Thursday, December 27, 2012

YOU VOTE: Best/Worst New Character of 2012

A Nurse..
A Bride

So...which NEW characters do you feel was the best/worst of 2012?? Too bad I can't put The Lady in White (Cassandra)  in there, she was LAST year.

Sabrina, the Nurse Betty of the show? 

Felix, her side kick? 

Dr. Obrect? She of spooky accent?? 

Britt? Sex bomb..and possible offspring of said Doc? 

Cawnie? (can we count her?... she is a "NEW" character, yes??) 

You may also pick from OLTL people: Starr, Tea...Todd-- Blair-- John

Trey, even though he's a gonner...

Joe Jr.  Tracy's lovah! 

Ellie...of EllieSpinelli? 

(No recasts ie: NuXtina who would get my vote if possible)

I would nominate the Duke Mask  lol... but that would be cheating! (Scene stealer, he was!!) 


Queenie427 said...
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Queenie427 said...

I vote for Konnie, even though I do not like any of the new characters. I would pick Konnie because she is on the most. I actually like the OLTL additions, with the exception of Starr.

sonya said...

The worst: Dr WestnileBitch!

Best: Todd Manning!! :)

PM61 said...

Best new character: Todd Manning. His adlibs and snarky-ness makes him an enjoyable and believable character. Dude is flawed. Part of his charm.

Worst: Sabrina the teenage nebbish. Walking talking cliche of the awkward, nerdish ugly duckling. Her eventual transition to beautiful swan is so predicable it hurts.

kdmask said...

"Nebbish" oh I love that word1 lol

jerseygirl27 said...

I like Ellie and Sabrina both its kinda of tie for me....

Queenie427 said...

Opps I forgot The Best. That would be Todd for me also. He totally cracks me up. He is a great addition to GH.

friscogh said...

Not liking most of the new characters I would have to go with the Jackel puppy. As I suspect you want an actual person I may have to go with Trey. It took me a while to warm to him and the reality show storyline was lame but I see potential for the character.

My most definite least favorite is a tie between the screaming banshee Tea or the Carly clone Blair. As they only seem to visit the show I would have to go with Connie...far too cartoonish for my liking.

For me 2012 is the year of the return (positive) and the year of the OLTL imports (negative). If the PP news is true perhaps we will say goodbye to the imports in 2013. If I could wish for any more returns it would be Felicia (she is back but never on screen), Robin, Ned, Jax, Skye, Frisco, Sean or Sarah Webber.

I would be happy to say goodbye to Sonny in 2013.

Cosmoetica said...

Connie emerged at the end of 2011, so I think he's out.

Best major one is Todd, by a mile.

Joe Jr was best 'real' newby.

Worst is much harder: Felix is a bad character, but the actor is quite good at the stereotyped princess role.

Britt prob wins for worst- bad character and mediocre, at best, actress.

Devblev said...

Todd is absolutely the best new character. I don't particularly care for Starr, and I absolutely do not like Britt.

kdmask said...

Frisco: The puppy, I shall let you have!! :)

I could see Maurice running to Y&R once SBu got in there...JFP would import him in a nanosecond.

LSV422 said...

Todd by a long shot. I also like McBain and Joe Jr. was good while he lasted. Worst is the Sabrina/Brit combo.

Claire said...

Toss up between Connie and Todd for best. Dr Brittskank for the worst, because ugh. I don't know if it's the role in general, or the actress. I know she's a bad guy and everything, but every time she's on screen, I want to mute the tv. She's nails on a chalkboard.

Elizabeth said...

The best new character would probably be Todd because he has the greatest one liners on television. The worst new character is probably Ellie. I like her, but she is so whiney. She might as well just push Spinelli right into Maxie's arms because if I were Spinelli, I would be running from her at this point.

Gwendolyn said...

Best new character to the show: Todd Manning

Runner up: Felix

The Worst:
Brit Westmore (flat, and we saw Lisa and Maggie)

Runner up:
Trey. He could have had so many more uses, and been a better character. With his father's death, he's become the dead weight he's gonna be.

Anon said...

Best: Todd. And I'll be honest with you, although I have always liked Tony Geary's Luke, if rumors are true and Geary leaves in 2013 I'm all good with it AS LONG AS TODD STAYS ON THE CANVAS. Todd is basically a younger Luke and can put in the screen time these days that Geary can't. Roger H is gold in this role and owns the screen!

