Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Dear 2016 just NAFF OFF already!

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I never even got to put up a George Michael Tribute and Carrie Fisher goes and dies! WTF! I have no words. Both of these artists were so important to me growing up, especially Carrie Fisher who embodied what it meant to be a 70's female bad-ass.  

One of my fave scenes of all time... from on of my top 10 movies. 

Such a loss. So tragic. And I just want this year to be DONE. 


Michelle Latta said...

Me too! I've been putting stuff on my facebook page for days since George passed. :( (chellefish42@gmail.com) Still so shocking.
Now Carrie....so many losses, I'm so over 2016.

sonya said...

Yeah 2016 sucks. :(

Michelle Latta said...

Yes it does:(

sonya said...

"Michelle Latta said..Yes it does:("


Anonymous said...

2016 has been awful. I saw something on TV the other day saying that the number of performers (actors/actresses/musicians) that have died this year has been the highest to date :(

A rather sizable number of, I very much admired and respected. :(

It just keeps getting worse and worse, it seems. :P


Michelle Latta said...

I just woke up but if I read it right the actress who plays Lady Jane has passed. Someone on Facebook posted it on Michael Fairman page. 2016 needs to go away.

sonya said...

"Michelle Latta said...I just woke up but if I read it right the actress who plays Lady Jane has passed."

Yes I read that too!!! Oh no is Jax going to say his mother passed away? :(

"2016 needs to go away."

3 more days!!!! And it needs to come quickly!

LSV422 said...

Just announced, a GH convention in CA in March. Tempting!

sonya said...



2016 can suck it! :(