Sunday, December 27, 2015

Sunday Surgery: Holiday Feels

CATV 3 20151222 1357(36)

Such an interesting week. I was so frustrated and then Friday came along and little GH heart went pitter-patter. All the holiday notes were just there, waiting for me to smile at them! 

Since It's after Christmas, I'm having egg nog (Not my fave but I'll try some) and cookies! Hope you had a good one and are ready to settle in for a long winter's read! 

CATV 3 20151221 1303(13)

My Best Dressed was Molly--loved her look. I am over the MOON that Krissy may be flunking out of wherever she goes to college and possibly stay  home. This is SO needed on this show. They are the perfect age too. 

CATV 3 20151221 1309(24)

Also loved Nina's dress. She and Tracy were good and yeah that Monica was around! But let's talk about the Gala itself, shall we?

CATV 3 20151221 1310(47)

I'm not sure if it was just me but boy, did it feel choppy and just plain strange. Some of the direction/editing was really weird as well. I felt like little groups were huddled around (and some in the hallway) and then inserted here and there. Paul's "speech" was interrupted with him finding the note and panties from Ava - (we'll get to that porno movie later). Carly ran home back and forth to tend to Sonny who was too mopey to get out of his house. 

CATV 3 20151222 1334(7)

Beautiful Song by India. I wished they had more of the GH cast sing too..but.. you know, we had to get to 6 other stories before that! 

CATV 3 20151221 1316(11)

Then, ....we have GREECE where the guns are a blazing looking for Robin. Which was really funny considering the entire "Gala" was a "Guns for Cash" event to keep them away from the children. :eyeroll: 

CATV 3 20151221 1327(2)

Insert MopeyVonSonny-Son... who is also so concerned about the guns in town he's trying to find the gun-runner. :gigantic sigh: 

CATV 3 20151221 1357(2)

Insert Flawless Liz...looking longingly at ...

CATV 3 20151221 1357(25)

JaSam who are talking on the balcony. Liz runs to a roof on the lower level and sits in her pashima and cries. Why you ask? Oh, just wait and ye shall see just why she had to be at the ready!! 
PS. JaSam got nowhere relationship, btw. They yabbered about the past..yada yada. blah blah..same stuff as for WEEKS. It was basically pointless save for the part where Liz is on the slab.

CATV 3 20151221 1355(43)

Inset Julexis...with the cutest proposal! First he asked the "Girls" if he could have their blessing. Molly even caved. Alexis was so damn happy. I hope HOPE that Jules stays out of the mob and they are happy for a bit. I know he's a murderer..and nasty and all that but this couple is awesome. There's the Olivia/Leo dynamic too. I'm willing to forget his past for a bit and linger with some good old Soapy Couple FUN. I need a damn wedding without bullets too. Can you imagine the girlies helping Alexis ready for her big day? Or the hen night party!!?? Call me a hypocrite because of my Sonny disgust but Julian hasn't been on the show for 600 years. And hell, Ava's taking over that head of the fam role. Let me have this little light? Ok? 

CATV 3 20151222 1356(10)

Insert yet another story line; Sabrina tells Michael that Carlos is indeed, the baby daddy. Carlos was there by the way-- dressed as Santa Claus, to tell Sabrina goodbye. Michael didn't know who he was and even paid him before he left! (one of my fave parts). Michael is hurt. Mad. Mad-Hurt. As I remember it they weren't even really sleeping together when Carlos was on the loose but whatever. This whole story is WRONG in so many ways. If you're keeping the character of Sabrina, make the baby a Q and let that DNA dynasty grow. Have them move into the mansion and get the family going. I realize TC needs maternity time off but this is what you come up with? 

CATV 3 20151222 1320(26)

Insert "love in the afternoon"  for Christmas week because it's the time to have a little Shades of Paul going on !!???  Ava got Paul up to a room and stripped and then he tied her to the bed. Did this really have to happen at the Gala?  

CATV 3 20151222 1335(34)

You know who walked in, right? Yep. Everyone was all happy about Paul being nice to Tracy in his speech.  And BOOM. The Camera lingered on Tracy's face for what felt like a full 30 seconds. lol

20151224 0730(3)

Inserting:  Lulu didn't go to the Ball-- and Dante and Valerie had to work. Actually, they had to meet and snog in the park while on duty. I love Dom Z, I really do. Met him once and he's the nicest guy, and really seems to care about GH. But his scenes with Val have been so flat. The character of "Dante" is so not into her, it's painful. That's my take anyway.  I actually like Val with Johnny. She's a totally different person, imo.

20151224 0802(7)

Ok, so... in THIS side-story, Johnny talks to Val in the park while a photographer gets pics of him giving her money. Since she doesn't know he's a wanted fugitive, it's totally going to look like he's bribing her. Heh.  Hero Johnny! 

