Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday Surgery: Clipping Wings

My Fave Photo, I leave it up on the Wubs Net always!
 There goes Robin... never to return? Or--- ?? I know she taped something with Tristan Rogers as a "vision" and maybe that's why Robert goes missing (to find her??) We can only hope!! I asked readers to leave some of their Scorpio Family memories. See them after the jump! 

Frank:  The Asian Quarter story (featuring newcomer Tia Carrere!). The black pearls hidden in her doll's eyes. That Anna/Robin reunion. Location shoot. Good stuff.

Gina: When Robin and Robert first meet. Too cute. KM is just a few years younger than me, but I enjoyed watching her grow up on screen. Gonna miss her! 

Vicki:  Wow, so many and so little space ;) I'd have to say hiding out in the catacombs and at Olin's after the party in the Hamptons. Robin's dance recital that brought on the Valentine's Day Massacre. Robert's battle with colon cancer on Night Shift 2. And of course can't forget the wonderful Scorpio-Drake family Christmas of 2008 ♥

Wanda:  There are so many; as Frank said the Asian Quarter story. Another of mine was nothing too dramatic, but, so Scorpio :) Robert was having Anna & Robin under police protection & Robin escaped from her guards long enough to go buy one of her first bras. Robert was so upset, but when Anna found out, she totally understood :) Love that family!

Some people liked the exit-story, others hated it. I personally thought it was done ok--I wish Ron had written it from the beginning though. The hospital explosion and "aftermath" drove me insane. The acting? AWESOME! Finola has been so missed. What a powerhouse. 

The week was fast-paced, had a lot of the cast interwoven in the scenes and really brought the drama! Even Kate almost licking the blood in the garage was a bizarre touch. Ewan might have a purpose for treating someone!! Luke's dragged back from the tunnels all beat up! Helena's in a glamorous purple suit, ready to do some throat slitting. AND she supposedly has a DAUGHTER! That was a script that wasn't leaked and I LOVED IT!  Now, I'm thinking Irina probably isn't really Hell's spawn but who knows. Eggs can be frozen LOL. 

Sam and Patrick were just a joy to watch. I got mad at both of them at some point. Sam, geesh, give him a minute..Patrick--you can't just say NO to saving someone!! I really liked that whole dynamic. Anna trying to talk sense into Patrick-- beautiful. Anna is such a strong woman and they wrote her perfectly. Finola stepped right back into character. Can't WAIT for Robert to get back!! 
Kate, Kate Kate. Connie, Connie Connie. Good lord. It was played way too shrill for me. The wedding dress was a nice touch-- I am going to have to see how this progresses.

SCENE OF THE WEEK: Mac finding out about Robin. LOVED it.  Loved the shock, the nuances that both JJY and FH gave to it. Perfection. I'm sure it will be in my top 5 most remembered soap scenes.  
clutch that pillow!
RUNNER UP: Jane, Maurice and Bruce at the Q's house. WOW...don't usually dig mob scenes but this just blew me away.  Loved it.  Tracy and the Pillow! And AZ's fear-- just good stuff. 
Miracle of Science?
 SHOCKER of the YEAR:  Helena is White Woman's...WHAT??!! MAMA? Didn't see that comin' I can only hope her Daddy is Faison! hee hee... and thank YOU GOD this story is almost over.  


NOT the SCENE OF THE WEEK:  Ummmm, Sonny and Dante shootin' the breeze in the hallway by the storage closet in GH while Sonny's bleeding all over the place. It was hilarious. As was Sonny getting a nice clean t-shirt after he's sewn up! 

The show is getting back it's mojo. The crash coming up--and Starr involved brings a whole new flavor in. I can see why people are mad because they are OLTL cast members and "why not use GH people"?? All I can say is it may bring a very loyal OLTL audience over and it gives some new life in the show. A lot of GH fans remember ME from "Port Charles" and now, on as "McBain" The super-cop, the mob can be turned on it's head. A whole other group of people are going to be waiting to see if he and "Sam" meet. Livvy and Caleb were quite the sexy couple on that show! 
Poor Port Charles. Years too early on the Vampire theme!! 

WATCH GH PLEASE! The Revolu**ion is doing SO badly-- they have to take notice. If GH can slip into that 2:00 time we're set!! Tell people that gave up on the show to give it one more go. JUST one more-- maybe it will pick up steam. We can only hope. 


My2Cents2 said...

Robin is alive. Question is: do we wait for the cancellation of GH before she is known to be alive??
If GH stays on the air, I don't see JT staying with the show. So will be come back to escort him off? Either way she isn't dead and she will be back.

