Tuesday, December 4, 2012


For the second half of the show!! Loving how IB is acting all "Faison Like"!! He even holds the coat strangely. 

HOW was Dr. WestNile? Felix does a 'make over' on Nurse Betty and she gets lipstick all over her teeth. GOOD GRAVY.


Sam and AJ are bonding over some Q food. 

Britt tries to explain the whole medical procedure in an "Authoritative" voice. She..er.. I could have used a pamphlet instead. How can GH have stellar actors then...just not. oh boy. They SAY Maxie's heart transplant shouldn't be a problem.
I disagree.

Anna catches Robert in NonDuke's apartment.  Whoops. "THIS IS FAISON" says Robert...and then scene. Nice.. 


sonya said...

Lulu and Dante's home: Robert and Dante scene! Awesome!!! Do you really think Robert was just going to stay there and wait for Dante? ROFL!

Metrocourt: Love the Dr O hiding from Robert and sneaking out scene! :) Oh Mulva left for NYC!!!!! :) I wonder why? Ah who cares. :) Dr O calls fake Duke and tells him that Robert has broken into his place. Fake Duke tells Anna and says should he call the police? Anna says I AM the police ROFL! They go and see who broke into his place. Anna sees Robert ROFL! Anna mentions a warrant, and Robert says he left it in the car ROFL! I love you Robert!!!! Robert blurts out Duke is really Faison!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHA!

Ellie and Maxie's home: Felicia and Maxie scene!! Love it!!! Great scene! Felicia is worried about how hard it's going to be to let the baby go. Maxie says just like you did? OUCH! :( Felicia offers to take Maxie to the hospital and wants to be supportive awwww! :) I miss Jen Lilly. :(

The hospital: Oh look Sabrina has a gay friend and his name is Felix! ROFL! He looks like TJ. Felix is attracted to Patrick and calls Brit, Dr Westnile! ROFL! I LOVE Felix!!! :) He even owns his own lipstick ROFL! He puts it on her, but some of it ends up on her teeth ROFL! Patrick sees and laughs. I have got to call Brit, Dr Westnile now hahaha! Wait so Dr. Westnile is an OBGYN?!!?!! Wait Lulu! Did you get Maxie to sign a document yet?!!? You can't start yet until she signs something!

Patrick and Sabrina: Great scene. :) Glad she took the lipstick off. :) Sabrina needs donations from the rich people for the nurses ball. She brings up the 1 percenters! ROFL! Patrick shoots down everyone from the 1 percenters, which is of course Carly, Todd, Johnny, Sonny, and Tracy. :)

Q home: Oh good! More Q backstabbing!!! And a huge teddy bear! ROFL! Sam shows up with baby cheeto and the huge teddy bear is for him! ROFL! I'm surprised the baby didn't get scared over that huge bear! :) Tracy needs Sam's votes and so does AJ! Sam torments Tracy hahaha!

Elizabeth said...

I only caught the second half myself. We have so much going on here, trying to fix things that Hurricane Sandy destroyed. We just had to have the pipe that brings the water into the house fixed and we finally got an estimate for fixing up my apartment in the basement. smh. hopefully, things will quiet down here soon.

On another note, the company that came to fix my pipe is called Balkan Plumbing. I was on the lookout for Brenda and her long sleeves. :)

kdmask said...

elizabeth..first of all bless u for dealing with all that!! Secondly, HAHAHAH on the plumber's name!!

Cosmoetica said...

Sonya: Felix didn't do much for me: too stereotypically over the top gay- esp. w the lipstick. I mean, it's almost 2013, and this is the best they can do with a homosexual character? This is one step above the banishment of Lucas Jones to the Island Of Misfit Boys. Hopefully he'll get a story, and not just be the 'gay Epiphany.' But he did remind me of Big Gay Al from South Park, so Big Gay Felix it is.

Cosmoetica said...

Yeah, and he's black character #2- so we have an over the top gay guy and a fat, in yo' face black woman as the black faces, so to speak, of PC.

Mid 80s we had the Asian Quarter, in the 90s we had the Ward clan and Taggart.

GH seems to be going in reverse re: stereotypes. Hell, even dull Brian and Claudia from the 70s and 80s were better than this.

Cosmoetica said...

Several spoiler boards posting that Todd's son, Jack Manning, is coming to PC, ostensibly to set up a T-Molly-Jack triangle.

For those who think Kelly Sullivan and Lyndsey Morgan are bad actors, get ready, cuz the kid who played Jack was the worst soap actor I can recall- he literally could be seen reading off of cue cards on OLTL. He was that bad, and it's rumored he'll be playing Jack again, not a recast.

Cosmoetica said...

Karen: yester I reposted a spoiler on Ellie you'll love, now one you'll hate. It could be that in 2013, Helena is killed off. Read:

- My source has told me that the Valentin Cassadine story is being reconsidered by the current writers as a potential story for 2013, after the Faison story raps up in February. If this comes to pass, expect this to be an exit story for Helena, who will die at the hands of Valentin, as well as a story that would have Nikolas return to Port Charles, along with other characters from General Hospital's past.


Maybe Connie Towers is just getting too old for the rigors of daytime tv?

LSV422 said...

Well Cosmoetica, Connie will be 80 next year! Of course she looks fabulous and I would hate to see her gone but she just might want to retire at some point. Would LOVE to se Nik come back with good writers. Hope they reconsider with Jack M. - we don't need any more bad actors. Would really like to see more of Liz than Sabrina-cute actress but cringeworthy character and way too young for Patrick. And last but not least, loved Felicia and Maxie, and FH is so wonderful with anyone she works with.

Stephanie said...

Cosmo - where is your blog?

Elizabeth said...

thanks, Karen. I still can't believe that this happened in NYC. you never think it could happen to you. smh.

the Balkan thing was a bright spot. i saw the truck pull up and nearly choked from the laughter. the poor plumbers had no idea what was wrong with me. Obviously, they didn't know about that God awful storyline--more power to them. lol

Brender said...

I found it odd that Sam would talk to AJ at all. I know that he called her to bring over her baby, but it seems like she forgave him pretty fast for someone that is THAT pro Jason...

Unknown said...
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Cosmoetica said...

No blog. I got the spoilers from IMDB. There are a half dozen spoiler people or so, but the 2 most reliable are ones called DougJuliefan and Metallix. Both claim to have insider show friends. Those last 2 were from Metallix.

divaofdfw said...

God, no not Jack. Anything but Jack "What.. the ... hell... are...you..doing...here?" Manning. His folks must have something on someone because there's no way he'd get a job otherwise.