Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sunday Surgery: Junior Mint

Oh yes...The Junior Mint. Those of you that are Seinfeld fans know just what I'm talking about. That moment when the Junior Mint floats down...down...down... into the operation! That's exactly how I feel right now--waiting for that dang Junior Mint to fall. Will it change GH forever for REAL this time? Will the patient survive? Be a sweet addition to the procedure? Kill it all together? What!!? Junior Mint anticipation is killing me! 
If you haven't seen the Junior Mint bit on Seinfeld, go to You Tube and search. It's worth it. 

GH this week--hit and miss. It's got that schitzo feel to it. Kate's big revelation seemed to be to be coming out of left field. And why the hell go to Chicago? Is she really seeing Mulva's husband? hee hee...or maybe going to the place Abby was killed? Chicago seems to be a Wolf-go to place. Ok--whatever. Watching Kate crying about "being Kate" eh? I didn't care. You get shot at your wedding to a mobster and then go  back to him after he totally dumped you (in part) for the "true love of his life"?? You deserve to be messed up. 

So! Johnny's reeling from his Daddy/Mama issues. I really wish his scenes with Tracy were longer. She knew the guy-- we even could have had some "The City" Flashbacks? Carly butting in is a twist I guess. I am feeling sometimes though she's being more of a "mom" to him than a potential lover.  Brandon Barash continues to impress though. Smelling an Emmy! Loved the director's touches with the Johnny close ups. Nicely done.

The stripper thing better tie up like yesterday.  I know it was supposed to be Ronnie in the first drafts, and hopefully they stick to that. The reason he attacked Dolores is because she doesn't believe the evidence. Which is stupid btw, because by attacking someone else, it totally makes it look like they haven't  caught the guy. ANYWAY-- I'm hoping this is over soon!! 

Speaking of over soon--PLEASE  tell me that the Lady In White is going BYE BYE!! SEE YOU LATER!   Plus, having her in White all the time (still) is driving me insane. Thank GOD Helena showed up Friday. Just slit her throat and get it over with. I really hope she's not Laura's "other" Daughter because that's too tidy. Plus, Genie's not there-- and neither is Tyler!! Parapet time. Poor Nathan Parsons, just when I was loving his easy charm on the screen, he's leaving. wah. You deserved better. 

Diane and Alexis. Ok, the menopause thing is wearing thin but I do like my comedy. Why they played strip pool in the middle of a semi-crowded bar is beyond me. But hey-- it worked once, you know GH, TRY IT 40 more times lol! NLG is embracing it so I will too. Good to see Mac as well. Even if his hair did change length all week! 

Olivia and Steve. I love Lisa LoCicero--I hate this stupid story. I hate Maggie, don't care about Nashville and think Olivia should just deck her and get it over with. Steve is a whimpy jerk and he needs to either get a personality or leave.  There,  I said it. Take the tanning bed with you. 

Ewan. Bye. Don't like you either. Shirtless or not. And STOP with the stupid therapy techniques. (Wait until you see the dang thing he does with Cassandra next week lol)

SCENE OF THE WEEK: Hands down JMB and  TG scene on the Haunted Star. Knocked it out of the park. Awesome dialog--great acting. When she cut her hand and he held it and said "did you hurt yourself baby"?? The look on her face?? perfection. The character of Lulu may grate on my nerves now and again but Julie just hits the mark every dang time. 

NOT the SCENE of the WEEK:  Cassandra and Ethan walking around like love birds. ugh. No Spark no nothing---and hey, introduce her to Luke or Lulu. Has he done that yet? Maybe he has and I missed it. I usually nap during their scenes.
TAKING FOREVER:  JaSam... come on.  That baby is going to be born before she even starts SHOWING! It was SEPT when they were married. If she got PG (by Franco) and they are worried she'd be like almost 5 months now!! First they agonized over getting married forever, then having a who's kid it is. Thank GOD we find out Monday who the father is. She/He will have them blue eyes!

Some intriguing news broke about Jack Wagner leaving BB and of course the speculation that maybe he'd be back to GH.  I wonder if Kris would come back too--Flea and Frisco!! YEAH!! They'd have no clue who Maxie is! LOL. GH is going to be a reunion fest soon, and looking totally '80's style. The Fund  Raiser is going BOOM in the ROOM and I'm hearing it's Faison. The mob and the police will work together against a common evil.  Anders Hove won't be able to smoke anymore because Disney banned it. Heh..what will he do? Would they let him have those electronic ciggs? Hee hee.
Thank you for supporting the WUBS-- visiting sponsors helps so much! The days of GH are probably winding down now. We'll have to find something in common to dish about. Anna and Starr will hit the canvas soon (separately) and I'm excited for that. Should be an interesting month!!! Have a good week and go get yourself some...Junior Mints!! 


cand2jays said...

As always right on. As for Jack Wagner Hunter Tylo posted on her FB he was done in April and back on GH in May. Hope she knows something.