This week was NOT fast! It went from scene to scene instead of focusing on the one main catastropy. Robin's death. This week earns a D+ in rating. I would have flunked it, but Patrick ROCKED.

Tired of Sonny, Jason, Sam, Carly, Shawn & as much as I LOVE John, he needs to concentrate more of Mulva.
LIW is gone by weeks end! Hopefully Ethan & Maggie leave with her.

Howver disapointed I was last week in the show, I am giving Ron a chance.
Here is to a better week!

My2Cents2 said...

(So will be come back to escort him off?)

So will SHE come back to escort him off?
Don't want the WUBSTER Police to get me for misused sentence!

Brender said...

I would LOVE for Robin to be alive, but how? Patrick was there the entire time. From how they showed it on the tape, it was mere seconds from when Patrick got locked out to when the explosion happened. Was there another way out of the Lab that I didn't see?

Hate how they are not giving Robin's death more air time right now. It is always all about Jason. Right now, I don't know why I don't even bother...

Caffeinated Joe said...

I enjoyed it, for the most part. Seemed to get better as the week went on. But one thing got to me: Robin dies in an explosion in the hospital and you would think it was another country from the reactions of all the staff around Patrick and Anna. Like just another day - it was weird!

John J. York was amazing. His backing into the door and "my Robin"... just great stuff.

My2Cents2 said...

Brender...on soaps anything is possible. I learned that 3o years ago.
Not sure if you watch OLTL but Ron actually wrote Gigi escaping a carbon menoxide room, only to be replaced with her twin.
Like I said, on soaps anything is possible. Perhaps there was a window? Or when Patrick walked away for 30 seconds, Fiason grabbed her. Trust me, she is very much alive. How long before we know it as viewers though?
imo only, the new staff is keeping things MUM. Which is brilliant,because when we are surprised about something, it better the story usually.

kdmask said...

I agree on the hospital "non reaction' about the explosion. I'm chalking most of this up to the transition of head writers, it's usually NOT done in the middle of sweeps month. I still think the show gets an A for acting. Blew me away. AND we have different movement on the canvas. I'll take it

MatchboxGinny said...

Overall, I enjoyed this week's RC debut. As I've said earlier, I'm sure he tried to do the best he could in fixing the disaster made by GW. Due to that things were rushed and didn't quite piece together as well as they should have.

My one complaint with Robin's exit storyline is the lack of focus on her death and people finding out. I feel like time stopped with that as we're still stuck on Sam yelling at Patrick about the protocol 2 seconds after Robin dies. Hopefully, that will speed up next week, although, we still have to get thru a grieving Patrick saving Saint! Maybe we'll get lucky and the protocol will bring back the real Jason (Morgan)Quartermaine. A girl can dream! ;)

We know Robin will be back for the ending of GH but it will be very hard to explain it indeed. They made a big deal of making sure we saw Maxie accidently turned on the gas, Patrick spilling a liquid, and then the final scenes like Brender said about Patrick being with her right till the last few seconds. It'll be hard to convince viewers that Faison was there and got her out. But it'll make for soapy goodness for the final GH.

Looking forward to seeing progress for the week ahead.

My2Cents2 said...
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My2Cents2 said...

However Karen, Ron didn't just walk in the door. He has been on staff for awhile now.
I find it hard to believe he couldn't of made Robin's storyline more real and give it more air time.
She has been dead a week, and who knows? Anna, Patrick, Mac, Dante & Lulu.
For such a well known Dr and beloved character, I expected better.

Ron tends to come up with far-fetched death and rebirths of characters. I just hope the disapointment this week is something he will fix.
I will give him a chance. Though I was highly disapointed and let down this week, some people liked it. So we are already winning more than we did the week before!

Carrie Ann said...

I think that some of you are way to hard on the show..It has been so much better recently..
Perhaps there was a trap door hidden in the floor of the lab that might have been previously installed by Helena when she had the secret lab in the basement sub levels of the hospital...Faison could have popped up and grabbed her and popped away...
If ypu watched OLTL then you saw Victor get shot and shown to basically bleed out..before emergency zipped him up..But Victor was alive at the end of OLTL..
Ron does not need to make Robin's survival make sense..My trap door in the floor idea would pull it off

dar said...

I can't believe that people are complaining about stuff not making sense. Ron inheirited a show where nothing has made sense for years. He may have been consulting for a while but did not control the writing.

Something that DID make sense: how Anna was written this week. This was the real Anna Devane- not the caricature that the last writer had turned her into. Kudos for knowing that. I think he knows who these characters are. Give the guy a chance - it's only been a week

love2chat402000 said...

