Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Electronic Speech

 WELL the end of the show yesterday was blast-tastic!! LOL THIS is exactly what a soap should be. Shocking. :) YEP Loved it. 

Carly has a nightmare where Nelle is all bloody. The MOSS is huge today LOL Jax comes over. They talk about the fact she did't tell Sonny. Carly is afraid Nelle isn't dead.  She tells Jax about the nightmare she had. He said it's just a dream. He asks if she'll tell Sonny. She says not now because of Mike. 

Jason is at the Q Mansion. Willow and Michael (Mildew) are talking. They skirt around the kiss. Michael then talks to Jason about his feelings. About Nelle yada yada. Then he tells him he kissed Willow. Jason isn't surprised. 

Sonny and Felix look in on Mike. Sonny doesn't want Mike to be alone.  Sonny reads him the racing form. Mike says "ponies".. Sonny wants to take Mike to the track one last time. Aww, he shaves Mike. 

Alexis and dead Neil....(great make up on him btw)... Sam is home, Alexis yells for her to come upstairs. Alexis then calls 911. Neil's body gets taken away and Valerie questions Alexis.  Alexis says he had no heart trouble that she knows of... Alexis cries and talks to Sam about how great Neil was yada yada. SAM IS ACTING LIKE A ROBOT?? This is so strange. She has NO emotion. 


Brook Lynn is still mad at Ned. He wants her to come back home. She's like SHUT UP NO! Olivia tells her to forgive Ned. Brook says Nope. Ned begs her to come home but she doesn't want to. Olivia tells Ned she's going to go see Dante. 


Mike is going to the track with Sonny and Carly..Felix arranged it. 


  1. Thank you for the info since the president interrupted GH here. I was so hoping Neil being dead was a dream.

  2. I couldn't believe Sam today. Alexis was showing such raw emotion and Sam looked bored. It was unbelievable.

  3. So Mike was on his last leg and now he's going to the track? You can live a while without food, but not without water. If he can't swallow, HOW IS HE STILL HERE?

  4. Carson kitchen: Man the Tribbles are a mountain!!!! The Tribbles has got Corona hair! ROFL! The Tribbles needs a bigger bowl to be in! Oh look their cousin the plant is near the window. :)

    Carly and Jax: Man Jax's eyes. :) CarJax are bonding over what happened. :) Sonny and Nina won't like it!

    Mike's private room:

    Mike and Sonny: Breaking my heart!!!! :( Hi Felix. :( Yes let's go to the tracks! Time to bet on a horsey! Felix how are you and your boyfriend doing?

    Carly, Mike, Sonny, and Jason: Everyone can go see the horsey's!!! Well Jason can't go, but hey why aren't they inviting Brando? He loves horsey's too!!! That is so rude Sonny! You should ask your new boyfriend!!!!

    Q home:

    Michael and Willow: What the hell is Willow wearing? ROFL!

    "Karen says Willow and Michael (Mildew) are talking."

    Well, that is their new couple name!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I don't know where you got it from, but I love it! :)

    Willow and invisible Wiley: So basically,

    Willow: Oh Wiley! Michael is just so handsome! He is so wonderful! The kiss felt so natural! I didn't have a problem with it. You are lucky to have your daddy!

    *Michael listens in and smiles*

    UGH! I miss Chillow! :(

    Michael and Jason:

    Michael: Oh Jason. Willow Willow Willow. Nelle Nelle Nelle. Willow and I kissed.

    Jason: 00

    The hospital:

    Brooky's room:

    Nedlia and Brooky: 10 year old Brooky wants everyone out!!!! Olivia and her almost falling out chesticals are trying to tell Brooky that her daddy loves her and he isn't perfect. Ned won't give up on his daughter!!! Olivia wins the line of the day.

    Olivia: He can act like a stubborn ass.


    Ned and Brooky: Keep trying Ned!!! Wear her down!!!! :) Sometime last week I saw Ned bend down while talking to Olivia, and he has a bald spot! Never seen that before!!!

    Metrocourt hotel lobby:

    Jewelry lady and Nina: The half heart necklace is the key!!!! Are you sure Nina? Maybe it's a red herring. whenever Nina talks about the half heart necklace, they show Willow. Hmmmmm.. I don't know what is going on.

    Alexis's home: Okay this whole scene was very strange. I still think this is all a dream. I keep waiting for the punchline. Although they never have 2 days of a dream. Hmmmmm.

    "Karen says SAM IS ACTING LIKE A ROBOT?? She has NO emotion."

    Yeah she was acting very strange, that's another reason why I still think it's a dream.

    1. The Tribbles were HUGE!!!! "Corona hair"....hahahahahahah! They also had the "covid" 19. As in pounds!

    2. "Julie H says, The Tribbles were HUGE!!!! "Corona hair"....hahahahahahah!"

      ROFL! They looked great!!!! :) I love how they are growing so much! :)

      "They also had the "covid" 19. As in pounds!"

      Hahahaha! Yeah WHOA! :0

    3. I thought that Sam was acting fine with Alexis, but I'm probably in the minority here.

      I had a dream about Jason last night. I dreamt that I had a crush on him, and that he was teaching me how to cook something. Oh, Sonny, I am SO SORRY, you are the love of my life, didn't mean to dream about Jason!!

  5. Sad about Neil's death. But NLG knocked it out of the park today.

  6. Just read that Ethan is headed back to GH. Was hoping they would hook up Ethan & Christina (loved them together and imo her only believable relationship). But someone said she’s had Covid since March. I hope that’s only a rumor. If not sending prayers and good thoughts Lexi’s way.

    1. Lexi had several postings on Instagram &seems fine;said she was waiting to hear re GH.

  7. Wow, NLG was just so believable yesterday, and I felt her pain. The hysterical laughter/crying she was doing when she said she "killed" him with sex was wonderful. I just love her! And yes, what the "h" was that performance from Mumbles? Robot, indeed!

    Olivia mistakenly wore Sam's dress. I was expecting a chesticle explosion at any time. Especially when she flounced off screen after talking with Ned in the hallway. Gracious!

    From yesterday's comments, I'm thrilled with the other "Mildew" likers, and I'm enjoying being in the 1% for a change, lol! :)
    Michael was cracking me up yesterday eavesdropping on Willow via the baby monitor!

    So very happy that Ethan (Robert's real son!) is coming back to PC even if it's just for a short time. I just love him, and yes, he was great with Lexie!

    1. "Julie H says, Olivia mistakenly wore Sam's dress."

      Hahaha. She did!!! :)

      "I was expecting a chesticle explosion at any time."

      ROFL! I know!!! :)

      "Especially when she flounced off screen after talking with Ned in the hallway. Gracious!"

      ROFL! She wants to look really good for Robert? ROFL!

      "From yesterday's comments, I'm thrilled with the other "Mildew" likers, and I'm enjoying being in the 1% for a change, lol! :)"

      No! I'm still not over Chillow yet! I need time!!!! :( I do like their couple name as Mildew hahahahahaha.

      "So very happy that Ethan (Robert's real son!)"

      Thank you!!!! :)

      "is coming back to PC even if it's just for a short time."

      Is it a short time? Awwwww. :(

      "I just love him, and yes, he was great with Lexie!"

      I want them together! I have always wanted them together. She is an adult now so they can be together. :)

  8. As much as I miss Willow with Chase, Michael seems to have a real spark to him with her. Chad tends to have no chemistry with his romantic partners but he does have some with Willow. I like the hair, too.


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