Friday, January 4, 2019

Woe IS Me.

This week SUCKS for my blogging!! I have a meeting at 1:30 which will last awhile. I can't say: Oh, I Live Tweet and Blog a soap, I must go!! They think I'm crazy enough!

One mention: I'm binging "YOU" on Netflix. I think it was on Lifetime to start? Anyway, it's so soapy and just really good. About a stalker-- there are many holes (you'll recognize them if you've watched daytime TV long enough) but very entertaining. 

So, a few questions and a space for you to recap today's show.

Who do you think will eventually bring Ryan down?  The one that finally figures out he's not Kevin?? I'm hoping for Laura...and banking on Ava killing him! 

Gail has a Will... what will it say? Was she secretly work millions? 

Do you like the cult guy, Hank? Shiloh? Shank?  I think he's the guy scamming Sam, btw

Do you think Oscar will die?  I know this, so I'm not saying. 

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