Wednesday, September 11, 2019

You STILL Look Familiar

Continuing in our series, "You Look Familiar", here are two more GH character actors
that have been seen over the airwaves throughout the years. 

Vernee Watson: (Aunt Stella) 

I was kinda surprised when Vernee didn't come on GH to play a role in the hospital other than the social worker. She has portrayed either a nurse or a doctor 14 times in her career.

Big Bang Theory 

Two and a Half Men
Young Sheldon

John Ingle: (Edward Quartermaine 2) 

Gruff but lovable Edward Q a man of the cloth? You betcha. He portrayed the role of priest/minister 11 times throughout his career. 

Stepfather III - 1992
Family Ties - 1982

John was a semi-recurring actor on The Drew Carey Show, playing "Father Seymore". 
No photo of John but this was for Kate's wedding. Look who she married! A guy from AMC!! 

This is the blog for Wednesday. Please feel free to comment on the show and anything else.


  1. I wonder if it's safe to say that Vernee Watson is out of GH for good... Although there was some suspicion raised by T.J. about the "cousin"... So this will be a case of a story being put on hold for awhile. By the time they re-visit it I will have forgotten whatever I supposedly know about the story at present. Thanks Dave... These are great pictures and memories.

  2. Something completely off topic. Since Hayden mentioned she was as much a cassidine by marriage as Helena. Will she try to pass her child as Nicolas's and want to control the fortune with Jax

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    2. nothing off topic. its about the show. thanks for posting.

      i believe it was said for a reason and yes, might come back as a plot point. its foreshadowing. i do believe we will be seeing nikolas by christmas.

    3. I wish we'd see Billy Miller by Christmas. Sorry still sore about that. GH did him so wrong. But I digress....

    4. Maybe Billy Miller can come back as Nikolas?

    5. No but he can come back and Nikolas' twin brother that was hidden from Laura on Cassadine Island. Because that storyline never gets old.

    6. Hahahahaha! Dave!! Yes that storyline never gets old I agree. :)

  3. Cynthia Watros (nunina)was Drew Carey's new love intrest on the Drew Carey Show. She came on to kinda take Kate's place. I watched the show when it was on and the reruns and really liked Kelly!

  4. Dave, great facts and photos above...thanks.
    Just watched today's show. Soon Drew's memories will sleep with Kim. It is almost unwatchable no matter how good the acting is. Terrible story line.
    Sam running Aurora...hahahahahah.
    I am confused...Trina and Joss walk into Charlie's and Trina says something as they both glance at D(J)ustin and Joss looks flirty. What's up with that? Anyone?
    Scenes are too choppy and short. And most of what's going on makes little or no sense.

    1. I believe that lulus friend Dustin is the hot teacher that Trina was talking about with Josslyn.

    2. I feel the same about kim & Frankndrew. Someone commented on how RH is a chameleon and can act the hell out of any role he's given which may be true but the sl still stinks. For me anyway. Thinking that Joss is going to
      develop a major crush on Dustin. Maybe a to Sir with love type of SL? Just a thought. I also thought it was real sweet how Hayden had Liz's back with Sam. Really true to life scene. I also thought it was too soon after Lulus divorce for Dustin to be showing up at a family only bday party for her and Dantes son. Totally got where Olivia was coming from. And again with the Sonny Corinthos show! They really are forcing him. Like he's the savior of PC! Gmab!! ����

    3. hey gracegirl. yes, i said that. i stand by it. RH is great with whatever you throw at him. i ALSO think the sl sucks. so we are 100% in sync with this!!!

      great post btw and i like the idea of joss crushing in dustin. will be a good reaction off oscar.

    4. "Gracegirl says, I also thought it was too soon after Lulus divorce for Dustin to be showing up at a family only bday party for her and Dantes son."

      Oh he wasn't invited.. He crashed it. :)

  5. Cameron Mathison is fighting renal sad.

    1. I read that yesterday. Didn't really know how to include that in an overall upbeat blog. I figured it would get mentioned in the comments or Karen will address it when she gets back. (She has a lot of catching up to do!)

    2. Yeah Mrs. Goose so sad. :( He said yesterday on ET he is having surgery today!!

  6. Horrible news. My grandmother died of renal cancer. Terrible disease. Maybe they discovered it early?

    1. "dar says, Horrible news. My grandmother died of renal cancer. Terrible disease."

      Oh no! I'm so sorry. :(

  7. Oscar's meadow:

    Joss, Cam, and Trina: Joss is still there. :( Cam and Trina show up. Trina talks to Joss about the hot teacher in school that Joss didn't see cus she skipped class. Cam got a message from her mother telling her to come home.

