Monday, July 28, 2014

Raining..Pouring The Old Man is Snoring...

Well, this happened a few towns over this morning. It's just been raining horribly here. Still going and going...

What are you watching this summer? I'm watching Orange is the New Black on Netflix. I like this season--although "Jail" is starting to feel like summer camp with lots of sex. LOL The back stories are why I'm keeping up.  Finding out about each inmate is good. 

That's about it for me! I think we might try that "Quest" show--which looks like a real-life nerd cos-play but it could be good.  I will tune into the RHONY reunion just for the catty crap. Not interested in RHONJ anymore. All the reality shows are going "naked" have you noticed? Dating, Surviving-- and now Real Estate. Good Gravy. Is nothing left?  

Today is actually a Friday show because of the airliner interruption, a lot will happen.

Ariel better not be in that BBQ Grill.  Someone put a bomb in the mailbox at Alexis' house. Alexis, Danny, TJ and Molly all walk in. SOD mention Molly missed her soaps while she was in General Hospital . heh

Silas drinks the magic potion.  Ugh. Have him turn into Caleb, please.  She gets him on the couch--massages him. Sam then knocks on the door. LOL...No pants interruptus!  Sam opens the door and thinks that Silas is doing it on purpose. 

Olivia goes to drink with Ned. She wants Carly to evict Sonny but Carly won't. Olivia goes on and on about how much Carly and Sonny are meant to be. 

Sam looks at the DVDs... but not after Sonny and she talk AT LENGTH about Nina and Silas. SNOOZE. She sees the door open on the roof---but can't see whos' doing it. 

Ava was at her brothers' and all she had to put on was some weird-caftan. EESH Alexis and Julian are just giggly. 

AND BOOM goes the bomb. 

Mickey walks in on Shaun and Jordan. Jordan plants a bug. Mickey finds it right away. 

FRANCO: Pasta's good. CARLY: Do you have a magical connection with it? Best line ever.

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