Friday, July 25, 2014

Happy Friday

I found this on Pintrest and think it's a riot. HAPPY Friday!! What's happening ?? It's gorgeous here. Low humidity and cooler temps. 
Nice day for the PARK (which is being featured multiple times on GH...MULTIPLE!!) 

confession; I am watching GH and blogging IN BED! lol...I got hardly any sleep last night and had a long work morning so, if I fall asleep, you'll know why. 

Ya, Sam... Molly is gone, you may have to watch your own kid for 2 minutes.  

Ava and Mickey...he points a gun, Julian gets it away from him. Ava does like the danger!! Mickey tells Julian they laced the coke with the heroin! :) HEH. 

Olivia tells Sonny to move out of the office.

The fact that Ava hasn't been NEAR Nina is just PISSING ME off. How long has she been on?? UGH. One of the most potential fun on GH an nada. Now Nina want's Silas to pay. She wants a baby LMAO ...aren't you old? Oh maybe she wants to say she's pregnant (sometime) and make him think  that she 'loses' it. SO he loses a baby too? 
OH she's gonna drug him. SO, maybe they have sex SOON ...and that's when it all happens. I don't think she can steal Ava's baby, it's too old already to be workable. (plus Ava's probably going to steal Lante's). ahaha.
I think Nina will fake losing the kid and then have Silas mourn it's passing. 

NEDLY!! yeah!!  I hope he's on a lot. Tracy wants in illegal heart. She gives a good speech to Ned about family members. She wants him to come home.  Ned's coming home!! 

Jordan is doing a search of Mickey's room and Shawn walks in. 

I also think so many people can get off the show. NO, I'm not picking. I'm not sure if say, they should ramp up Shawn, Jordan and TJ or not. Shawn and Jordan are hot together. She could be a police undercover and he a hit man. Give TJ some kind of edge and GIVE THEM A SET. Maybe send a sister/cousin up. I still think they can be part of the Justus relations to tie them to the Qs and TJ work for ELQ.  I Love the vets but when they are just thrown in now and again, I don't like it. Anna's regulated to tiny scenes, and Duke has been off/on for so long now it's starting to get stupid. 

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