Thursday, September 6, 2018


So, I got home at 2:15.. didn't see anything that important that I missed? I see Stella and Mike are 'going out'....Krissy was at Sonny's.  Then that sports guy comes on.. (Brick) and he has apps for Mike and some alarm system to set up. After he leaves, Sonny tells Carly there's a boy buried at Charlie's. 

Donna Mills funeral ....with some homeless person in the back... I think it's Lesil --I'M RIGHT!! Awww, She has no make up on and is fabulous as usual. 
"I have no family left" says Nina
"Zaht's not true, you haz me" says Dr. O!
They are so Cassadine like. Nina's like, yeah, you were gonna burn Peter and I alive...but whatever. LMAO Lesil doesn't think that Donna Mills died of heart disease. 

Kiki and Griffin just "wanna be friends" ..then Kiki is like, but there's an apartment in my building!! Griffin runs into Anna at GH, tells her he's suspended. 

Kiki and Krissy see each other in the park. They talk about love life and that Kristina is back. They go to breakfast. I hope they move in together. They end up at Charlie's. Krissy may ask for a job. Ava tells Kiki she's a liar and a whore! OH Ava, you just OWN being a hypocrite!! ahahhahaaa. 

Mike and Stella are out to lunch. He gives her advice about how to apologize to Jordan. Julian tries to be sneaky and pump him about information on "charlie"..he doesn't fall for it. 

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