Ratings for GH have hit new lows for last week! I think viewers were tired of slow transitions. Let's hope that what Ron said is true, that the first week ties up loose ends from the previous writer and then we are off to the races.
I hope Liz is on this week, as she loved Robin.


skeebob said...

Ron's start date as headwriter was reported as Jan. 9, six weeks and a day from when his first credited script aired. Scripts don't just get filmed as soon as they are written. Each script and each story has to be approved by ABC, then sets have to be readied, actors' schedules set, and other minutia performed. I would guess he maybe did some behind the scenes consulting in Dec after he and FV were hired (and the OLTL Prospect Park deal fell apart), but that's just speculation. He probably had an outline ready to go on Jan. 9, but he would have been working from GW's already written and approved story, so time-wise he couldn't have changed much from it. KM said he altered Robin's story, and it is pretty clear he changed Kate's story. All of this other crap - TJ's story, LIW, Jason's latest headache - he inherited. It takes time to make any kind of significant change in story direction. Now that his material is airing, I'm sure we'll start to see major changes, like the wtf Helena-is-LIW's-mother whopper this week.

That said, I agree with the criticisms about how lame Robin's 'death' was. The actors totally nailed it, but the story has been disappointing, or at least what has aired so far. I don't think she's dead, either. This reminds me of Lucky's 'death' in 1999 when JJ first left.

Finally, I liked Starr's introduction this week, and I thought Starr and Cole's talk about Luke and Laura and Helena was the most obvious RC dialogue yet. Two characters from one soap, now on another soap, discussing 30 year old history of the new soap. Very tongue-in-cheek, self-aware RC material.

Shannon said...

I think the timeline for this week's shows is all this has happened between 6pm and 10pm on just one day which plenty of reaction scenes to played out in the coming shows. so I am reserving judgement till after the upcoming shows. Plus I think the "fireman" removed an injured Robin so she return or be recast if the show gets to continue and Kimberly chooses not to return.

sonya said...

Carrie Ann said... Perhaps there was a trap door hidden in the floor of the lab that might have been previously installed by Helena when she had the secret lab in the basement sub levels of the hospital...Faison could have popped up and grabbed her and popped away...
Soapy goodness! Love it! :)

My2Cents2 said...

Hey I agree, give Ron a chance. However, the story of how Robin dies was so sloppily done, I don't understand how anyone could have put there approval on anything like that being released.

Since Ron's name was not on the show on Monday, officially he can't be blamed. I still say he seriously had to of viewed what Mr & Mrs Wolfie Guza did to those scenes of Robins death! Heck, he had to of suggested she go down like she does, and Robert comes and leaves quickly to go look for her daughter. So he has had a VOICE for awhile. Fine how she went down and died, but the fact nobody came running? The fact they kept switching to other scenes? No focus on reality!

Lets hope the next 2 weeks move along.. And are BELIEVABLE.

OLTL as soon as it was being written for the end, the storylines didn't drag. That in itself is what makes a storyline good.

OK Ron...I hope you have a better editing team than the Guza's.

My2Cents2 said...

I do want to add, I guess in fairness, that the editng team maybe did go into overdrive. Maybe so much has been cut to get these storylines over with??

Remember how bad Jakes death was done? The horrible editing?

Liz will be on this week. She will learn about Robin, bake her brownies, and head over to Patricks house.

EthinaEternal said...

Hey Karen,

Please tell me that this is the last week of CasSUCKra!!!

I really hope that Ethan doesn't leave with her.

sonya said...

EthinaEternal said... Please tell me that this is the last week of CasSUCKra!!!
Actually it's not CasSUCKra anymore! It's Irena! Irensucka. :)

Anon said...

Nobody mentioned the Grant Putnam storyline...I loved that one.
Crazy Grant Putnam (backstory eliminated here) shows up to get revenge on Robert and Anna by trying to kidnap Robin. He breaks into the house grabs Filomina the housekeeper and smashes her headfirst into a table - Filomina DEAD! Then before he can get to Robin enter ANNA who tries to judo Putnam but ends up his captive instead of Robin. Then he locks her in a cage guarded by a Doberman named Satan for a few weeks while Robert and Duke try to figure out where she went. Good stuff!

My2Cents2 said...

This HAS to be the last week.
From what I read, the storyline comes to an end. With someone dying. Who else could it be but LIW?
I just want to forget this story and pretend it didn't happen.

Anon said...

Here you go:
Grant kidnaps ANNA! AWESOME


Matthew said...