Worst: There's several but I'm going to say new XTina. She may be more a Victoria Secret model type than Lexie was, but Lexie can act circles around her and connected with the viewer on an emtional level.

Glad to see go: Steve Burton. It was time - Jason the character was played out for now. Maybe bring him back in a few years or something?

Sorry to see go: Jonathan Jackson - there's a reason this guy is a multiple Emmy winner. He lights up the screen every time he is on it.


Dorothy-ish said...

Todd by far is my favorite addition-
Britt (ICK!) my absolute least favorite this year. Seems like Lisa all over again- and THAT went on way too long!!

Tammy Wynette said...

Anon - I agree 100% with everything you wrote. Just a side note -- Lexi is going to be on an episode of CougarTown in 2013 and she is working on the movie "The Bully Chronicles".

Hope everyone is having a great holiday season! :)

rebeccakeen said...

Best new characters are Ellie & Sabrina.
Worst new characters..Todd,Starr,John,Blair & the AWEFUL Tea'.

ef734ed0-62dd-11e1-8547-000bcdcb5194 said...

Todd as portrayed by RH is certainly the most talented one and he is funny on GH--unfortunately I'll always think of him as a rapist as I do Luke.

Worst--tie Sabrina (so boring and as stated so predictable) and nuXtina (awful recast)

Robert said...

Best? Todd. And his abs.
Worst? Britt has been the only to make me skip a scene but ill take this regime's worst over the last's any day.

Double A said...

Hmmmmm Best new character is Maxie's Baby Dog. I mean seriously it's cute and I love seeing such an adorable dog bring Olivia to the edge of sanity. But seriously if I had to pick it would be either Connie or Britt. I love a good soapy villainess and GH needed a trouble-maker.

My least fave new character was Ellie.... she is just nasally and annoying and about as exciting to watch for an hour as a jar of mayonnaise defrosting on the counter would be.

Oh and I love Trey and Felix, but Trey is gonzo and Felix is just a tad too stereotypical for my liking. Unless they bring back Lucas and Dillon and start some love triangle... now that would be interesting!

loki said...

best new character Todd except he's been my fav character since 1993.

RedSoxFaninVA said...

Best: Todd. He's hilariously flawed and just so entertaining to watch. This is from someone who didn't watch a single eppy of OLTL.

Worst: The stereotypical Britt/Sabrina duo. Those two are so one-dimensional that they could be recast as cardboard cutouts. As much as I appreciate what RC and FV have done with the show, I can't go for these two dumbed-down newbies. I'm talking about the characters more than than the actresses.

Dr Linda said...

I echo so much of what's already been said.

Best: TODD! TODD! TODD! I'm actually starting to really like Connie (big improvement over Kate). Felix has potential. I still miss Joe Jr (considering his short time and his character backstory, that's amazing. they never should have killed him).

Don't hate and nowhere love (trying to like): Ellie- kind of like her but the vocal delivery is getting kiind of annoying. Sabrina has lots of issues but I could live with her. Trey has improved.

Worst: Britch - she's awful. Shawn's "son" - what's up with him - can't even remember his name.

Ooh, just read that Jon Lindstrom is expected to return (YEAH) and so sweet, he's engaged to Cady McClain (ex-Dixie, AMC)

soaplover said...

My least fave addition would be Britt who seems redundant--we've had these bitchy sexy nurse problems before and too often. I'd rather see good dedicated nurses.

My fave newcomer--I'd say John McBain or Todd, but both are old to me since I've watched them for years already. I like Starr better on GH than I did on OLTL. I don't mind Connie so much now, but not crazy about the character, either.

I like but don't yet love Sabrina and Ellie--they are girls more girls can identify with than hot-to-trot connivers like Britt. Don't mind Felix, either. I remember when we had a older but similar character in Elton on GH who worked for Laura at Deception. Anybody remember him? Fans really liked him as comic relief, but perhaps Felix is deeper. Elton had little air time.

Right now I am really missing Luke, anxious to hear How Robert is recovering, eager to see Anna...

AntJoan said...

Does anyone know where Tony G is?

I vote for Joe Jr. as best new actor, and as too soon disposed of.

I hate Britch, so I'll go w/her as my least fave.

Vlaprincess99 said...

Fave: Todd

Worst: Britt

Stephanie Braxton said...

Best: Todd, loved the heart attack scene.

Worse: Sabrina, she's just creepy.

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