Tuesday, February 14, 2012




Gwen Hayes said...

Han and Leia.
Jack Traven and Annie Porter.
Brenda and Jax.
Jennifer Horton and Jack Devereaux.
Willow and Oz.

Brender said...

Buffy and Angel
Booth and Bones
Liz and Jason
Kelly and Zack
Jack and Kate
Pam and Jim
Derek and Meredith

I get very invested in couples, so this list can go on and on and on.

CareyN said...

Wesley and Buttercup! (The Princess Bride)
Riker and Troi (Star Trek: TNG)
Megan and Jake (OLTL)
My grandparents <3 -- RIP

Caffeinated Joe said...

My wife & I.
Luke & Laura.
Mulder & Scully.
Micki & Ryan.
Catherine & Vincent.

sonya said...

Testing testing. Does this work? It's me Sonya

sonya said...

IT WORKS YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

EthinaEternal said...

Ethan and Kristina.

If only the former regime used their power for good and not evil.

renegade_killerbee said...

MASON & MARY (Santa Barbara)
MASON & JULIA (Santa Barbara)
PAM & Bobby (Dallas)
CRUZ & EDEN (Santa Barbara)
TAD & DIXIE (All My Children)

Pretty much the only couples I have loved in the 30+ years I've been watching the soap medium.

kdmask said...

AWWW JOE!! xxoo you get extra points today!! :)

I was going to put Jason/Sonny but too much? LOL

Gwen Hayes said...

OHHHHH Cruz and Eden. *sigh*

CareyN said...

Karen, if we're including Bromances, I'm tossing my hat in the "Bo/Rex" ring. So much love there.... Anyone would be lucky to have a relationship like theirs: romantic or plutonic and regardless of gender.

skeebob said...

Robert & Holly
Luke & Laura
Jack & Kate (Lost)
Veronica & Logan (Veronica Mars)
Willow & Tara (Buffy)
Rick & Ilsa (Casablanca)
Lloyd Dobler & Diane Court (Say Anything)

soaplover said...

Luke and Laura (of course) GH
Mason and Mary SB
Cruz and Eden SB
Becket and Castle
Bo and Nora OLTL
Mason and Julia SB
These especially, and also...

Vincent and Catherine (long ago...)
Holly and Robert GH
Viki and Clint OLTL

AntJoan said...


sonya said...

Hmmm I guess we aren't talking about GH today? :)

kdmask said...

sonya, I missed it..but I heard GRAMMA ANNA WAS ON!!

This job is killing my GH sheeze. LOL

Mel said...

Pacey and Joey - Dawson's Creek
Pam and Jim - The Office
Jason and Elizabeth - GH
Sharon and Nick - Y&R
Dylan and Brenda - 90210
Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy - Pride and Prejudice
Simon and Alisha - Misfits

sonya said...

Karen yes Grandma Anna was on!!!

Scorpio-Drake home: SWEET!!!!!!!!!!! Love the scene! Love seeing Anna!!!! Love Anna and Emma scenes!!! Anna says that Emma has grandpa Robert's nose hahaha! The only thing I hated, was that Anna didn't like being called grandma! STILL? UGH! I thought her being called Grandma Anna was sweet but Anna still hated it! UGH!

Liz and Matt: Oh Matt! Don't spill the beans about you helping Liz with the drugs for Lucky! Or YOU will get in trouble too!

Maxie and Spinny: Maxie tells him that she and Matt broke up, and he says oh bummer ROFL! I know you just want to celebrate in the streets Spinny ROFL!

Matt and Maxie: He KNOWS that Maxie is the one who talked to Monica hahahaha! He is telling her off! :)

Metro court: Carly vs Kate: DELICIOUS! Carly's digs with how she and Sonny used to be together in front of Kate, hahaha love it! :)

Molly and TJ: So TJ can't read but he can write? TJ was on myface and was sneaky and posted that Molly's parents aren't going to be home so there is going to be a party. Oh party at Molly's! I'M SOOOO THERE!!! :)

Jason and Sam: OH! Love that Sam isn't backing down and is arguing with Jason! She isn't a wallflower anymore! Gotta get that dvd!

