Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Burt Ramsey ...Bob Hastings GH Vet Has Died

Those of us Veteran GH watchers will mourn the passing of a true legend on our show--Bob Hastings who played Burt Ramsey AKA "Mr. Big".  It was one of the hugest shockers in daytime history at that point.

Emma Samms tweeted: 
So sorry to hear the news of Bob Hastings. He was always such a delight to work with.


sonya said...

Oh wow!! I wonder how he died.

delcodave said...

Back then, before the age of internet and spoilers, you actually were surprised when storylines unfolded and you had the "I didn't see that coming" reaction.

This great actor was in a good storyline and the surprise twist of him turning out to be Mr Big cause us by surprise and made the storyline even juicy.

A toast to a fine, fine actor and to a time when the soaps were truly "must see TV". Kudos and rest in peace.

Cosmoetica said...

He hated that SL cuz it cost him his job.

He was around in B films from the 50s on. I recall an old sci fi film called The Bamboo Saucer that he was in.

LSV422 said...

Too bad it was the end of the road for him on GH because that was one of the best surprises ever. His brother was on ATWT for years.

nance24 said...

I remember him and the sl...sad to see him go

Anon said...

True story: The day of the big reveal for Mr. B, the camera started to pan towards his face at the very end of the episode. I was on the edge of my seat and then the local or national news broke in RIGHT BEFORE HIS FACE WAS SHOWN. I was beside myself and remember throwing my shoes and anything else I could find at the TV.
At any rate, the next day it picked up right there and showed it was Ramsey. I was shocked...great storyline even it was the end of the road for the character.

Anon said...

Found this: Watch Robert take down Burt on location. GREAT SCENE


nance24 said...

thanks for the link Anon

Linda said...

I remember him well. SO sad.

Erik Stone said...

It has been 4 years since actor Bob Hastings died, he played Burt Ramsey on "General Hospital" from 1979 to 1986.