Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Blame Game on Ethan--GH is Not Easy to Watch but WORTH it.

Between the whole beating thing and now poor Ethan (whom I really like now) being blamed by Krissy, it's hard for me to watch GH!!! It had better turn out OK! Maurice was awesome today. Kristina lying about this is just UGH, so frustrating. We get she's mad at Ethan but she has to know Sonny would go out and kill him. She just could have said she didn't see whomever it was, they were robbing the house.
Jason had to talk Sonny down. LOL... and he's telling him to kill Ethan in his cell. BUT! Jason reminds him he's Luke's kid!! I did like the "son" talk between Jason and Sonny.  Jason was the voice of reason today. Johnny too!! yeah!

Sam has all flashdance thingy on. Nice job from KeMo TOO! I've said it a million times, I am SO GLAD they SORA'd the kids on here. SO much more dramaz. Her having to tell Alexis that Krissy was having sex!! Tracy and Alexis--nice scene.

HELENA!...Well, I guess I understand the whole Spencer switch now. Can't anyone EVER have a baby that's not DNA compromised?  I don't care who raises the kid if it gets Hells on more :) Helena went in and told Liz she wants "to know her better"!! Heh.

So..even though I am FINDING IT HARD to watch--everyone is doing a GREAT JOB all around on the Kristina story... Kudos to writers and actors. Great show today, watch!

Are you enjoying this abuse story?? Which part is your fave?? There are spoilers about who figures out what on the Wubs Net
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