Tuesday, September 15, 2020

SO much happening!

 What's your fave part of GH right now? I'm liking the hospital stuff!! yeah!! 

Monte Carlo: Robert in a TUX! Olivia is thrilled to be on a "Spy Mission" lol She goes to order drinks while Robert walks around. A guy comes up to her, he's a part owner.. people were saying on  Twitter that he was on when Cassandra was. Olivia acts like it's her honeymoon with "Liam" and they could either get a new car or take a romantic trip. The owner seems to buy that story but not sure. 

Brook Lynn hides Ned's phone with the message from Olivia on it. Then she tells Ned to get out of the room when Portia wants to read her test results. 

Ned can't find his phone.  Brook erases the memo from Olivia. Chase comes in and asks about her voice. She says it's a 'process'. 

Dante's Doc has news for him. He tells him Mike is dying. Dante is sad, talks about Mike a bit.  I was hoping he'd fly home. He thinks about life if Mike had lived and they were together. Mike tells him "not to hide from his family" . 

Felix and Carly talk about Mike. Sonny tells Michael he can't take a break from Mike's bedside because they lost too much time before.  Felix comes in and tells Sonny he thinks Mike is comfortable. CarSon just sit with him. Mike's not moving much and you can hear that rattle breathing. 
Carly daydreams about Mike, Sonny and Dante coming home from a Yankees Game. Then she has a dream where he's just talking to her. OMG, made me tear up. Sniff. 

Ava calls Jules from the cabin. Says it's "glamping"... but creepy. Someone IS wandering around in the bushes. She's paranoid. The door opens and..she clunks NIKOLAS on the head lol. Nikolas says "I know Franco is here"! She laughs and says how dumb he is. THEY are SO SEXY! Ava says "I have more willpower in my little pinky that you do in your ENORMOUS..GIANT.. private plane"!! ahahaha OMG. They try to out seduce each other and they KISS !! well, COVID KISS !! hoorrayyy!! Sexy Scene !! they do have zex but off camera. 



  1. It was a good show today. Moved right along.
    Bout time Ava/Nik did the deed. I like them together.
    Sadly my favorite part of GH right now is Mike's departure. I just love watching him work.

  2. I've been in tears every time I see Mike. I wasn't sure about everyone having dreams of what life would be like if Mike lived, but all of the actors have been knocking it out of the park. I don't want Mike to go, can they bring Max Gail back as another character. He is such a gem.

    1. Early on I was so hoping for a misdiagnosis.

    2. "Gary says can they bring Max Gail back as another character. He is such a gem."

      Yes!!!! I would love that!!!! He IS a gem!!!

    3. My Mother passed on Jan. 24 of this year, much the same way Mike is passing. She had pneumonia, and looked just like Mike is looking now. The family was at her bedside, and took turns saying our good-byes. This is such an amazing story with such amazing acting that I want to watch, but it is so painful to watch. I know others also have similar experiences.

  3. very confused - I thought Brook Lyn liked Olivia - is she punishing Ned? LOVE LOVE Robert Scorpio!!!!!!!

  4. Their sex scene was hilarious with their talking!! 🤣😂 But finally, I knew they'd do it! I also knew it was him lurking...nosy pants. 😂
    Today was really good!
    Can I just say, and it may just be me, but I'm really loving this Brook Lynn, I know she's only filling in, and don't get me wrong, cause I loved our other BL but she's so good she's grown on me and I saw chemistry with her and Chase today! But..I do wish Brook would get over herself and forgive Ned.

    1. I like this Brook Lynn, too. But man as Sonya said, she needs to pull up her diaper already and grow up, lol!

    2. So true. She's a woman in her thirties; not a petulant teenager. She just keeps coming across as spoiled and rude.

  5. Monte Carlo casino:

    Robert and Olivia: I love this!!!! :) Thank you writers!!!! :) At first I thought she was calling him Leo! :) Olivia has flawless skin!!! Robert in a tux is yummy!!!

    Olivia and Bartender: Olivia trying to get the bartender's attention was gold! :) She wins the line of the day!

    Olivia: YO!

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! The Brooklyn inside of her came out! :) Brooklyn meaning the place she was born, not Ned's daughter.

    Olivia, Robert, and Rudge: This guy is named Rudge and someone on twitter was talking about the guy that killed Morgan!!!

    WSB private room:

    Captain Kirk and Dante: I hope when it's time for Dante to go back to Port Chuckles, that Captain Kirk goes with him. What are those square things against the wall near the light switch? It looks like post it notes!! Hmmm there is a door next to the light switch! IS THAT THE BATHROOM?!!?!! :) Oh look now it's Dante's turn to have fake flashbacks about Mike.

    Mike's private room: Oh man this is heartbreaking!!! Mike!!!! :( Carly's dream about Mike is so beautiful. That dream made her be in peace. Sonny is now having a fake flashback of his own. Who next? Brooky?

    The hospital:

    Portia and Ned: Yeah Ned. You can't know anything about Brooky's health! She is an adult although she is acting like a 2 year old.

    Brooky's room:

    Ned and Brooky: Make 2 year old Brooky stop!!!!! Maybe she needs her diaper changed.

    Chase and Brooky: Hmmmm he is helping her. :) Team Brase! :) Well since Chillow are not going to be back together anytime soon, Brase can be with each other for now.

    The cabin:

    Nava: I thought it would be either Nik or BobTodd being there.. Okay Nik it is! :) Oh the sensual mating dance! ROFL! Oh my the carona kiss! OH MY THE CARONA SEX! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! WOOT WOOT! :)Love how the scene looked when they had carona sex. Nicely done!

    Ava: Nicolas.

    Nik: Yes or no.

    Ava: Yes!

    Nik: Good answer.

    Yeah I have no idea what that exchange was about. What was the question?

    1. Line of the day is perfect! Olivia was cracking me up!

      I believe the unspoken question between Nik and Ava was "wanna do it again?" Lol!

    2. "Julie H says, Line of the day is perfect! Olivia was cracking me up!"

      She cracks me up too!!! :)

      "I believe the unspoken question between Nik and Ava was "wanna do it again?" Lol!"

      ROFL! I'm glad she said yes then!!! :)

  6. Winston Rudge was Olivia Jerome's henchman.

    1. "Unknown says, Winston Rudge was Olivia Jerome's henchman."

      Yeah someone said that on twitter. :) Wow!

    2. The actor David S Lee also played the younger/middle-aged Charles Widmore on LOST.

    3. This is one of the reasons I read this blog, thank you! I knew Rudge had been on GH before but didn't know when, and on other shows. LOST! I would have never remembered that! :)

    4. "LiamAZ says, The actor David S Lee also played the younger/middle-aged Charles Widmore on LOST."

      HE WAS ON LOST?!?!! Wow!!!! :)

  7. I don't say this often, but Carly was great yesterday. LW's acting was terrific and I was misty eyed right along with her. I am so going to miss Max Gail.

  8. I was completely satisfied with Tuesday's episode of "GH." Every segment was great. I can't remember the last time I said that.


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