Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Huron Your Own

GET IT??!! I crack myself up sometimes....lol  Yes, today You are on Your Own. Busy Tuesday around here. GH is getting to the point where you really have to watch almost daily so you don't miss anything. I didn't realize Connie would find out about Trey this quickly. 

Use this for comments. I'll pop on when I can.  


kdmask said...

Was there no show today!?

Andrea said...

Saw it in pieces because I have to get my kids in the middle.

Jason and Spin deduced that Heather hangs out at the "shack" So Jason gets ready to go see her, and for some reason Steven Larrs calls Spin to tell him Heather has escaped. So Jason doesn't have to go; now I guess that will use there powers of deduction to figure out where she is.

When Oivia saw Kate she saw her as Connie, very funny. Connie leaves her after giving her a brush? to go see Johnny and tell him that she is baaaaack.

Sonny has figured out that Trey is Joe Jr's son by Michael telling him that Treys father recently got out of jail.

Lante was on today too, some cute stuff, then Steven called him to tell him that Heather was missing.

kdmask said...

It must have been awful if no one bothered to comment at all.Or you all hate me lol

Lori said...

Actually there was lots of Coo Coo Connie stuff today which was pretty funny. The looks she gives when she turns away from people are priceless!

Jason and Spinelli figured Heather may have had something to do with Fronkey Jr's disappearance but in the end find out she has escaped the looney bin

Johnny lied to Carly about what the big secret is - he said he borrowed mob money to help pay off Jerry.

Todd lied to Jax about what the big secret is - he said he saw Johnny dancing around in women's undies :D (these 2 were fantastic, as usual)

Michael and Starr were rather boring but Michael and Sonny were actually interesting. Not so much mindless Sonny yammerin the same lines over and over. I love that Carlivati gave Sonny a brain transplant all of a sudden and he can figure out who Trey's dad is in 1 episode. Bravo, there are signs of life up there in that head once again!

Best part of the show for me is the fact that LSD crazy Olivia is the only one speaking logically... and she is the only one who can see Kate is actually Connie right now. Hilarious!!

AntJoan said...

Um, how long has Olivia been in the hospital? I know one "day" on GH can last months, but, even taking that into account, HOW FRIGGIN' LONG HAS OLIVIA BEEN IN THE HOSPITAL?

Love4dogs said...

Argghh..My power went out!! I got some of it but haven't finished watching yet.

sonya said...

Huron your own!!! ROFL! I get it Karen. :)

Jason and Spinny: Talking about Sam's baby and Heather. Blah blah blah. Oh they find out Heather has escaped ferncliff!!!

Lulu and Dante: They are working on making a baby! :) Awww! :) And if they have a son, Dante wants to call their son DJ. :) Dante Jr! ROFL! Steve calls Dante about Heather and Olivia!

Carly and Johnny: Johnny is such a liar!!! Carly wants to know what he is keeping from her, and he says, he got the money for Jerry, from the MOB!!!!!

Jax and Todd: Jax wants to know what Johnny's secret is! Todd says that Johnny dances to the cha cha and wears women's underware ROFL! And then Todd shows Jax ROFL! Todd wins the line of the day! :)

Sonny's home: Connie pretends to be Kate, and then whenever Connie leaves Sonny or Michael, she has this angry face ROFL! Michael tells Sonny all about Joe Jr Jr Jr's father. Sonny realizes that Joe Jr is Trey's father!!

Steve, Olivia, and Connie: Steve doesn't want Olivia to be left alone, so he calls Kate. Connie shows up and Olivia notices that it's Connie!!! She is right!!! Connie is pretending to be Kate!!! :)

mosbp said...

I wondered the same thing about Olivia being in the hospital, but there was one episode in which they said she was still having too many hallucinations to be released...

bumchickabowbow said...

Wow...Connie and Trey. Connie's growing on me in a weird way. I've kind of wanted to scream and insult Trey since he came on the show...she did it for me :)

Avalonn said...

I haven't watched GH yet, busy times lately. I'll watch a little later, can't wait!

soaplover said...

Things just keep moving along and just about every episode has something satisfying these days!

If you don't like one story, there are enough more to invest in. I love this kind of writing--giving most fans something they enjoy. If you like Lulu and Dante it was an 'aw gosh' day.
If you like Sonny and Kate, it gave each good moments. When Sonny gave Connie a long loving kiss Connie smiles, turns her back and grimaces a 'patooey!'

Jax and Todd--love that Todd didn't buy what Todd was selling. Todd is still kind of shaking his head over Jax being Carly's hubby--THAT is pretty steep competition, Todd.

I even liked Jason and Spin figuring things out fast.
You really have to tune in these days!

sonya said...

soaplover says If you don't like one story, there are enough more to invest in. I love this kind of writing--giving most fans something they enjoy
Yup!! That's what GH did back in the day!!! Glad Ron is going back to that! :)

LSV422 said...

I may be in the monority here, but I think KS is a horrible actress. She overacts constantly and those faces she makes are ridiculous. I kind of felt bad for Trey - he was crying. There is no way Olivia would be kept in the hospital for so long, but she was right on the money. Lovd the Todd/Jax scenes - I don't want Jax to ever leave. Johnny is such a liar. And so is Todd.