Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tuesday: MORGAN is a RECAST!!

BREAKING NEWS!  It'ss official: Aaron Refvem will be recast as Morgan. Aaron Sanders takes over the role on April 14. #GH" /via @soapsindepthabc. Aaron R got a pilot for primetime. This pic may be a bit old...not sure. He was on Passions, I guess.

Speaking of, read the "Another NuFace WUB"!! Do you realize I've written A LOT of NuFace Wubs over the years? LOL...let me know if you like it. Should have waited to write my NuFace WUB.

OLTL: Ok, you need to know this:  Roxy gave birth to Sky--who they thought was going to die. So, Allison Perkins handed him to her SISTER Dr. Joplin who saved it. In the meantime, Alison just took some kid she found in the hospital, gave it to Roxy, telling her it was her baby-- and then Roxy gave it to Mitch. So, Sky is really Mitch and Roxy's--and Rex's is no one's. That we know of yet. Thank God this happened in the 70's when there were no hospital IDs or security. When they showed Mitch naming the baby "REX" all I could think of was NO WAY..he'd say Rextafer Luke Mitchall Dugan Lawrence or something... I mean..REX???? LOL.
GOOD GOD...longest most weird baby switching ever!! And Rex/Sky aren't even brothers! :/
How did Mitch save Shane? Was it not Mitch in the bed? Coininkindink? Is he also related to Gigi? oy!!

GH: Nice courtroom chaos!!! Poor Krissy, watching the mayhem. Heh, Coleman loved it.!!
Ronnie and Dante were good. The judge was so homey and cranky. Johnny's in TROUBLE!! At the end, when the judge said the jury was going to be isolated, Coleman is alike "I think Sonny Corinthos is innocent..ah, I have a virus"...trying to get out of it! LOL. Judge said No go.

Tracy and Nikolas!! Jane E looks fab... I love her wardrobe. You rarely see those two together. Which, is weird because Tracy is SO Cassadine! Ignore him..he's prone to "gothic drama"!! LOL.

Michael Learned is taping this week. Mama Walton in the house!! Steven Lars will be involved with the story as well.
Next week? GH goes dark...everyone gets a week off.

In my obsessive FRANCO NEWS: James Franco has been accepted to Yale University's English PhD program. Says Digital Spy. Maybe he can come back to GH and write some scripts!!
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