Nicky said...

I know it seems like forever with this JaSam baby thing, but it's only been right at 3 months since the Franco fiasco. And Sam has said a couple of times that she's in her first trimester. So while I'd love her to be 5 months and showing, simple counting will show that not to be possible. If she were 5 months and showing, then this whole Franco nonsense would've been a non issue and we'd all be happier.

kdmask said...

I still get four months. Well,a week did last a month on GH Lol

My2Cents2 said...

Every comment you made Karen was right on. Except for LIW. Since I refuse to watch any scene she is in, I have no clue just how awful she is. But I will believe you. lol

I happen to like this Kate. I would like her alot better if she were in the process of bringing Sonny down. Only Sonny could be stupid enough to believe she is coming to Chytown to see a Dr. LOVE Chytown. We are first cousin's! However, doesn't NYC have the BEST Doctors?

I hope JW news is true about his return.

Lulu is an asset to this show. Like the character or not, she is one hell of an actress. GH needs her.
So is Luke knocked out or in another country or at the metro court?

Tracey. Highlight of the show right now. Glad to see they are using her.

Strip party? I lost all sense of FUN when Mac showed up with more hair and chubbier the day after he looked so FINE! I never realized how big of a part editing plays with how a show comes off as.

Steve, Olivia & Maggie can all leave. Sick of that long out crap.

Looks like Michael hooks up with Starr. Now didn't someone say Michael was leaving the show?? What happened with that??

I will never like Carly with anyone but Jax. However, 'cougar' is the new 'in' thing. So I have a feeling she will be with my Johnny.
I do look forward to Kate & Carly working together at the metro court.
I know Kate is doing it for Jax, but isn't she a fashionasm for life?

Last week I saw Mr & Mrs Wolfie Guza written most of the time. I didn't think the week was as good as the week before.

Here is to a better February!!

Karen..Find out about the character of Michael. Is he still leaving per the rumor?

My2Cents2 said...

Since most of you know, I am a HUGE Packer fan.
First I want to congratulate Mr Rodgers for coming to our neighborhood. He also was voted MVP in the NFL last night.

Anyone interested in stopping over tonight to watch LAST YEARS Superbowl, that is what I will be watching tonight.

I hope you are enjoying my humor, because this is really the only place I try to have a 'good time'.
Just got home from nursing home.
How sad and hard it is to go there.

Anon said...

I don't see Kristina Wagner back to GH with Jack Wagner anytime soon - their divorce was pretty bitter, yes?
Kristina has gotten some scenes with K. Storm's Maxie back in 08/09-ish?, but Jack Wager of course has not.
If he returns, that could be some good stuff if Storms is back on set.

Julie Berman is a good actress - but the Lulu character is somewhat of a mess right now. Wish they would write her better.

I'm back to watching everyday now in the hopes that the 80's vibe juices the show up. Love Robert, Anna, Holly, Noah, etc. and if the show makes a real effort to write for the characters with some integrity, it could be gangbusters!

renegade_killerbee said...

I'm gonna watch this week's shows on SOAPNet's marathon tonight from 6PM to 11PM.

Assuming SOAPNet isn't capitalizing on this Super Bowl madness and presenting a "One Tree Hill/Beverly Hills 90210 Football Themed Marathon."

Ugh! I hate football!

LSV422 said...

Julie and Tony were awesome this week. I see some little signs of improvement here and there. I really like the way they are shooting the show now - much better. I guess they have to tie up all the crap they were dealt with, like LIW and Magpie. Maybe LIW is the one going after the strippers witha dark wig.

love2chat402000 said...

I look ahead to the end of February and beginning of march when vets return and hopefully better writing/storylines prevail.Right now I am not enjoying GH. I can't stand to watch LIW/Ethan, jasam is jadull/jasnooze, Steve/Maggie who cares? Hopefully stories will move along faster.

Love4dogs said...

Karen, I don't care about Nashville either...or Memphis! LOL I know who cares???

Any news on KS at all? I sure hope she's doing well (even though I like JL in the role).

Love4dogs said...

Although I love having the vets come back, it does make me nervous. After all, this is what happened on AMC and OLTL before the final curtain. It even happened on As the World Turns.

My2Cents2 said...

I don't see Kristina back either with Jack.
However, I am waiting for an announcement this week about him signing on with GH!
Maybe that would motivate KS to come back to GH?

cooks7570 said...

Thw new writer has dropped Aiexis menopause storyline becaues he said makes Alexis looks old. The new writer wants take the Spencer famliy back to their rootes.JMB hated the storyline LuLu is alcoholic.

rebeccakeen said...

The best part of last week was the Lulu/Luke scene.JMB is a great actress and deserves alot better then she gets.The other great scene was any scene with BB (Johnny) who is also a great actor.It is just too bad it is Carly (LW) in scenes with him instead of Lulu (JMB) because i think Lulu (JMB) would be alot better.It seems those scenes were written for Johnny & Lulu but TIIC took Lulu out and forced Carly in and she just does not fit.

rebeccakeen said...

