Thursday, January 3, 2019


Lucy flashbacks!! I got in late so this is fast--

Sonny's gonna give Chet a job at the gym. Chet talked to Mike all about being a vet and really engaged him. Sonny was happy. 

Marcus wants to take Yvonne home to care for her.  Stella has to tell Mike. 

Scotty and Monica!! Talk about Gail's death. 

Hank/Shiloh (I'm NOT calling him Shiloh)-- tries to explain to a JaSam how he funds the place. They are not having it. Sam asks how he could have a minor like Oscar live there. Krissy is like "Why are you being such a bitch"?? Hank says he bankrolls it himself, he is a 'life coach'. 

TRAVEL GUIDE DAY !! I see Sonny the money pockets in town, funded this?? Geesh, Of course he did! 

So, Pelosi was sworn in along with half the kids in DC !! LOL... 

I did see that Gail has a will that Alexis is going to read to Monica, Lucy, Scotty and "a lot more" people in Port Charles. 
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