Dante and Lulu: Lulu is sneezing. Is there a dog in the room? Dante gave her flowers and candy for valentines day awwww! What are you going to give Dante?

P.S. Damn I missed posting here! :(

My2Cents2 said...

Sonya MY girl! How did you finally get on?? FB me and let me know. Good Job!!

GH-Lila & Edward
Bobbie & Tony
Frisco & Felicia
Jax & Carly

OLTL Vicki & Clint!!!

Anon said...

Anna Return's scenes streamlined here:

Emma is a fair child actress but one really need to go back and watch KM as a kid on the show. She had presence from day one and could hang with the adult actors pretty well.

Great to see Fin slip back into the role of Anna so easily. She has been sorely missed - looking forward to seeing her, KM, JT, John York, and Tristan the man all interacting.

My2Cents2 said...

Sonya said...Metro court: Carly vs Kate: DELICIOUS!
LOVED it!! Did I see a little trailer trash Carly & Bensonhurst Connie come out??

When Anna told Emma she could call her Anna, and the baby said OK GRANDMA Anna, I thought I would die laughing.
Very enjoyable scenes!

No comment on Liz today. I will play nice.

sonya said...

My2Cents2 said... LOVED it!! Did I see a little trailer trash Carly & Bensonhurst Connie come out??
Hahahaha looks like it! :)

love2chat402000 said...

Finola hughes looked fantastic! She looks beautiful and still kept her dancer's figure! Glad she is on!!!

Elizabeth said...

The Captain and Maria (The Sound of Music) (Even at 5, I thought they were sigh worthy...then, i found out they were real--swoon)
Monica and Chander (Friends)
Ms. Fine and Mr. Sheffield (The Nanny)
Willow and Tara (BtVS)
Angel and Cordelia (Angel)
Pacey and Joey (Dawson's Creek)
Piper and Leo (Charmed)
Luke and Lorelai (Gilmore Girls)
Rory and Jess (Gilmore Girls)
Jo and Zane (Eureka--they better be back together in the final season)
Alison and Nathan (Eureka)
Alison and Jack (Eureka)
Henry and Grace (Eureka--can you tell how much I love Eureka?)
Lois and Clark (Lois and Clark: the New Adventures of Superman)
Booth and Bones (Bones)
Castle and Beckett (Castle)
Kurt and Blaine (Glee)
The Doctor and Rose (Doctor Who)
Chuck and Sarah (Chuck)
Dean and Jo (Supernatural--Can I tell you how upset I was when she was killed off and he was put back with stick in the mud Lisa from season 3?)
Johnny and Baby (Dirty Dancing)
Alexis and Ned (GH)
Kevin and Lucy (and Sigmund the duck) (GH)
Mac and Felicia (GH)
Jason and Robin (GH)
Johnny and Olivia (GH)
Erica and David (AMC)
Bianca and Zoe (AMC)
Rex and Gigi (OLTL)
Bo and Nora (OLTL)
Joe and Karen (Port Charles)

Yeah, I have no life outside of television and movies. *shrug* I better submit before I think of more couples.

Andrea said...

Jason and Liz
Steve and Kayla
Derek and Meredith
Bo and Hope
Eden and Cruz

kdmask said...

ELIZABETH!! i hope you see this. I was obsessed with Rory and Jess!! ;) I didn't think anyone else liked him! LOL.

MatchboxGinny said...

Hmmm...fave couples..

Jason and Liz
Bo and Hope
Tom and Alice Horton
Michael and Hope (Thirtysomething)
Cruz and Eden
Luke and Laura
Carrie and Aidan (SITC)

LSV422 said...

Karen, thanks for showing Bates and Anna from Downton Abbey - love them!!!

Elizabeth said...

Karen, I knew a lot of people who liked Rory and Jess, but most people hated him because they loved Dean, who I never liked at all, especially when he and Lindsey got married and he cheated on her with Rory.