black,I did notice it.

Cosmoetica said...

Blogger soaplover said...

And shallow Maxie was doing what she always does--only better. Because we know that Maxie's history with Liz goes back to when Maxie was feeding Lucky pills and sleeping with him in Liz's bed, she has enlarged on all the guilt and all the vengeful stuff from the past into some blind hatred. I really like this girl playing Maxie--she makes me feel sorry for her and at the same time, disgust.


Well said. Of the 3 grown up Maxi's, Jen Lilley is easily the best actress.

My2Cents2 said...

Jen Lilly is an excellent actress. Again, its the writing that is sickening.

She is about to tell Monica what Liz did with the drugs she stole from the hospital for Lucky.
Since you all know how I feel about what Liz did, I will end it now. lol HAPPY SATURDAY!

LSV422 said...

I noticed the abrupt ending of the scenes, too, and I figured that was from OLTL. Loved all the Alexis stuff this week, and liked seeing Matt giving hell to Maxie. His character has really developed well and he is intelligent - too much so for Maxie's games. And what the heck happened to Luke? This was a real misstep to have him hit on the head two weeks ago and not be seen since. Loved Monica and Jason. I wish Bobbie would come back, too, but it seems whenever she does everyone fixates on her plastic surgery instead of being happy to see a longtime, much loved character. 2Cents, I like your good, bad and ugly, too. Lets hope we start seeing more good.

Love4dogs said...

Why can't Sonya log on? Is it because of the new system??

I agree about Jen Lilley. She makes me feel sorry and angry at Maxie all at once. I really like her portrayal of Maxie.

That said, I cannot understand why they didn't have Megan Ward come back. I am not enjoying Kelly Sullivan's portrayal of Kate.

My2Cents2 said...

Sonya can't log in. She notified Karen, however, she still can't log on. I have been emailing her privately. She can see the posts, but not read them or get notified.

I love NuKate!!!

My2Cents2 said...

Irrelivant to this blog, however I just learned Whitney Houston has died. I am SHOCKED and saddened.

MatchboxGinny said...

Best part of Friday's episode was the Fronkey wrapping paper! That's all.