Monday, December 7, 2009

Sonny: Dimples on High Beam today!

NEW GH SPOILERS are up! WUBS NET..and if you can, hit an ad or two! thx

AMC is so unwatchable. The whole Kendyl thing? OMG! I turned it off and I'm not turning it on again-- until you all tell me it's safe.

OLTL...loved the real parking lot. Love touches like that. Heh.Roxy calls Fish "Trout"..I think she and Kyle's friendship is so wonderful. Hate crime stuff. They are timely. I mean, it's behind in the Real World but for soaps, it's good.
All American Rejects on again. Oh, a little Adam Lambert action? I THINK SO!!
I really don't like Leyla and Christian. Leya is just boring.

Fans Giving Back: Great charity website...take a look at their BLOG and find out the newest soap celeb to join! If you ever want to know what soaps are involved in which charity events, just go there and LOOK! The "House that GH built" is coming up--and ALberta Wubs will be there! If you'd like to still donate for the Saturday build check out the LA Habitat for Humanity page. Did you know she has a new Facebook fan page? Just search "Alberta Wubs"..join her adventures!
THE SHOW: Jax...shut up. I mean, the words they are making him say? ugh.
OlSon...Lisa LoCicero is just fab with anyone. It's so 'backwards glance' to the whole SKate thing though, isn't it? Bensonhurst nostalgia? Sonny's dimples are on high wattage today! DOM walks in on Mom and Dad. heh.
Liz is making no sense. I think Helena would have a field day with all of this if she were back.
Carly admits that she and Lucky are family. IT'S TIME FOR BOBBIE to show up! 'member her??! BOBBIE!
Jason..just kill Franco. Just do it. I'm over this already. There, I said it. It's going to be so dragged out. The fact that he taped 2 days and it's going to be 2 months of "story" is about all that can be said.
WOW, GH is a snoozer today. The only part I liked was Tracy, Luke and Ethan.
Anyone else like Odwalla Bars? I love the Berry one. yummy. ;) and they are on sale for 89cents this week! woo hoo!


  1. The Car is a Morgan Motor Car

  2. i am also over the whole Franco thing. The funny thing is that this has made GH more mainstream. I was talking about the karaoke the other day and one of my friends that doesn't watch was asking about James Franco being on the show. it was hilarious. she wanted to watch him, and i told her that his storyline is so bad that it wouldn't be worth it to watch just for him.

  3. Thanks for the heads up on the show yesterday! I FF through most of it. I am tired of it all. Why not show more characters that we actually care about? Bring more Scrubs and hospital staff!!