Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Great Interview with Kim and Finola--

Go to Michael Fairman's site and listen to this! Especially the part about Kim's feelings with the HIV/syringe storyline. It's so sad that "Anna and Robin" just got back on screen together and she left so fast! HOWEVER, that was the old regime. We all know she wanted to go, and it was exciting. Patrick getting her ring also doesn't prove someone didn't do a switcheroo. (I can hope!!)


  1. She isn't dead. She escaped the explosion and ran. Before of course her body and face were messed up. She will be back. Especially if the show ends.

  2. Yeah, this is a soap, they took all necessary steps to keep her return a possibility. And hey, we saw less here of Robin "dead" then we did of Lesley (ID'd by Bobbie as DOA in the morgue) and Stavros (died in the hospital in front of Luke & Laura of a broken neck!).