Monday, January 7, 2019


I'm here!! Get all happy...Oh first time I've seen that card shuffling opening thing. Weird. 

The trial is over, and Oscar has his appetite back. Dr. Terry says she wants Kim and Drew together when they get the results in. 
Krissy and Hank go visit Oscar and they tell Oscar about him knowing his dad.  Oscar wants to move back home tomorrow. Kim's happy. 

When Oscar and Joss are alone, he says he wants to go to Kelly's tomorrow and the 

JaSam... they talk about Krissy and Alexis comes over. She pretends it's ok that Krissy moved into "Dawn Of Day" but she's really not. 
Did I tell you I went to school with a Dawn Day??  LOL, I did! 
Anyway, I wonder if this group is like NXIVM... that thing that got busted for 'empowerment" but was really sex trafficking?? Remember that!!? That Smallville actress got busted in it. 

JaSam find out that the guy that filed the paper work for Dawn of Day is the son of one of her 'marks'.  (David Archer)... the mark was Henry Archer. 

Drew goes over to Charlie's and tells him he's a son of a bitch because he was mean to Kim.  I'm team Jules so..whatever.  Jules says he saw them kissing.  Yada yada.. Drew leaves because the test results are in. 

Test Results: The tumor is unchanged. Oscar's gonna DIE!! It's tangled into his blood vessels too. They can't give a timeline...not just yet.

Ryan and Laura at Sonny's Gym--good scenes, you have to watch. Creepy too. It looked like he was going to kill her but Scotty barges in. Tells Kevin hes' weird to wear a suit to the gym. LOL  Ryan isn't happy.  Scotty says Laura should take the PCPD self-defense class because there's a LUNATIC on the loose! 
Laura says she's sorry Gail died.  She says shes' going to take him to Kelly's and they'll get coffee and walk down the Elm St. Pier and he can tell her his memories. 

END: Drew and Kim tell Oscar and Joss about the trial not working. We see them through the glass and don't hear it. Just JossCar shaking their heads. 

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