Also did anyone else notice that at the beginning of the week Mac's hair was shorter then it was at the end of the week?Obviously they shot those scenes out of order.

LaTanya said...

I guess I'm one of the few who actually like Carly and Johnny together. Olivia seemed more motherly to me when she was with him. I don't like or hate JaSam I'm just not that interested in their story and the fact that it's dragging out so long isn't helping me get interested either. The LIW storyline needs to end NOW!!! Jax knows Carly and Kate do not get along so the only reason to give her his half of the metro court is to get back at Carly......doesn't make sense especially since she already has Crimson to run.

Amy said...

Does anyonw know about when RC's scripts will air? I am still about 16 shows behind, but am working on catching up. (which will hopefully happen this week. My son's room needs a good "clean out" and watching GH on the ipad will be a great help! lol!)

That would be so cool if JW would come back!!! If "dexter" can work with his ex-wife on thier show, maybe Jack and Kristina can work together again? They could always recast Felicia with Heather Locklear! lol!

I wonder if JZ will be back? I wonder how different Carly would have been if she had had her mother around more? I heard,and I certainly don't mean this in a mean way) one of the reasons JZ was not on was because of how badly she messed her face up with plastic surgery? If that was true, maybe enough time has gone by her face has "settled" and she will be able to come back too?

I do worry all the vets coming back is a two-fold venture. I'd like to belive that ABCD has had a marketing nightmare cancelling the soaps, and they know it. I pray that the 10 people watching the Revolting replacement find something else to do at 2pm. RC is throwing the best darn "Hail Mary" he can to get the ratings up to get us moved to 2pm. If that fails, then we are getting the best send off possible!

LSV422 said...

I noticed in the opening credits that most of the old writers are gone. Looselips on Soaptown has some good stuff this week - NP has already finished and is gone, Kin Shriner may come back, Lynn Herring and Jack W. This is going to be a might big cast unless they get rid of those annoying newbies.

AbsoluteLunatic said...

All I want is Latte. The rest? Don't care.

EthinaEternal said...

I really hope the rumor of a CasSUCKra recast is not true!!! Why would Cartini recast a character that most people do not like!!!

Nell said...

I believe Ron's stuff starts on the 10th.

Anon said...

Kin Shriner is great - would love to see Scotty come back again! And, although I wasn't a huge fan of Lucy Coe back in the day, Lynn Herring can act circles around most of the newbies on GH these days, so it sounds good to me to bring her back too.

MatchboxGinny said...

I'm wondering if some of RC's stuff begins airing today? His tweet last night said he was checking into GH in the morning.....we'll see. If it's watchable today, we'll know for sure the answer is yes. LOL!

LSV422 said...

Yikes, Ravenbeauty said today that Frisco and Felicia are coming back, Alan Q., most likely Lynn H., some major major star and someone back from the dead. Very exciting but further confirms the end is near.

My2Cents2 said...

LSV422 said...
Yikes, Ravenbeauty said today that Frisco and Felicia are coming back, Alan Q., most likely Lynn H., some major major star and someone back from the dead. Very exciting but further confirms the end is near.
No disrespect to you LindaV, but please tell me you aren't one of the many that believe every word that comes out of Raven's mouth??
Hunter Tylo posted on her fb about JW. However, I believe nothing until it is confirmed by a reliable source. Wubs, Daytime, Michael Fairman.

On fb today there was a post from Lucy Coe. It was NOT flattering to Raven. Since this is coming from the actors mouth, I tend to believe her first.
I am bashing nobody.
I guess I don't understand how someone who has a blog, has such people 'mezmerized' by her every word. jmo.

When I see Jack & Kristina & Lucy back on, I will apologize.
Ask Raven the status of Chad. She announced he was replaced as well. Yet I haven't seen anything more about it.

LSV422 said...

My2Cents2, Raven definitely has some good, inside source. A lot of her predictions have come about. Other than that I think she is a very nice, sincere person who has had horrendous health issues. I for one hope her predictions materialize.

My2Cents2 said...

LindaV...I didn't want you to take what I said as mean or 'personal'.
I am aware of Raven't health problems, and I wish her a full recovery. How I feel about her as a journalist/reporter is completely separate than how I feel about her as a person and her health.
I am not a dirty person. I don't wish evil or bad stuff on people.
I simply speak what I believe. I Debi K do not find her information correct most (not all) of the time.
Just because Raven said something, doesn't make it true.

wherewolfmom said...

So So week - Kate in Chicago crumpled napkin "call me Marc" Kate's pensive look. Multiple personality disorder or some other stuff an such? It was popular on OLTL, a real keeper. If GH gets a reprieve it's a story that could go on forever! What do ya'll think?