Thursday, September 13, 2012

Genie Francis OFF Young and Restless!

Get over to Daytime Confidential and read all about it!! We know no love is lost between she and the exGH producer Jill Farren Phelps. Well, guess that carried right over to Y&R. GOOD FOR US!!! EEEE! 


Andrea said...

YES!!!! Please hire her back to GH


Deb K said...

Valentini commented, “I would just say that there is rich history that General Hospital has and there are many wonderful characters on the show right now, and in addition some people we are interested in bringing back. At this point unfortunately contracts forbid us to talk about things like that, but all I will say is we are big fans of Genie, I wish her the best, but I think we are pretty solid right now.”

What does that mean?? Of course that was said months ago, things change on a daily basis!

love2chat402000 said...

I think Genie is coming back as it's been in the works for a while. She went to Y&R because she was playing a woman who was not the victim but was agressive, assertive, sometimes scheming. On Oprah we all saw the interview where she said she was tired of being written as the victim. Guza and Frons weren't kind to her but hopefully Cartini would be.

mosbp said...

I know GF has many fans, but I honestly don't care if she comes back...I fully admit though that my attitude toward her has more to do with the storylines surrounding Laura than it has with the actress. I'm not against her returning- I just can't get excited about the possibility.

dar said...

mosbp, I agree. I have no real interest in having her back.

friscogh said...

I agree, not overly interested in her coming back either. I'd rather see Lucy, Skye, Ned, Dillon, Robert, Scotty or Frisco return (or Alan, Georgie or AJ from the dead).

The only thing that excites me about a possible Laura return is perhaps it will free Anna from being paired with Luke. That pairing has way too much of an icky factor. Anna needs a younger, hotter man - Shawn, Coleman, McBain - or to be a strong single woman!

LSV422 said...

I love GF, and I agree that she should be with Luke and not Anna. Also, to me the best part of Laura was her relationship with Nik and Lucky, who are both gone. She wasn't around at all when JJ was back. Aside from being Lulu's mom and maybe a future granny, I don't really see much for her to come for.