Interestingly enough GH comes on at 2pm, instead 3pm in my time zone.My ABC Daytime schedule went simular to this,7-9: Good Morning America 9:Live with Regis and Kelly(Now Live with Kelly)10:The View
11:The Doctors12:All My Children(Now The Chew)1:One Live To Live(Now The Revelution)2:General Hospital3: Dr.Oz4: Local programing
My guess on what will happen based somewhat on spoilers, Helena tells LIW/Cassandra/Irena to kill Ethans, she refuses,and A. She kills herself. B She uses herself as a human shield. C Helena and/or henchmen kill/fataly hurt her. D She runs out of the room and is never seen again. E. She simply vanishes on the show and is never seen again.F.Ethan and her run away. Robin's post 'death' is very painful to watch but realistic.

lea said...

i hope Robin is alive, then I can keep watching the show. However, i was really hopeful that Emily is alive too. Almost stopped watching show then. Is is not a 2 hrs triller. You watch show for years and then main characters dies so stupidly, it breaks my heart. I want to watch the show so I can relax form my real day not to get that much upset... why they did not just send her away for HIV cure, or to Africa, or back to France or recast... Why the authors trying to kill the most kind and sweet women like Robin, Emily, Courtney, Georgie... Esp first two who have been on the show for so stupid writing, even f they plan her alive why all that drama, I couldn't watch any scenes after just flipping over with a hope she is all well

wherewolfmom said...

I thought it was a good week except of course for LIW. Every time they were on I prayed for an ice pick lobotomy - and please, make it painful and slow!

Patrick and Sam were fantastic it was so easy to feel for both of them. They were both suffering so much. Patrick was striking out in anger and Sam's heart was just breaking.

I'm not sure how I feel about Johnny and Carly - I do like her better with Shawn. Shawn is much to stable for Carly, she might actually have an adult relationship and we just can't have that ;->

Anyhoo..overall best week in forever and I can't wait to see what happens with the addition of OLTL characters. Or to see the fire works when Sonny and Todd butt heads. Lets go baby let the games begin!

Melodybluez said...

I have been dismayed with where GH has been during the Guza/Wolfie period, as so many people have been and there's no need to rehash that. The tides have turned now. Frons and crew are gone, as are Guza/Wolfie. Ron and Frank's jobs currently with taking over, I liken to Barack Obama's job when he took over the US presidency nearly four years ago. No matter what one's political views are, things were SO screwed up that NO ONE, Democrat, Republican or whatever was just going to ride in on a white horse and be the overnight savior and wave a magic wand and just make it all better in a flash. Same with GH. Ron and Frank are talented, but they aren't magicians. There are years of "wrongs" for them to "right." There is also the issue (this is me showing lack of trust over where we're actually going with GH) of were these guys brought in to maybe save GH or ride it out? We still don't know. If we're going by past history with how things were handled in the end with AMC and OLTL, it looks like the same "schtick" and we're talking a potential swan song here. If that is the case and they are just not telling us to keep Katie Couric happy and content, well the best that I, as an over 30 year viewer, can hope for is a proper send off we can all be proud of. It wasn't going to happen with the past crew in charge. It has a better chance of happening with this one! I am also willing to give Ron and Frank a chance. I am also willing to see what actually does happen with GH. It ain't over until it's over, as the saying goes!

My2Cents2 said...

I think fixing GH should be a little easier than fixing our country. However, I do understand your point.
Guza & Wolfie have not left the buiding yet. If you read the lists of writers when the show starts, there names on still there. Perhaps they are cleaning the toilets there, and to save face their names are still listed?

My thing is this past week. While I was so highly disapointed with what was done to Robins storyline, today is a new day! Of course I will give the show a chance. I have stuck with it for 35 years. Can't quit now.

btw...My personal opinion is Mr President is doing a fantastic job, and we need him another 4 years to complete his job!!

EthinaEternal said...

So instead of CasSUCKra, it's I-really-suck-a

EthinaEternal said...


sonya said...

EthinaEternal said...
So instead of CasSUCKra, it's I-really-suck-a

EthinaEternal said...
ROFL! Perfect.:)

LSV422 said...

My2Cents2, I agree whole heartedly about our president! I was wondering why there have been no plans for a funeral yet and the hospital should have been buzzing all over after the explosion itself and the death of one of their best doctors. Maxie obviously should have been informed immediately. The latest ratings were abysmal and I still maintain that most people who watch, especially those who don't read blogs, have accepted that Katie C. will take GH's place and have given up watching. I still think that Sonny and Carly are killing the show, too.

My2Cents2 said...

Well LInda...I do know that there is a Mr Lee behind the scenes. He wants GH to stay. The next few weeks writing will tell lots more.
Robin's funeral isn't until the 2nd week in March. Don't know why.
Also, Kim (Robin) is still taping. So wtf??
Is she really leaving or taking time off?

Alot is being held close to the vest.