Sunday, September 18, 2011

Emmys... Primetime Does it UP!

What the Freak? Does it sing too?

Why can't the Daytime Emmys do it up like this? Fun songs/montages, sigh. I wish they could put daytime into the primetime somehow.

BEST PART OF THE NIGHT??!! when the Ladies of Comedy got up like Beauty Queens! TOO FUN!! Last year they all wore glasses, remember? Yeah for Melissa McCarthy!! 

Charlie Sheen--awkward..stilted and people didn't respond to him much.
                                      Christian Siriano on HEIDI Klum!! LOVE Seal..hubbah

The Office Sketch with all the characters was awesome!! The Meth with Creed!! ahahhaaa.  TOO FUN.

Modern Family was sweeping it, huh? 

SNL "It's Not Gay if it's a Three-Way" ahahahaha!! 

Glad Friday Night Lights Won for writing but I thought  Boardwalk Empire deserved it. 

Winner! Martin Scorsese, "Boardwalk Empire," Directing, Drama SeriesYeah for Peter that won for "Game of Thrones" but I loved him in "Death at a Funeral" More!!
LOVE Kelly!
Charlie's Angels with DREW!! Annie looked gorgeous!! LOVED her dress!! From GH to the Emmys wow.  You go.

Kyle Chandler has been a fave of mine since Homefront. THAT was an amazing show... Too bad  FNL is cancelled. 

Jane Krakowski ....too beautiful!

 Well, this week on GH will be the JaSam  Wedding-- Franco Frenia.... we'll have a lot to talk  about! See ya tomorrow!!


Anonymous said...

Here's a shot of Annie's dress --

They all looked GORGEOUS!

Carrie said...

I only watched parts of the first hour but I thought it was AWKWARD. It was like no one practiced and was seeing the prompter for the first time. I feel like I was watching the Daytime Emmy's and not the Primetime because production level was so sub-par.

The only nice thing I saw was the best female - comedy. The ladies were good sports and I'm happy for Melissa.

kdmask said...

THANK YOU Anonymous!! :) I couldn't find a pic last night of her on the net I could snag!!

Carrie, isn't that interesting? I enjoyed it for the first time in YEARS. Maybe it was the wine I drank? LOL

Rita Pita said...

Loved Annie's dress. She is so so lovely. Let's hope she can act cause her stint with GH left me less than impressed. Yes partly due to her story, but also she just didn't have "it".

I agree Carrie, I thought the show was awkward last night.

Anonymous said...

A better shot of Annie and the Angels -


kdmask said...

Rita, really? WOW,isn't that funny. The only really awkward moment I saw was Charlie Sheen. Don't think he meant his words LOL

Mamaspat Ole said...

I really enjoyed the show loving this dvr thingie I can skip thru all the commercials and I muted Charlie Sheen.Sick of him....

My2Cents2 said...

I thought the award show entertainment was plain stupid.
Very unimpressed.

Charlie Sheen..WOW that was a SHOCKER to see, however, in fairness, he interviewed on Jay Leno last week, and he behaved very humbly and you could tell he had regrets. Last night didn't come off that way, I think he was very nervous about being back on stage. However, he has to do what he has to do to get back to doing something to make the kind of money he did.

Annie.....OMG how far she has come from Ethan!! lol

I liked (alot) 2 dress's. Neither which will win on Fashion Police.
Julianna Margolius...and Gwendoth.
BOTH looked awesome.

Glad to see that the guy who portrayed Bobby Kennedy in the 'Kennedys' won. I think his name was Barry Pippens. He was great in the role.

Mamaspat Ole said...

Please someone tell me who were the guys singing the memorial tribute?

My2Cents2 said...

Not sure who was singing it.
Wasn't impressed.
Did you like it??