Monday, September 14, 2020

Ryan's Bar

 Ok! MONDAY !! I was out to lunch and got here just in time to watch live. 

Boy, does it feel like fall or what? It does here. I'm hoping you're not in the fire-zone :( My cousin's land in Oregon is in danger. So scary. 

Nina and Jax in NYC ..they found the lady that bought the necklace. Someone Caufield. They are in Ryan's Bar! WILL DELIAH Be there?? Nina tells Jax about Silas and Ava. Her mom injecting her to have a miscarriage, that it didn't work and she was in a coma.

Robert and Olivia in Monte Carlo... have to take the honeymoon suite. LOL Ned is trying to call her, wonders where she is.  Robert knows Holly is alive. Olivia's not so sure. Olivia doesn't take Ned's call.  The call from Holly came from a casino in Monte Carlo..owned by Cassandra Pierce. They are going over there in a tux and gown! :)


Britt tells Felix, Franco and Kevin she's COS..ahahaha. They all can't believe it.  Franco tells her to leave Liz alone. Julian steps out of the elevator.  Then She tells Franco that the "art therapy thing" is disposable. Kevin figures out that Cyrus wants Britt around to get rid of people at GH that 'know how things work'. 

Jason is visiting Mike. He says he'll take care of his family, don't worry.  Brook Lyn says goodbye, so does Michael.  Michael has a 'what if" daydream about Mike, he and Wiley. 

Ava tells Sonny she can take Avery to help out at this time. HE's like: Um you trying to take advantage of the situation? He says she can take Avery on one condition. She has to take her to the CABIN?? Ava's like the one that Nelle Benson was at? Sonny says yes, she's not going to be there, she's long gone. I have no clue why Sonny wants her to go there. 

Sasha is obviously hooked on COKE.. :eyeroll: She's late to a meeting with Lucy. Lucy tells her she'd better be on her best game for the big meeting tomorrow. Ned comes in and Lucy says she's so sorry about Brook, how can she help? Ned says "promise to VOTE FOR ME"!  Sasha tells him to leave Lucy alone. Ned apologizes. Sasha and Ned talk (get him away from her). 

Ava calls to tell Nik she's not going to be home tonight.  

Brook listens to Olivia's message for Ned. 

Nik sends Franco a text about a 'commissioned' painting. Franco thinks it real but doesn't know who sent it. 


  1. I wonder if Ava or Avery will find Nelles necklace that's paying on the ground out there.

    1. I thought I saw some law enforcement person retrieving the half-heart necklace lying on the ground. I think I saw it in a preview of the next GH a few weeks ago, but then it wasn't on the next GH. Did anyone else see this?

    2. They only showed the officers foot, with the necklace stuck in or on some grassy brush below him. He never saw or touched it

  2. Isn't Phyllis Caulfield Nelle's mother?
    Wardrobe is weird. Sasha barely dressed. Olivia, first in a bride's dress, now in a lady of the night's dress.
    Delia was my favorite on Ryan's Hope. Wanted to change my name.
    Wow...BrookLyn speaks like nothing ever happened. That was fast.
    Still NuNik to me is very annoying.

  3. I read that Felix heard Julian and Britt and heard that Julian knew about the baby switch - did that not happen? Yep, I bet Ava finds that necklace. WHY would you send Ava to a deserted cabin?????? STUPID!

    1. He didn't hear the beginning of the conversation when Britt talked about the baby secret, just the end part when she said she knew his secrets.
      Julian might be THE most blackmailed character in GH history.

    2. Felix didn't hear all the conversation

  4. "Boy, does it feel like fall or what?"

    ROFL! I know!!! BRRRR! :) But it's supposed to be 70 tomorrow and then 81 on Wednesday! :)

    "I'm hoping you're not in the fire-zone :( My cousin's land in Oregon is in danger."

    Oh no! How awful. I hope your cousin is okay!

    The hospital:

    Brooky's room:

    Brooky and Liz: Wow!!! Brooky can talk now. That was quick. She is a fast healer!!

    Brooky and Ned: Yikes!!!! Brooky how long are you going to be angry at your dad? It's time to bury the hatchet. And not in his head! When is Lois coming?

    Nurses station:

    Britch and Felix:

    Felix: After I thought we were mercifully done with you, here comes the bi

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! He would have won the line of the day, but Robert wins it.

    Britch and BobTodd: Did Britch just fire BobTodd? I think she is just cranky cus she has carona hair. The look on his face though! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Britch and Julian: Well, I guess he isn't interested in the carona hair either. Britch you gotta just read the book he is just not that into you! Oh Felix!!! You missed what she just said! You are too late!

    *Julian walks away from Britch*


    Julian: Hush! I am not interested anymore.

    Julian Jr: But I am!!!! :(

    Friz: Oh oh! They have to have a family meeting!!! :) Oops not right now though he has to go!!!

    Mike's room:

    Jason and Mike: :(

    Brooky and Mike: :(

    Michael and Mike: Now it's Michael's turn for the fake flashbacks! UGH!

    Sonny and Ava: When Ava said she wants to take Avery, I was wondering if Sonny is going to think she is manipulating him! Yup I was right!!! UGH! Ava IS being sincere! Come on Sonny! Oh okay glad he agrees. IN THE CABIN?! Well okay. I just hope Nelle doesn't show up! Oh wait maybe I do. :) Then Sonny might feel like an idiot! :)

    Ryan's bar in NYC:

    Nax: Oh!!! History lesson! Love it! :)

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Sasha and Lucy: Sasha can't stop thinking of the drugs! She is having a love affair with it. She is in love with it!

    Ned and Lucy: Great scene!!!! :) Uh shut up Sasha.

    Ned: My grandfather was particularly fond of you.

    Uh don't forget Lila!!!!!

    Ned and Sasha:

    "Karen says, Sasha and Ned talk (get him away from her)."

    Yeah!!! Ned stay the hell away from coke head Sasha!!!

    Monte Carlo hotel:

    Robert and Olivia: SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! :) We get to see the adventure! YAY! Hey Olivia call him hotshot! I love that! :) Ohhh this is when Robert wins the line of the day.

    Robert: No guns! They don't like that kind of thing.

    ROFL! Ohhhhhhhh Robert looks yummy in the suit! :) Olivia looks great!

    *Olivia calls Ned*

    Olivia: I'll explain it all to you when I see you face to face.

    No mom!!! You tell dad everything in a voicemail message!!! Come on!!!!!

  5. I missed the first half hour, stupid DVR lol! I'm trying to look at the Mike "what ifs" as a chance for the actor to be with everyone one last time to act, and not lay in a bed! I was fine with Michael but the Joss thing was way too long.

    Liv and Robert, still fun to watch and I'm loving it!

    Brookie needs to grow up and why did she look so pissed off after hearing Olivia's message? Sasha needs to go away. Why is she even around?

    And boy, Nik was looking good yesterday. Can't quite put my finger on it but I find him very purty! :)

    1. "Julie H says And boy, Nik was looking good yesterday. Can't quite put my finger on it but I find him very purty! :)"

      YES! Very purty! :)


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