Thursday, July 24, 2014



It's national tequila day so I drank thru GH. I needed it. painted with some lady and Carly thought she was having an orgasm. I did love Nina and Franco! Very good scenes. I wish they would have talked about the 90s more and what she missed. 
Franco finds her list! heh..she says it's to remember stuff but he knows better. Carly walks in and sees how much fun they are having. 

Ava and Julian still in the room, trying to spit it out.  He finally takes her to the roof when she tells him Sonny killed AJ.
Diamond finds them up there, draws his gun to shoot Ava. Then, Julian tells him about Sonny and they all fly off together. Sonny yells "SON OF A BITCH" from the roof top! ahaha 

Diamond outted Julian's mob involvement to Alexis. TJ brought Molly a soda.  Alexis tells Molly that Julian "left" her so Molly could move home.  Molly's going home

Patrick talks to Anna about his firing. Sam confronts Silas about telling the reporter everything.  POWERFUL scenes from them today. They basically broke up. 

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