Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Ava gets a phone

Alexis and Julian in bed. He can't see her anymore because of Molly's safety blah blah blah Alexis wants to sneak around. She likes it that way!

Scotty and Bobby in bed.  *sigh*

Ava and Sonny in the hospital.  Morgan is there too. He tells Sonny to basically go to hell-0.  Nik Diamond walks in too. You know he's the heart donor. I'm just waitin' for it! 
Ava wants Julian's help, which is her flipping sides.  She got a phone at GH from a nurse for $1000 by the way. GH people...very bribeable! LOL 

AND...the secret meeting place of the park bench is back. I have to think Finola H is like: PARK BENCH SCENES...AGAIN!????? really? oy. Let this drug sheeze be OVER SOON. Please, please. Please. 
OMG I think they had lunch delivered there!  geeshhh
What's Anna listening to?  

Bobbie, Scotty and Lucy. I asked about Kevin on twitter, I guess he filed for divorce. Okay then, must have missed that.  Felicia and Lucy talking about Scott. Lucy goes over to tell Scott she wants him. Bobbie is like neener neener. Scotty looks uncomfortable.

You can see Morgan and Rosie happening. Might be good. 

TJ ratted on his own mother to Diamond. Geeesh. BTW, do you want to know what happens? An explosion, someone is shot and...Alice gets a heart. 

Um, not a lot happened today. Like Nothing. Other than Rosie's bikini chest. 

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