    Drew Jr's hotel room:

    CarlyKim and Drew Jr: She is so heartbroken that Drew could be dead. He is comforting her. Oh someone knocking on the door. He isn't going to answer it, but she is!

    CarlyKim, Drew Jr, and Chase: Chase wants to ask Drew Jr questions about Drew.. Drew Jr wins the line of the day.

    CarlyKim: We were at Oscar's meadow talking about Oscar.

    Drew Jr: We sure were.

    ROFL! When Chase leaves, Drew Jr's southern accent shows up! HAHAHHAHAHA!

    Police station:

    Reporters and Laura: Reports have questions about Drew and Maddox. Jordan got her away from all that and they went inside.

    Laura and Jordan:

    Laura: Thank you for that.

    Jordan: They can be a real nuisance.

    Laura: The reporters are just doing their job.

    But then,

    Laura: In a perfect world those reports would give Drew's family a little space right now.

    Jordan: I can't really fault the reports for being curious.

    HUH?! I'm very confused. Strange lines! Laura was just defending the reporters a minute ago, and Jordan is now defending them, when she wasn't before!!! I'm done.

    Charlie's pub and restaurant: Oh Rocco's birthday party! Happy birthday Rocco! How old are you? 13? He is all depressed cus his dad isn't there.

    Laura and Valenina: Laura is suspicious of Nina with this Cassandra mess. Oh boy!

    Olivia and Dustin: Olivia wants to know why he is there. The kids don't want him to leave so he is sticking around.

    Sonny and Olivia: Olivia doesn't like Dustin! Hahahaha! She is whining about it to Sonny! :) Sonny asks a very good question.

    Sonny: What do you want her to do? Put her life on hold?

    YES!!!! And of course Olivia didn't answer him.

    Olivia, Rocco, and Lulu: Oh boy! Olivia gave Rocco a birthday present and she says it's from his father and the card too. The gift is a baseball mitt.

    Olivia and Lulu: Yeah Olivia lied to Rocco about the gift. Lulu isn't happy about that, and neither am I!!!! EEP!

    Trina and Joss: They come in and as it turns out, Dustin is the hotty Mchott teacher that Trina was telling Joss about! :) Joss is all smiles. Oh boy is Joss gonna have a little crushy on her teacher? :)

    Trina, Joss, and Laura: Laura wants to know how the girls first day of school was!

    V.C. and Sonny: V.C. wants Sonny to find Cassandra!!! Sonny is Mr. Innocent and says he is a coffee importer. ROFL!

    Aurora offices:

    Curtis, Jax, and RayRay: They are all talking about Drew!!!! RayRay is worried about her sister, so she leaves.

    Sam and Jax: Oh my! Jax wants Sam to come back to work for Aurora, just until Drew comes back. To keep it warm for him. Sam can't do that! She is waiting for more information about Drew!! I remember when Sam and Jax were a couple. :) I really liked them together. :)

    The hospital: Liz is waiting for Sam to say saving Franco is not worth Drew's life.. They get into an argument and then,

    Sam and Liz: Saving Franco is not worth Drew's life! There! There it is. I said it. Are you happy now?

    Shut up Sam.

    Sam: Do you not remember what he did to me? I have to live with that memory every day of my life.

    Oh yeah? Well Liz will have the memory of you watching her son get kidnapped every day for the rest of her life. Did you forget what you did? I really want Liz to bring that up so badly!!!!!! What excuse would Sam say for that? Oh look RayRay shows up and protects her sister! Awwwww. :)

    Liz and RayRay:

    RayRay: I'd offer to beat Sam up, but let's be real, she'd wipe the floor with me.

    ROFL! Oh I don't know.. You may be tiny, but you are strong! :) I think you can take her! :) Oh man now I want to see it!!! :)

    1. Thanks so much for the recap. We had breaking news due to some doozy thunderstorms. I really wanted to see what Olivia said about Dustin, just because she had that snarky look on her face. I missed that and the gift to Rocco from "Dante". Shoot!

      I liked Hayden yesterday, too. I never thought I would say that! I'm glad she was defending Liz to Holier Than Thou Mumbles. But Liz did keep pushing. Stoopid writers!!

  8. "Julie H says Thanks so much for the recap."

    You're welcome!!! :)

    "We had breaking news due to some doozy thunderstorms. I really wanted to see what Olivia said about Dustin, just because she had that snarky look on her face."

    ROFL! Did you watch the episode online?

    "I missed that and the gift to Rocco from "Dante". Shoot!"

    Oh no! I hope you watched it online.

    "I liked Hayden yesterday, too. I never thought I would say that! I'm glad she was defending Liz to Holier Than Thou Mumbles. But Liz did keep pushing. Stoopid writers!!"

    Yeah I don't know why the writers made Liz keep pushing.


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