Sunday, February 5, 2012

GHers in SuperBowl Ads!

DaJuan Johnson (Asher) was in Seinfeld commercial!

Sonya Eddy was in Toyota commercial!

Haley Pullos Geico:

John Stamos: (Blackie)

Claire Coffee (Nadine)  in Samsung:

I have to find Coleman in the beer commerical too!! Enjoy...


EthinaEternal said...

I didn't know the first guy but Maysuck is in the Pepsi commercial with Elton John. Her facial expressions are good; however, it's when she speaks that her lack of talent shows.

The other GH'ers all did great!

kdmask said...

Maya was in the Elton John one?

EthinaEternal said...

Unfortunately yes. BLAH!!!

Elizabeth said...

my mom and i were watching the commercial with Molly and I had to rewind because i thought that was her and i had to check.

Coleman was supposed to be in a commercial?

kdmask said...

Elizabeth he was in a beer commerical right before 1/2 time but I don't know the beer and I can't find it!

CareyN said...

He's just sitting at the bar rocking his mustache. Blink and you'd miss him

renegade_killerbee said...

I'm a 41-year-old gay male who sat through my first ever Super Bowl (it was tedious at best).

And yes, the only reason I did it was to see 12 far too short minutes of the Queen of Pop.

Was it worth it? Hell yes!


Mrs. Goose said...

I saw Molly in that commericial too. She played a "mean girl" I think. It was at the beggining but I can't remember the ad.

Mrs. Goose