Sunday, September 9, 2018

Sunday Surgery: "Tomorrow"

AND I know all the craft beer from here to Portland. 

First full week I've watched since I've been back from vacation! Also my first full work week so ... my attention was up and down. All and all I liked the show-- and Friday's episode was pretty great.
I do have plenty to snark on however, so let's get TO IT!!

Let's have a piece of Vinessa's birthday cake-- :Giggle: We are singing the show tunes from Annie as well. Get your red curly wigs out! 

So, I put a pic of Vinessa's cake up yesterday not even catching her NAME IS SPELLED WRONG. :eyeroll: How sloppy is that? NO one caught it in time? She had tweeted earlier how much she loves her new show and the respect and 'attention to detail' that's given. Welp, now we know what that was about!


OMG this was supposed to be like, SO FUN! Balloons, candy..a clown...
Well, Oscar's a jerk. I would LOVE a clown..and some of those Skittles
Yeah, I mean, I bought SKITTLES, what is he thinking? 

So, now that we're having will our story get any better? 
What story? 
I don't know... the whole...'We're cute and like to banter and have some danger" stuff. 
There's the Peter factor. I think that's going to be part of it.
Oh, thrilled. I'd rather talk about Roxy's lettuce preference. 
We did that. 
Yeah. forgot. 

Oh, honey... all those MRIs and trips to the 'special doctor" were just for your low blood sugar...
I did wonder about the charts on the wall that showed gross tumors and brochures on "how to spot skin cancer a mile away"....
Sweetie, most "special doctors" have those, especially for "special little boys" Now, I'll get you a nice sugar-free popcicle and you just lay back while the nice nurse take 8 test tubes of blood and they prep you for that CAT Scan. Just for your blood sugar. Nothing else. 
Oh  gee Mom, you're the best

Why you here? 
I got a kid here. Why you here? 
I got a kid here too. 

It's a body... Sonny... I mean IT'S A BODY 
Dad...Dad.. geesh, keep it down will ya...
But...B-O-D-Y...see, I can even spell it. 
I'll take CARE OF IT!! Hear me!!! I WILL TAKE CARE OF IT! 
You took care if it in Croatia... I'll take care of it here..
Don't swear at me son.... 

I can't help it,'s in my contract. 

So Sorry I's tried to burn yous alive but... you know...

Oh my God, No problem, really. almost killed Peter was a good try. 

WUBULAR HIGHLIGHTS: Why am I entertained by this show lately? I love Ava in revenge mode and I'm hoping Kiki is Nina's bio-daughter. I also hope Ava didn't know this--she actually bought a baby because she wanted to keep Franco at the time. (or something like that). It would be way soapier if everyone was blindsided by this. 
Mike's going to put the gas on in Charlie's when Krissy is there! While I hate this mobular crap intruding on Mike's story, I do like this angle. By the way, Mike should have come to Port Charles, dated Stella... gotten close to Sonny and the body thing happen and then start showing signs of Alzheimer's. The body could have been something to bring him back-- now it's just weird to have this plopped in the middle of a health crisis. 

Valerie just happens to deliver Julian's permit to reconstruct and ... BOOM!! She sees Krissy and they are so cute. They talk about why she's back, what's happened and I really hope these two connect. You can't fake natural chemistry and they've had it since the lip gloss and Nurses Ball !! 

THE PETER PROBLEM:  The problem? He's still here. 

LEAP OF THE WEEK:  Look Maxie, a necklace... it's only half of it. My mom...and she knew I loved Annie because I'd sing it and named our dog Sandy. Wonder what this means? OMG I KNOW! The baby I thought died is alive and my Madenline knew all about it.  
In the most rapidly bizarre exchange ever, Nina figures out she has a kid out there somewhere. I mean, why not just have her read a note that says: YOUR BABY IS ALIVE. The necklace thing was so-- um.. weird. As Barb said on Twitter  (paraphrasing) "So glad she's paying Curtis the big bucks when she could have figured it out in 2 seconds" 

SHOCKER OF THE WEEK: Billy Miller made me... kind a tear up a bit! He was great during these scenes. I only glimpse what you all have been talking about once in a great while but it's there! It's THERE!

LOST MEMORY OF THE WEEK: Totally forgot there WAS a Scout.  She looks like baby Michael did with that hair and all. Did you realize that if Danny and or Scout were to commit a crime their DNA would be so messed up with each other's would be impossible to tell them apart? LOL. (don't know if that's true but--it's something to think about!) 

I ran a poll on Twitter asking about Nina's baby. IF that baby was actually Kiki, do you think she knew about it...or was in the dark?  36% said she had no idea Kiki was Nina's... and 64% said she knows.. I personally think it's more soapy if Ava had no clue. She bought the baby from that lawyer because she wanted to trap Franco. (remember she said Kiki was Franco's). Ava would freak out if that baby was brokered by Madeline. This would work too because as far as I know, it's not like Madeline and Ava ever even winked at each other. (yes, could have been off camera but--??)  What say you? Do you think if Kiki is Nina's Ava knows about it or Naw?  
Have a great week coming up. Tuesdays and Thursdays are total bitches for me lately. I get home at 2 and Tillie is ready for her walk. Paperwork and exhaustion. BOO HOO. I do wish they'd move it back up to 3 for the whole eastern seaboard. I'm selfish though! 

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