CATV 3 20151222 1308(16)

Back to Greece, where Patrick finds Robin in the Faux-Q crypt. He thinks she's dead. Well, just like Juliet, she's sleeping..or Aurora..or Snow White. You get the idea. Patrick actually leans down, kisses her and..
She wakes up! 

I'm not even commenting on this other than to say I'm sure the Scrubs Fans were joyful. 
Later, Anna and Robert come in and they all fly to Paris to see little Emma.  They dress like Mr and Mrs Clause and give gifts and Awwwwww. :sniffles: 

20151224 0725(26)

BUT WE MUST talk about "The Fall'!!! Yes!! The FALL.... I couldn't get a good photo of Nikolas going over the side. They were all too dark.  Now, if you didn't watch (and even if you did) you need to know that people are fighting over what actually happened on the balcony. Nikolas started it up with Jason. I thought it was strange he was all of a sudden so pissy ...but I guess it was for this to happen. They fight..he ends up lunging at Jason and flips over the rail. Hayden is saying that Jason basically pushed him over. I watched about 10x and no, Nikolas was running to punch him and fell off. Ergo... although Jason is on my last nerve, he didn't toss him off. So.... point to Jason fans.

20151224 0726(2)

Liz was all over Nikolas when he took that header over the edge. He hit the scaffolding and hurt himself but is now on a ventilator (Borrowed from Sonny). 

20151224 0804(4)

Breathe In...Breathe Out...Breathe In ...Breathe Out.. Nikolas need not worry, every Cassadine from Stavvy to Kat Bell (by proxy) to Stefan have fallen way farther than you have and survived.

20151224 0740(43)

Oh! Yeah, Lucas being the only doc in town, did show up to stitch up Nikolas. BTW-- he's a full doctor now I guess?  Just about the whole of PC came in as well. I don't know about you, but this was another very strangely directed scene as well. The camera cuts were just .."off". 

20151224 0749(21)

We got several large Laura-Mama faces too. 

20151224 0752(21)

This one even included her rope-necklace! 

20151224 0804(2)

And of course... the "OMG I love you my boy" face.


20151225 1720(21)

Mama Feels...... 

20151225 1753(54)


20151225 1754(45)

Selfie Feels....

20151225 1655(39)

BFF Feels....

20151225 1750(19)

Finally...Scorpio Feels 

20151224 0735(18)

If you read my blog during the Mon-Thurs, I had a full on melt-down over Billy Miller. I'm sticking by that melt-down, btw. I watched 2 episodes again just to make sure I wasn't being bitchy for no reason. NOPE. Even Steve had a limited 'range'--yes, he was "Stone Cold" but it wasn't Zombie-Bored most of the time. I'm so tired of the same facial expressions when he's with every person he interacts with.
Well, Save one. 

20151225 1656

I did see a little light at the end of the tunnel. He and Maurice were very engaged and having a bit of fun. I saw a genuine smile.  Since they've told us 100x that Jason isn't "Jason" anymore please give this guy a damn personality.  Yeah, he may have had a frontal lobe injury but come on...

CATV 3 20151222 1329(13)

BTW, anyone else want Carly to just STFU for awhile? Just go away. Go stay with Joss wherever the hell she is. Just Shut IT! 

20151225 1656(44)

SCENE OF THE WEEK:  Yep. Going for the total schmaltz.  Robin and Emma... Followed by the Scorpio Clan.  I don't even care that it took a dopey "kiss" to wake her up. LOL Nope.

CATV 3 20151221 1355(34)

PERFORMER OF THE WEEK:  I don't usually include this--but I'm making an exception. I really loved NLG in these scenes. She sold me on her love for Julian despite his past. We all have those boys that "got away" and here she is lucky enough to relive her wild past as an adult. She played these with perfection. Bravo. 

20151224 0752(29)

FACE OF THE WEEK: Another variation of the one above. I also saw Genie as the Dynasty-Style older lady in this. Which ages me too, damn it. LOL. I still don't like that necklace tho. 

20151225 1652

PERFECT CASTING OF THE MONTH: Look at that Santa~!! He even got Rocco to lighten up! He was so twinkly and I think he was the real one. :giggle: 

So, yes, GH delivered in the end.  That Santa up there was just great. The Scorpio stuff was good too. I think the whole Balcony thing was "thrown in" (or off, you know what I mean!).  Just a mashup of a week, no? 

So this next week is going to be interesting. My hubs fam is coming here from England and I will be entertaining. ERGO..the blog will be hit and miss. I do have a great piece to put up from Dave for a nice New Year's touch! I'll get it  up next week for a good surprise. 

Hope your holiday was as fun as mine. We are still enjoying record-great weather.  
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